The Heir is Here: Quiet Down, School Prince!

Chapter 1059 - Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (14)

Chapter 1059: Side Story: Jiayu & Momo (14)

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Su Xiaomo looked terrified and stood there flabbergasted.

 Shit! He Jiayu was out of his mind!

 She huddled in her chair and nibbled her fingers, looking very fidgety.

 She nibbled on one finger after another, and by the time morning classes were over, all her fingernails had been chewed down to almost nothing.

 He Jiayu looked at her bare fingers, lost in thought.



 Su Xiaomo dragged An Xiaxia to the canteen.

 She ordered three times her usual amount of food, which shocked An Xiaxia.

 “Momo, what’s gotten into you?”

 “Ask that He Jiayu! Aaah! He’s just nuts! He said he was going to marry me, in front of everybody!” Su Xiaomo wanted to bang her head against the wall.

 An Xiaxia looked troubled. “I don’t know about that… But I’m sure you’ll burst your stomach first if you keep eating like this.”

 Before she could say anything else, a tall figure sat down next to her and put down a plate of… chicken feet with pickled peppers.

 “Why, He Jiayu, you’re here!” An Xiaxia blinked. He Jiayu smiled at her and An Xiaxia took the hint immediately. “You guys enjoy your lunch. I’ll go sit with Worthless Kang!”

 She left with her tray, leaving a flustered Su Xiaomo behind.

 “You, you… I, I…” Su Xiaomo stammered. “What do you want?”

 He Jiayu pushed the plate to her and said sincerely, “This is to make up for your fingernails.”

 … Fingernails my ass!

 Those were chicken feet!

 Seeing the resentful look on her face, He Jiayu’s eyes lit up. “It’s too little, right? I’ll get you another plate.”

 Su Xiaomo: …

 The corner of her mouth twitched and she said, “Don’t bother… That’s more than enough…”

 He Jiayu smiled gently. “Enjoy.”

 Frustrated, Su Xiaomo began to gnaw on the chicken feet.

 They were a little too spicy and her eyes went watery. He Jiayu took a pack of tissues out of his pocket and wiped her tears for her.

 “Thank you…” Su Xiaomo mumbled. She snuffled, feeling that her nose was also runny. He Jiayu put a tissue in front of her nose and said mildly, “Blow on the count of three.

 “One, two, three.”

 Su Xiaomo blew her nose before she knew it and He Jiayu wiped her nose clean with an unbelievably tender smile.

 That nailed Su Xiaomo right away.

 She kept her unblinking gaze on He Jiayu. He was a great-looking guy and totally her type, both in looks and temperament. The longer she looked at him, the more attractive she thought he was. Her heart raced…

“Do I need to wipe away your saliva as well?” He Jiayu smiled with a knowing look in his eyes.

 Color flared in Su Xiaomo’s cheeks right away and she looked like she was wearing blush.

 Wiping the corners of her mouth with her sleeve, Su Xiaomo rose to her feet and said in a trembling voice, “I’m full! Bye!”

 She fled after that.

 The smile on He Jiayu’s face broadened.


 After school that day, Su Xiaomo dilly-dallied, reluctant to leave with He Jiayu.

 Picking up her school bag, He Jiayu smiled. “Are you going with me or do you want me to carry you?”

 Su Xiaomo said awkwardly, “I can go live with Xiaxia!”

 “The finals are coming. Aren’t you going to interfere with her revision?”

 “Um… I can go live with Kang Jian!”

 “He’s a guy and you’re a girl. What will other people think if you do that?” He Jiayu said unhurriedly.

 Su Xiaomo was running out of options. “I’ll find a hotel, then!”

 He Jiayu beamed at her. “But your wallet is still at my place.”

 Su Xiaomo: …!!


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