The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!

Chapter 759 - I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (7)

Chapter 759: I’m Your Own Guardian Angel (7)

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“Aren’t they all brains…” An Xiaxia mumbled.

“No, yours is water.”

An Xiaxia only realized what he meant after a moment. “Are you suggesting that I’m a dummy?”

Sheng Yize smiled.

“Who was that person?” he asked An Xiaxia in a serious tone.

An Xiaxia shook her head. “I want to know that myself.”

Sheng Yize frowned and carried her to the bed. “Get some sleep. I’ll take it from here.”

“Hm.” An Xiaxia closed her eyes as told, but wouldn’t let go of his arm.

She had been really terrified this time. It had been a while since he last saw her this clingy.

Sheng Yize held her hand and warmed it between his palms.

At this distance, she could make out the faint smell of cigarettes on him. An Xiaxia sniffed and asked in her sleepy voice, “Have you been smoking again?”

Sheng Yize was taken by surprise, but didn’t deny it. “Yes, I’m trying to quit, but it’s quite hard when I’m under a lot of pressure… I won’t do it again.”

Seeing him this considerate, An Xiaxia only felt all the more abashed.

“It’s okay… It’s not that big a deal to have one smoke or two.” Smoking and drinking were inevitable when he engaged in social activities all the time.

“That’s very thoughtful of you.” Sheng Yize smiled a little and brushed some loose hair away from her face to hook it behind her ears. She asked again in a dreamy voice, “Did you never look for me all these years? Truly not?”

He chuckled, “You really are… a dummy.”

He could have been laughing at An Xiaxia or himself.

When she woke up again, they were on a plane already.

An Xiaxia asked, still half asleep, “Are we going home?”

The sound of “home” softened Sheng Yize’s heart.

“You can’t stay at home or on that island. I’m sending you to stay with a friend. It’ll be safe there.”

An Xiaxia pouted. “I told you I don’t want the inheritance. Is that not enough?”

“Wake up already, my innocent Mrs. Sheng.” Sheng Yize flicked her forehead. “Accepting the inheritance or not, it’s no longer up to you. The internal struggle within the Sheng family has blown up at the moment. Even if you don’t want it, Mr. Song’s supporters will do their best to stuff it into your hands. In the current situation, you’d be a walking target back at home! Everyone will try to take a shot!”

An Xiaxia was a little scared and curled up, holding her blanket. “I don’t want to be shot at!”

“There, there. You’ll only take shots from me.” Sheng Yize gave her an affectionate look.

That didn’t sound right!

“So… are you going to help Mr. Song?” An Xiaxia changed the subject right away.

Sheng Yize nodded. “Yes. He’s a scumbag, but it was nice of him to leave all his money to you.”

“So what. I know he’s got money…” An Xiaxia wasn’t happy to hear his name.

“You have no idea how rich he is, do you?” Sheng Yize was baffled. “Let me give you an example. If the life I give you allows you to buy two cups of soya milk and throw one away, he can buy you the entire soya milk shop.”

An Xiaxia could practically see money signs floating in the air. “Wow!”

“You’re hopeless!” Sheng Yize shook out a newspaper in his hands and an idea suddenly dawned on him. Turning around, he said earnestly, “Xiaxia, I’ll help you with the right of inheritance and after that, be my sugar mummy! I know how to warm a heart, a stomach, and a bed~”

“… You’ve changed, Blacky Sheng! That’s such a depraved idea!”

“Is it? But I think I’ll be very happy to be a gigolo eating off of my wife’s plate…” Sheng Yize said seriously.

An Xiaxia was nonplussed. Hello, Bureau of Civil Affairs? Can I choose another husband now?

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