The Hitting Zone

Chapter 1031 V3 Ch265 Dr. Visit

Chapter 1031 V3 Ch265 Dr. Visit

The girl's softball team won with ease, with a lot of help from Kaylee and Marie at the plate. The sisters garnered a lot of attention afterwards, leaving us no time to stick around and talk. By the time we got home that night, it was time for dinner and then showers. After mine, I stepped on the scale we had in the hallway bathroom. The number surprised me and I stepped off, let it reset, then stepped on again.

"No." I mumbled to myself. "That can't be right."

I went to the big bonus room that we all shared and started to look for the tape measure.

"Looking for something?" Dave asked. I told him and he joined in on the search, finding it in a junk drawer. He helped me out and told me the results. "You're almost five foot seven." He let out a whistle. "You're really sprouting up now!"

I was finally taller than Noah when he was a freshman. It was hard to feel myself getting taller when I was surrounded by giants like the Atkins everyday. Dad was the tallest person I know, and Mom was second. Zeke was just about the same height as her and the twins weren't far behind.

I looked at Dave. "Hey, do we have a second scale around?"

"A scale? Like to weigh yourself?" He shrugged. "I don't know. Just use the one in the hallway bathroom."

"I did." I frowned. "I don't think it's right."

"Come on. Let's see." He led the way back to the hallway bathroom and got on the scale. It went to 182.3 pounds. "Yep, that's about right for me." He stepped off and looked at me. "What did it say for you?"

I got back on, thinking maybe it recalibrated itself when Dave stepped on. But no. The same numbers flashed. 113.4 pounds. I'm weighing less than before.

Dave laughed and picked me up under my arms, lifting me in the air. "Yea. I can believe it. Dang, Noah is gonna have to start giving you his cookies or something." He put me down and noticed that my look of distress. "What is it?"

"I'm losing weight." I looked at him, worried.

He blinked. Surprised. "Really?"

I nodded quickly.

He guided me out of the bathroom and into the hallway. "Then, let's go talk to Mom or Dad. I don't think you're supposed to lose weight when growing. Most guys gain weight then get taller."

"I did!" I told him as we went down the stairs. "I was gaining weight. When I got my last laser treatment, they take your weight and height like every other doctor. I just...don't know where it went?"

"Are you eating less?"

"I don't think so." I shrugged. "I mean, I'm not snacking as much now that we're in season." There just wasn't enough time.

We went to our parent's office and found the pair sharing a computer, looking over something work related.

"Did you two finish your showers?" Dad spared us a glance.

"Yea. Noah's in the shower and Kyle's on the phone with Marie." Dave patted my shoulder. "Jake might have a problem."

That grabbed both of their undivided attention. Both of them stood up and came closer.

"What's going on?" Mom asked, looking me up and down like I might have hurt myself.

"I'm losing weight." I told them.

Mom and Dad visibly relaxed, but still had a look of concern.

"How much weight?" Dad asked. "It's normal for athletes to fluctuate with the intensity of practice."

"He's 113 pounds!" Dave told them. "And we just measured how tall he was. Almost five foot seven."

"113?!" Mom repeated with a gasp. She immediately reached out to hold my hands, pulling my arms up. "He's been thin, but now that you've said it, I can see it. He's really bony." She looked to Dad. "Wayne, we've got to make an appointment. What if something's seriously wrong?"

My heart started to palpitate. "Do you really think so?"

Mom paused and saw the look on my face. She started to backtrack. "No, no. Nothing too serious. Maybe it's because we're not focusing on high calorie foods? Yea, that could be it."

"If something was seriously wrong, I don't think you would be growing taller." Dave slapped my back. "It's just concerning. Get checked by a doctor. I think I've seen him more this year than anyone else. Nice to finally have someone catch up to me."

I rolled my eyes, but I did feel better.

"I'll call tomorrow morning and get you an appointment soon." Mom told me.

'Soon' turned out to be during school the next day. She sent me a text during Spanish saying that she would come get me and take me to Dr. Walker's office. Before Spanish even ended, someone from the office brought me an off-campus pass.

"You missing practice today?" Sean asked as I packed up.

