The Great Thief

Chapter 33: Trade

Chapter 33: Trade

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“I’ll trade you a Steel grade equipment for Thieves, how about that?” Moonlight took out a piece of equipment and showed Lu Li its stats.

[Swift Leather Boots] (Steel): 8 Armour, Agility+4, Special Effect: Swiftness- when Stealthed, Movement Speed+10%. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown Time: 120 seconds. Effects cannot be stacked. Level Requirement: LV5. Durability: 30/30.

Lu Li’s eyes constricted. This piece of equipment would be fantastic for PVP battles.

However, it definitely wasn’t worth as much as Lu Li’s Axe. The Bloodseeker’s Axe was a weapon, whereas the Swift Leather Boots were Armor. It would be impossible to directly trade them.

Moonlight wasn’t an idiot. He saw the hesitation in Lu Li’s eyes, and hurriedly added on, “If you want money to cover the difference, I can transfer money in real life.”

All the spectators fell silent. Both of these Steel grade equipment were incredible, and were things that most players could only dream of. To be able to take out a Steel grade equipment to trade? It was likely that both of them had more.

Truth be told, Lu Li did indeed have another 3 pieces of Steel-grade equipment. One was his bow, one was a piece of Armor, and the other was the Dagger that had been Enchanted by the Dwarf!

“No need for the money. Help me with something and I’ll trade with you.” Lu Li thought for a moment before giving up on the real life money.

He lacked money in real life, but his $45,000 in his account gave him some breathing space. His priority now was the Escort quest given to him by Sentinel Captain Carolina - the 24 hours time limit was quite short. As well as this, he would forfeit his rewards if he exceeded this time limit and there would be further penalties if Tap died.

Moonlight was quite skilled and was a powerful Berserker. He was an excellent attacker and had quite a bit of HP and Defence too. Getting his help for this quest would be crucial.

Lu Li had considered asking Drinking Alone and the other people from the Grand Hegemony to do the quest with him, but seeing as he had rejected their offer to join them, he didn’t feel that it was right to ask them.

“Deal.” Moonlight had already thought for quite a long time, and Lu Li thought that he would refuse. However, in the end, he nodded.

What was there to think so long about? Just what was going on in this guy’s head?

Lu Li didn’t bother signing a System Contract. He knew that although Moonlight had a reputation for being extremely bloodthirsty, he wasn’t a liar or a scammer.

Moonlight was so shocked that Lu Li trusted him this much, that he directly gave the equipment to him. After thinking for a few moments he also sent Lu Li a friend request, but was coldly denied by the system.

Lu Li immediately sent over a friend request and they both appeared in each other’s friend lists.

The spectators could only watch as the Steel grade equipment in front of Lu Li disappeared. The last remaining item was the Hunter Skill Book.

If it was just a regular Hunter Skill Book, only Hunters would be interested. However, this Trueshot Aura skill would give an entire team a Buff to their Physical Attack Damage. Moreover, melee teams were currently quite favoured due to the Spider Lair Instance Dungeon.

As such, many rich people were interested in buying it for the purpose of strengthening their union.

“We’ll swap a Thief Skill Book with you. How’s that?” If Lu Li decided to accept, then he wouldn’t auction. Auctions were simply too savage - items and equipment would often be sold at many times their actual value.

“That’s fine, but it has to be an Ultimate Skill or an Enhancing Skill for Thieves.” Lu Li knew that if he wanted be strong in Dawn, he had to think towards the future.

He desperately needed money, but making himself stronger was the top priority.

“What’s an Enhancing Skill?” Everyone had blank looks on their faces. Moonlight, who had decided to hang around was looking confused as well.

Everyone knew about Ultimate Skills. Thieves’ skills gave combo points, which could be used for Ultimate Skills. However, no one had ever heard of Enhancing Skills before.

Lu Li could only patiently explain. “Enhanced Skills are extensions of normal skills. For example, there’s Enhanced Charge, Enhanced Stealth, Enhanced Blizzard and Enhanced Backstab. There are also some skills that aren’t quite Enhanced, but are similar. For example, there’s a Druid skill called Little Leopard Transformation which is similar to the Cheetah Transformation skill, but its stats are even better.

“My friend found a Chain Lightning Skill Book. Does that count as Lightning Arrow’s Enhanced Skill?” asked someone in the crowd.

“One’s a single target skill and the other is an AOE skill. Chain Lightning is very valuable, but it’s not the Enhanced Skill of Lightning Arrow,” clarified Lu Li.

“As expected of an expert.” Everyone was in awe of Lu Li’s knowledge. Many people sent out friend requests to Lu Li, but all of them were, as usual, were coldly rejected by the system. Yep, he was definitely an expert - only experts were this hard to add as friends.

“I have a Backhand Backstab Skill Book. Is it different to Enhanced Backstab?” a female Hunter timidly asked.

“Backhand Backstab isn’t an Enhanced Skill, but is an Ultimate Skill. Would you like to trade with me?” Lu Li calmly asked.

“I… I train by myself, so… so wouldn’t it be a bit of a waste?” The Hunter was a young girl, and didn’t have a full set of equipment. The drop rate in Dawn was incredibly low, but as long as one had the patience and skill, it wouldn’t be too difficult to obtain a full set of Common grade equipment. This girl was definitely a newbie.

“In the future when you have pets, this skill will also Buff you pets. Plus, once you have this skill, it’ll be easy to get into a good team,” Lu Li patiently said.

The early stages of the game were often the most difficult for Hunters. This was because Tame Beast Skill Books were incredibly rare, in addition to having low accuracy and low attack speed. If a Hunter didn’t have any good equipment, it would be almost impossible for them to find a good team. The girl in front of him obviously fell into this category, but he was curious as to how she had obtained a Skill Book like Backhand Backstab.

[Backhand Backstab]: Instant Cast. When you are at your target’s side, consume all of your combo points to backhand backstab your target, causing Equipment Damage x (1 + 30% x number of combo points) worth of Damage. Proficiency: 1/1000.

This Ultimate Skill was quite powerful, but if one had to point out a drawback, it would be that Backhand Backstab required difficult positioning. As such, most Thieves in Dawn chose to use Eviscerate as their Ultimate Skill. However, to Manual mode players, this skill was easier in being able to achieve surprising effects.

The Hunter girl was convinced by one of Lu Li’s reasons, and then nodding, opened up a Trade Window with Lu Li.

Lu Li let out the breath that he had been holding and traded with the girl.

Lu Li felt a bit guilty, perhaps because he felt that he had taken advantage of this girl. He sent her a friend request, hoping that he would be able to make it up to her in the future.

Trueshot Aura was quite a good skill and was very rare. However, it simply couldn’t be compared to the Backhand Backstab. At least to Lu Li, he had received much more than he had given, and thus the exchange hadn’t been very fair to the girl.

The Hunter girl was very surprised that Lu Li would add her as a friend. However, being added by an expert made her quite happy, so she accepted the request without hesitation.

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