The Great Thief

Chapter 1659 - Old Stranger

Chapter 1659: Old Stranger

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Although they gained a few Epic-grade items this time, the items were not the main attraction.

They had also gained many Dark Gold or lower items. After all, they were fighting mostly normal monsters during these ten hours. Elite monsters were extremely rare and their drop rates were not that much higher either.

Lu Li also didn’t ask everyone to hand in all the items they looted.

The largest gain was most likely in the looting of many different materials. These materials would be stored inside the guild storage, organised, then sent over to the Trade Union to compensate the materials that they provided during the battle.

This battle lasted ten hours. The number of supplies consumed during the battle was incredible.

If it were just the Trade players in the guild, they wouldn’t be able to provide for the battle. Fortunately, there was the Trade Union. Their enormous storage of supplies and materials made the completion of this quest possible. However, no matter how strong their relationship was, this would have undoubtedly caused a huge dent in their pool of resources.

The spoils of war this time would definitely be used to compensate the Trade Union’s losses.

Glory Capital didn’t join the battle this time, since they were still completing the Opening the Door quest.

The Wall was already opened and only thing left was the entrance to the dungeon. There weren’t any black Qiraji Beetles or any Sceptre quests anymore. There also wouldn’t be millions of insects emerging to battle.

Lu Li wasn’t sure if Sorrowless would regret not joining the battle.

After all, skill points were just as precious to Glory Capital players.

Now, Lu Li planned to see through his promise. He would wait a while before tackling the Ahn’Qiraj Instance Dungeon.

He regretted making that promise now. Lu Li sighed. Sometimes, he felt that he was different. He

 felt that he was shifting to become a genuinely nice person.

That was something extremely surprising.

Winter in Jiangnan City never brought snow. That was something that Lu Li was extremely grateful for. This was because he could go through winter without much difficulty with his sister.

Now, his life was much better, but he regretted it a little.

This was something that people from the southern side grappled with.

As soon as he walked out of his front door, he was immediately immersed in the sunlight. Winter in this sense didn’t mean much, since it wasn’t all that different. If it was a hot day, then all he needed was to put on a thin jacket and he would be fine.

The environment was filled with green and lush vegetation. There were also many trees, which didn’t fit with the winter aesthetic.

However, Lu Li enjoyed it.

This was an everyday reminder that he had successfully brought himself and his sister out of the poor district. He didn’t plan to go back. Ever.

The area that Lu Li was staying in was a high-class place, but it was a little too boring.

Today’s weather was rather temperate. Many elderly people came out to have a walk around the area.

Lu Li frowned as he looked at these old people. Their steps were unstable and they trudged along slowly, like zombies wandering. It wasn’t that he didn’t like these old people, but he didn’t like the state of being old.

Actually, these elderly people were fortunate enough. They were able to stay in this place, each of them seemingly wealthy.

The elderly in the poor areas were even more unfortunate.

It seemed that there were elderly people who died due to sickness or the cold. Lu Li had seen his fair share of helplessness in life and death.

Lu Li was in deep thought, thinking about the direction in which the guild was heading into as well as the administration side of the guild. He was no longer a normal player, so he had to spend quite a lot of time in organisation.

That was why he would often ponder about these things on a walk.

He thought about whether the previous decisions had the desired effects, as well as the more recent decisions. He also thought about future decisions and tactics that he might have to employ.

Perhaps Square Root Three or Wandering could help check the holes in organisation, but Lu Li wasn’t the type of person to rely on others to do things. The trust that he gave to people was limited, so it would satisfy him only if he placed things into his own hands.

 “What? You know?”

Lu Li heard this voice, but he didn’t care much about it, since it was someone else’s business.

“That’s right.”

This voice was familiar. It was extremely familiar, so he quickly exited his deep thoughts and looked towards where the voice was coming from.

“He looks focused, but appearance-wise, he looks a little dumb.”

Hey! Who are you talking about?

“Quite dumb, but not bad at all.”

Lu Li knew the person who said these words, so he didn’t care about the disrespectfulness from this old man. After all, the person who he knew was supporting and holding the old man had a posture of respect, indicating the relationship that she had with him.


“Hehe…He even calls you Snowy. I reckon that he’s the reason why you’re staying in Jiangnan City.”

“Nope! I’m here because of you, grandpa!”

The wealthy lady didn’t seem cold at all. Her voice and aura felt like that of the girl next door. It was just her beauty that was out of this world.

“Alright then, you little brat.”

Upon hearing this, the old man was over the moon.

“Uh…” Lu Li didn’t know what to say.

He knew of Water Fairy’s grandfather and he also knew of his importance to Water Fairy. However, he never thought that he would meet with him under these circumstances.

“This is my grandpa,” Water Fairy introduced as she stared at Lu Li.


Lu Li found his voice once again but lost his brain cells in the process.

 “Says it that easily! Wow! Well, doesn’t matter anyway, since you guys are locked in. Just call me grandpa! When are you planning on marrying our Snowy?” the old man asked as his smile stretched from ear to ear, looking at Lu Li with genuine kindness in his eyes.

His granddaughter was also a prideful girl. No men were able to get her to open her heart.

Sometimes, this old man thought that this grandchild of his would remain single for the rest of her life. Even if she did marry and have children of her own, it would be because it was a part of life and not because of love.

He thought this until this year, when someone called Lu Li entered her life.

“Grandpa!” Water Fairy seemed to be angry.

However, people who knew her better knew that she wasn’t actually angry. She didn’t even correct Lu Li’s words.

“Until she accepts my proposal,” Lu Li answered, finally to his senses. He moved forward and held onto the old man’s other arm, supporting him alongside Water Fairy.

This old man was actually still quite fit. He wasn’t so weak that he needed two people to support his steps.

However, he enjoyed this treatment.

Water Fairy’s grandpa had rich experiences in dealing with people. He could judge a person’s character just from a glance.

Lu Li wasn’t actually dumb. He just cared too much.

The old man quickly formed his ideas about this Lu Li. He reckoned that Lu Li’s personality was one that was firm and persistent, but also adaptable at the same time. He also didn’t see himself as inferior when interacting with his granddaughter and also wasn’t focused on Water Fairy’s beauty.

Heart of the strong!

He greatly admired these types of young men.

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