I shook my head. "No. Just a doctor appointment and then I'll be back."

He and Mitchell nodded, not asking anymore questions. I finished cleaning up, waved to Coach Luis, and headed out. I stopped by my locker to ditch the heavy books and then went to the front of the school. Mom was in her car, waiting in the loading zone. I hurried up and got in on the front passenger side.

"Where's Dad?" I asked, buckling up.

She started to drive. "Meeting with a client. We tried switching to no avail." She sighed. "Sorry, Jake. I knew you would be more comfortable with him than me."

I shrugged. "I'm okay with either."

She smiled. "Yea? That's good." She asked about my classes and we talked about school until we got to the office.

At the office, Anna May checked us in and directed us to an empty exam room. Mom took the side chair, leaving me the exam table. Anna May came in to do some of the usual stuff like weight, height, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. Soon after she left, Dr. Walker came in. He greeted Mom, then me.

"I understand you're concerned about your weight." Dr. Walker said to me. "I have to say, I share the same sentiment. It's an improvement from the first time I saw you at 99 pounds, but compared to the physical you did at the end of the year..." He shook his head.

My heart dropped.

"What do you think is the problem?" Mom asked, worried.

Dr. Walker looked between the two of us. Seeing our scared looks, he started to laugh. "It's not a huge problem. It's just something we have to monitor. I believe his weight gain spured him to grow taller. It's a good sign that he's healthy. The problem lies in the fact that he's an athlete, burning calories and energy. The body also needs energy to grow. If there's not enough fat to supply the energy, the body will start to break down the muscle. I'm glad you came in when you did. We'll get you back on that high-calorie diet. Let me guess, you've stopped eating lots of carbs and been eating more protein?"

Mom looked a little guilty. "We try to have balanced meals, but yes, he's not been focused on eating carbs for a long time. We just thought..."

"That he would get over it?" Dr. Walker nodded. "Yes, most do especially after reaching their ideal weight. Jake's case is a bit special since he's a teenage boy going through puberty at the same time."

I felt my face heat up. Now I wish Dad had taken me instead of Mom.

"Is there anything else we can do besides getting him to eat more?" Mom asked, avoiding the puberty talk.

"We'll send him to the lab for a blood draw and make sure there's nothing we're missing." He looked at me. "Any questions for me, Jake?"

I started to shake my head, but stopped myself. "Do you know whether this will help me gain muscle mass?"

He nodded. "Yes, weight gain while strength training is a way to build muscle mass. I can print some literature on it if you'd like?"

I nodded. My biggest problem right now was mass. With a small mass, my force value is lower no matter how I mess with my swing.

"I'll also print some meal ideas for you." He continued. "You go ahead and get your blood drawn and I'll get everything together."

"Thanks." I told him.

"Thank you." Mom repeated, standing up with me.

We went out together, heading to the small lab adjacent to his office. I got a few vials of blood drawn for tests and we went back to his office. Anna May handed me a small stack of papers, saying they talked about weight gain and building muscle. Some of it also included how to prepare high calorie meals and how to eat frequently to encourage weight gain.

It was still early for lunch, but Mom took me to a nearby bakery to have a snack. We sat down and she started to look over the papers as I ate a big croissant.

"You have to take this seriously, Jake, if you want to see some change." Mom told me. "Back to a constant fruit and veggie snack between classes. After school and before practice. This says that you'll still have to eat a lot of protein just in smaller portions. Don't be shorting yourself."

I nodded.

By the time she took me back to school, it was the middle of Geography. I tried to ignore all the stares as I went to my seat, but one person in particular couldn't be ignored because she sat right beside me. Alisha.

"Where were you?" She whispered.

I glanced at the teacher who had his attention on the board. "Doctor appointment."

"Everything okay?"

I nodded. "I just need to gain some weight."

She unexpectedly put her arm next to mine. I was clearly skinnier. "Heck yea you do. I just know I weigh more than you. Don't tell me anymore or I might feel bad about myself."

My lips twitched. I don't know whether she should be the one feeling bad or me. I'm the one skinnier than a girl. But at least I'm a little taller; I straightened up in my seat, proud of something.

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