The Hitting Zone

Chapter 32 Classes 1

Chapter 32 Classes 1

Noah said he would think of a solution for me. It's not like he knew how good or bad I was at fielding either so we could just come up with something at my tryout/practice.

With all of today's excitement, I had no problems falling asleep.

The next morning could only be described by one word: madness. The twins were yelling and hollering all over the place and making a lot of racket. It didn't take long for Noah to get dragged into their drama.

I stealthily made my way downstairs with my backpack in order to keep my distance.

"Good morning Jake." Mrs. Atkins greeted me when I walked into the dining room. Surprisingly the table was set with breakfast foods. Mr. Atkins and Zeke were also there, already eating.

I put my bag down and sat down with a seat between me and Mrs. Atkins. I looked at all the food spread out that included waffles, cereal, eggs, bacon, and so on.

"Just help yourself honey." Mrs. Atkins smiled. "I only do breakfast like this on Monday mornings to start the week off right. The rest of the week is usually just cereal. So don't hold back."

I nodded and started to fill my plate. The only breakfast I've ever had was from my school or when I stayed in the hospital, but neither of those places could compare. In my opinion, Mrs. Atkins should be a chef and not some realtor.

Us four sat and ate in silence as the three troublemakers made a lot of noise upstairs. There was yelling and thumping and it just sounded like chaos. I was halfway done when the three finally ran down the stairs.

The twins were quick to stack their plate and start stuffing their food down. Noah glanced at me as he sat down, "Wow. You ditched me for food? I see how it is."

I froze. Then poured as I looked at him.

He sighed. "I was kidding! Just finish eating. I understand how good mom's cooking is." He started to load his plate. "I just thought with a brother my age, you would be there to help me in fights."

I looked nervously at the twins. They were stuffing their faces and easily looked menacing compared to Noah. I really didn't want to face them. Like ever.

"They won't hit you. Mom would skin them alive." Noah said.

"Yea, we have other ways to torture you." Dave laughed.

I shivered as I thought about their tickling session. I wouldn't want that either. I shook my head at Noah showing my unwillingness to take them on.

Noah sighed. "Guess we'll just have to beat them on the field."

"You're on the same team." Mr. Atkins finally came in to play. "You boys should be working together and building each other up, not tearing each other down."

"Yes dad." The boys chorused. Even Zeke.

"Good." He stood up. "I hope you kids all have a great day. If any problems arise, be sure to let me and your mom know. And look out for Jake today." He faced me. "Jake, it's okay to be nervous and scared. Noah will be there to help. Any other trouble, just find Zeke." He nodded at us and left to the office.

I looked at Zeke. He still looked even more intimidating than the twins so I hope I won't ever have to rely on him.

Zeke suddenly stood. "Okay, time to go."

The twins grumbled, but nonetheless also stood up. Noah looked pitifully at his half-eaten food, and grabbed the muffin and toast.

"Alright boys." Mrs. Atkins sent us off with a smile. "Listen to your dad. Be good. Be safe. Be productive." She waved us to the garage.

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