The Great Thief

Chapter 1945 - Existence

Chapter 1945: Existence

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It wasn’t because of quest requirements that Lu Li wanted to change Jaina’s mind.

It was because he wanted to affect the story himself to clear Valeera Sanguinar’s presence. This was another notable Thief in the world of Dawn.

Western people, in the olden days, tended to say who their father was upon first meeting someone.

However, in the western legends, while the main protagonists might not have a good father, they always had a connection to other notable figures.

The reason that Anduin was able to lead the Human Alliance was because he was a descendant of the great Thoradin. However, Thieves operated unlike this. The more renowned a Thief wanted to be, the lesser known he would have to be.

Therefore, Thieves were called Stealth Stalkers who walked in the dark.

Perhaps there were even more powerful Thieves. They could be stronger than Valeera Sanguinar or even Garona herself. However, since there was no information on them, Lu Li was unable to find them at all.

Valeera Sanguinar and Garona were exceptions.

Garona’s name had been spread everywhere upon assassinating the previous king. Sanguinar’s name

was spread through gossip and word of mouth by bards and old teammates.

The Sanguinar family was actually a family of Blood Elf nobles. During the war in The Eye, Kael’Thas had an advisor called Lord Sanguinar, whose nickname was the Blood Hammer.

In the western hierarchy of aristocracy, a Lord wasn’t that high of a rank. Normally, it was the lowest rank among nobles. A Lord was simply a warrior with a different title to most.

To shorten the story of an irrelevant person to the main storyline, he was probably born into nobility, then rose up the ranks after courageous showings in battle. It was also likely that he inherited everything from his family.

No matter what, a lord wouldn’t be able to guarantee nobility to his whole race. Therefore, Valeera’s family was unlikely to be noble, but rather, were extremely close.

However, Valeera had the makings of a main character. She was born into a privileged family, although not nobility. Furthermore, she also had many nemeses. Naturally, this led to chance encounters which would strengthen her and turn her into a ‘main character’.

Valeera fitted this role; she was beautiful and strong. Furthermore, the male main character was a young and amnesiac king.

What role was Lu Li going to play?


Second-lead was impossible. He would die. No one would live as the second-lead.

Furthermore, his mind and body might no longer work in tandem being in front of such a beautiful female Blood Elf. Even if she was an NPC, Lu Li needed to ensure his loyalty in mind and body to Water Fairy.

Therefore, he called upon his own fiancée, Water Fairy.

If he did this, then he wouldn’t threaten the male main character and also wouldn’t endanger his own relationship with Water Fairy by getting close to a beautiful lady.

It was hard to live like this.

As soon as Water Fairy heard that there was a quest to be done and she was likely to receive a Legendary item, she immediately rushed over when the match was complete.

As for the competition, they had naturally won without much fuss.

Lu Li quickly explained to her the details of this quest.

“Give it here!”


“Lilian’s Embrace! This was something worn by a girl and you want to use it? I’ll take care of it for you first.”

Lu Li nearly broke into tears.

His fiancée has changed. She wasn’t like this before. She used to give up her own items for Lu Li to use.

His heart said no, but his hands already obediently handed the Legendary cloak to her.

Water Fairy was overjoyed as she took the cloak into her hands and wore it. She even twirled around while wearing it. Her beautiful body completed blinded Lu Li’s eyes; he no longer regretted anything.


Before, it would cost her at least millions to get herself a top item in the current update.

Without spending a single cent and a twirl of her finger, this item was immediately in her hands. From a business perspective, having Lu Li as her husband was a blessing. Although…Lu Li was a little dark, ugly and poor…

What to do? She was falling deeper in love with him.

“You look really pretty wearing this. There’s no one else more beautiful than you,” Lu Li said. If Azure Sea Breeze and others were here, he would be scolded heavily.

Water Fairy was beaming, which indicated that she was willing to go and do the quest.

They didn’t know the entrance point to the quest, besides that these three people hadn’t arrived at Stormwind City yet. Lu Li didn’t even know if they had left the Coliseum yet.

However, this wasn’t a problem.

One word from Lu Li’s mouth and countless players searched for traces of the three people. In the end, they found three NPC adventurers who were suspiciously similar to the three people at Menethil.

It didn’t even take 15 minutes.

This was an advantage of having the sheer numbers of multiple mega-clubs. However, they didn’t know why they needed to find these three people. Some players didn’t even know what they were

looking for.

Menethil was the surname of the previous king of Lordaeron. This was originally a surname that was associated with power and glory. However, following the betrayal of Arthas and the destruction of

Lordaeron, this surname had already been buried in the depths of history.

However, the people still remembered it, which was why this area was named Menethil, as it was an important port for the Human Alliance.

After Lu Li and Water Fairy hurriedly arrived, the Defias thugs who followed these three warriors also started to attack.

These thugs were everywhere. Even the experienced warriors’ facial expressions changed.

“If things go south today, you two go ahead. I’ll hold them off. You guys come and avenge me in the future,” Broll Bearmantle roared thunderously and transformed into a large bear.

“I will not abandon my brothers and run away like a coward!”

Varian was fearless and quite impressive. If he had agreed to run ahead, he would not be Llane’s son.

Valeera didn’t say a thing.

As the thugs roared and rushed towards them, the gigantic bear swiped at them and the whole group went flying.

Some of the thugs who were hit dead-on were left with broken bones. If it wasn’t for the armor on their bodies, these swipes would have torn their limbs apart.

“Do we need reinforcements?” Water Fairy looked at these Defias thugs and was a little nervous as well. Although these thugs were only level 50 to 60, each of them were elite monsters, or even Boss level monsters.

“Don’t call. Otherwise, our own reinforcements wouldn’t be treated as precious,” Lu Li said as he shook his head.

Both him and Water Fairy were equipped with the best items possible. Furthermore, they also had a lot of Dodge and Lifesteal attributes. This was for the sake of allowing them to survive and last for a longer battle. At this stage of the game, they often had another two to three sets of equipment in their bags.

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