The Great Thief

Chapter 1815 - Infinite Starry Sky

Chapter 1815: Infinite Starry Sky

“This is….” Danath Trollbane examined Hachi Chan, then asked in a surprised tone, “This is the bastard Engineer from Forge Camp! Yes, this is him! I know this face.”

Lu Li was completely speechless and disgusted.

How could you recognise this face?

Had it been him who dragged the Razorsaw to turn in the quest, this old man probably would have ignored him. This was the reality of the differences within virtual games. This wasn’t an obvious occurrence, but there would have been completely different result had it been Lu Li.

“Actually, I didn’t do much. All the efforts were from my friends. It was them who killed this monster.”

Hachi Chan was a good kid; she nearly even told the truth.

“What a genuinely good child. Your spirit is as pure as Elune’s,” Danath Trollbane praised. “However, I believe that you must have not spared any efforts as well. Look at you and your sweat-covered face. Those who were fighting alongside you clearly didn’t take care of you. My child, your rewards are well and truly deserved.”


Lu Li was unimpressed. After all, it seemed like he had been mentioned before. Lu Li originally planned to try and receive some of the rewards as well, but that notion had completely derailed.

“Brother Three, go and check someone out for me.”

Although Lu Li was in the Outlands, his communication with Square Root Three was not hindered at all. Square Root Three wasn’t leaving the mainland any time soon. It would take a while for the player base to move from the old maps like Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to the new maps.

“Who is it? What’s their ID?” Square Root Three asked.

“The ID should be Infinite Starry Sky. Class should be a Warrior, or a Paladin, but that isn’t important. He is a reputable Engineer. You can go on the forums and probably find something there,” Lu Li replied, guessing from his previous memories.

From a logical standpoint, this person should not have been affected by the Butterfly Effect.

“Ah, a Profession-based player. I’ll ask Half-Life Crystal. She knows a lot more people than I do. Why did you ask me and not her?” Square Root Three questioned as he mulled over the ID, unable to think of anything.

“Ah, right. Well, you’re getting up there in age, but you’re still single. I just wanted to create an opportunity for you. Crystal is pretty and also capable. Unless…Brother Three, you don’t like girls? If it’s like that, then don’t mess around with Crystal,” Lu Li responded.

“#$%@ you! Get out of here! This single dog will come for you!” Square Root Three was pissed off.

However, he quickly received the information that Lu Li wanted.

Infinite Starry Sky. Class: Warrior. Race: Human. Artisan Engineer. He had many popular posts on the forums, most of which were about Engineering. For example, there was the ‘Beginner’s Guide to Engineering’, “Don’t Say You Know Engineering” and others.

Of course, Half-Life Crystal wouldn’t ignore the existence of a Profession-based player of his skill level. She had even tried to get him to join the Life Alliance, but she was completely rejected and even insulted a little. He said to her that the Life Alliance was just a ragtag mob and that they didn’t know what true art was.

Furthermore, he was not a poor player. As a highly-capable Engineer and Profession-based player, he had received requests from the official company to teach and create guides for Engineering. He was extremely wealthy and had an estimated value of millions.

“He sounds quite impressive. Can you arrange a time for me to meet him? If he hasn’t entered the Outlands, then find an easier quest for him to do and come to the Outlands.”

Lu Li wasn’t about to return to the old map just to meet someone.

It was good that Infinite Starry Sky was quite interested in Lu Li and the Outlands, so it didn’t take long until he arrived at the Stair of Destiny.

After arriving at the Stair of Destiny, it would be possible to be summoned through a portal that Warlocks were able to use. However, Sesame Rice Ball was rejected from using it on Infinite Starry Sky.

“The master has seen the Fel Reaver,” one of the Paladin squad leaders who was responsible for receiving Infinite Starry Sky said.

A top-tier Engineer had encountered the peak of Scourge Engineering. This was a love at first sight. The word ‘like’ was not able to describe the intensity of Infinite Starry Sky’s feelings then.

“What does he want to do?”

“Seems like we’re going to help him out. He wants to research it, dead or alive. Then, he will do anything we ask for,” one of the paladins angrily answered.

His rage couldn’t be blamed. In more recent times, there was a constant stream of players going through the Dark Portal. There were many groups of players from different reputable clubs who came and naturally, their attention was shifted to the Fel Reaver. They were greedy and wanted to take the Fel Reaver for themselves. Hopefully, they would even earn themselves some Legendary or God-level items in the process.

There was enough proof that people who thought like this all returned to the old map.

Infinite Starry Sky wanted them to fight the Fel Reaver, which clearly meant that they were going to die. Of course, the Paladins wouldn’t be happy about this and harboured a grudge against Infinite Starry Sky. Furthermore, they didn’t think that they were anywhere near strong enough to take down the Fel Reaver.

After hearing this, Lu Li wasn’t worried at all. Instead, he was actually extremely happy that Infinite Starry Sky saw the Fel Reaver.

From Lu Li’s perspective, everyone had their weaknesses. If they had a weakness, then it would be possible to exploit the weakness. A person without weaknesses was like an egg with no cracks. No fly would be able to penetrate the eggshell.

“Let him know that I have a way for him to make contact with the Fel Feaver. I can even help him make one.”

Lu Li arranged for one of the paladins to relay his message.

After a short while, Infinite Starry Sky appeared in Honour Hold in front of Lu Li.

This was Lu Li’s first meeting with Infinite Starry Sky. In his previous life, he had only heard about this Engineering master. He knew of his temperamental behaviour and his livestreams. Naturally, Lu Li didn’t know what to expect from him. He wasn’t a complete newbie like Lu Li had thought. Infinite Starry Sky looked like he was at least 30 years old and had a face full of beard in the game. Adding onto his ragged and old equipment, he just looked like a homeless person.

“I am Lu Li.”

“I know that you’re Lu Li. Let’s get straight to the point. Get me one of those Fel Reavers.”

Starry Infinite Sky was blunt and didn’t care about anything else.

“Do you know Wings of Dawn? It’s Dream 13 and Elevenless’ club,” Lu Li asked.

“Yeah I know. Even if I didn’t care about the news, I would still know about Elevenless.”

“Then do you know Azure Guard? They’re the one with Stellar Union Silver Radiant and Floral Paralysis,” Lu Li asked again.

“What the heck? What’s wrong with you?”

Infinite Starry Sky was angry. He felt that Lu Li was just wasting his time by asking some weird questions. How did this person become the head and brains behind a club and achieve so many Instance Dungeon First Clears while leading a three-club alliance?

It was said that he, too, was a top-tier Engineer who had the blueprints to a lost bomb.

Infinite Starry Sky was focused on that blueprint that Lu Li had. This was what he was interested in. This was the only bomb item that players could use for training.

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