The Hitting Zone

Chapter 27 Meeting the Atkins 1

Chapter 27 Meeting the Atkins 1

"I'm glad." He told us. He looked at me specifically. "You're doing great Jake. I'm sure you'll be safe and happy here."

I gave a look at Noah. The word safe isn't one I would use in his company. He seems to be a troublemaker.

Noah looked offended. "Are you trying to say that I'm not safe?" I tilted my head in response. "Okay, Okay. Today was a bit tricky. But nothing happened! You even got a new bat today!"

"You got a bat?" Mr. Duncan asked.

I nodded.

"It doesn't bother you?"

I twitched.

"It's a wooden bat." Noah cut in. "He didn't want to use either of my aluminum bats. Does that have something to do with his mom not letting him play baseball?"

"Something like that." Mr. Duncan grimaced. "She's a very sick woman."


"Noah! Set the table please! And grab a chair from the office." Mrs. Atkins hollered from the kitchen. "Your dad sent me a text saying they'll be here in just a few. Eight plates, eight sets of silverware, eight chairs."

"Ugh." Noah got up to do as he was told.

As he moved around, I sat patiently at the table. Mr. Duncan did too; not bothering to force small talk.

It wasn't long before we heard noises from the garage and chatter started to flow into the house.

"You were total shit this week. I don't even know why you were invited."

"That's rich coming from you. Even Noah would be a better participant."

"That runt? Puh-lease." I heard a scoff.

The two arguing voices found their way to the kitchen. They were both tall. Like Mrs. Atkins tall. Six foot. Lanky and slightly lean. They both stopped arguing once they saw me and Mr. Duncan sitting there in silence.

"Oh, you must be the twins." Mr. Duncan stood up and walked towards them with a hand out. "I'm Doug Duncan. This is Jake Hollander." He held out his hand.

One spoke up. "Yes, hi. I'm Kyle. This is my twin Dave."

"David." The other twin corrected.

Kyle rolled his eyes. "It's all the same. I've been calling you Dave my whole life. I'm not going to stop now." He gave me a nod. "What's up, Jake?"

I blinked, unsure what to do. Waving seems lame. A head nod back wouldn't really be me. I just sat there, frozen.

"Jake's shy." Mr. Duncan shrugged. "He doesn't talk much."

"Only to me." Noah bragged as he brought in plates and silverware.

"Liar." David rolled his eyes. He zoned in on me. "Jake, don't be fooled by this brat. His bragging is the only thing he excels at."

I just kept staring. Dave and Kyle we'd identical twins. Both had the same built, same face, same haircut, even the same demeanor. It was uncanny.

"Jake...really doesn't talk." Mr. Duncan said helplessly. "But, apparently he has said a few words to Noah. Which is an improvement compared to the faces he makes at me."

I frowned at him.

"See?" He gave me a light smile. "Just proving a point. Don't mind me. I'll go see if Mary needs help in the kitchen." He made his way out of the room.

Dave plopped down next to me on my left. "So you won't talk to us? Even though we're taking you in? Don't expect me to protect you at school then."

My eyes widened in fear as I looked towards Noah, fear written all over my face. What does that mean? Mary didn't say I had to talk to her at all... And why would I need protection at school? Is high school really that troublesome?

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