The Great Thief

Chapter 1467 - Cruel Actions and an Even Crueller Heart

Chapter 1467: Cruel Actions and an Even Crueller Heart

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Lu Li really wanted to tear off this guy’s mouth. Lu Li usually seemed so calm and reasonable…had he rolled out of the wrong side of bed this morning?

They had created quite a scene; all the people eating in the canteen focused their attention on them.

Square Root 3 had loudly shouted about Lu Li allowing Water Fairy to create three ‘things’. If this rumour reached Water Fairy’s ears, then Lu Li could already see a tragic future for himself.

“It’s up to you to create however many you want. You can discuss it with Water Fairy. I can’t really help you with it,” Square Root 3 said unashamedly.

“Three bro, if you fell into my hands that other day, I would’ve made your life a living hell,” Lu Li responded, his voice full of hatred.

Square Root 3 sighed.

“Don’t be like this; we’re just talking about business here.”

He had almost forgotten that not only was Lu Li’s manner cruel, but so was his heart. It was definitely not a good thing to have him bear a grudge against you. Also, Lu Li was particularly stubborn when it came to grudges. He could hold a grudge for months against you even if it was just a minor thing.

“This thing with Water Fairy – how could we help her?” Lu Li asked.

He didn’t really like Soul Eater, so when Soul Eater left, he didn’t really feel bad about it. However, at the same time, he hoped that Water Fairy wasn’t finding it too difficult on her end. He also hoped that Drizzle Court wouldn’t be met with too large of a loss.

“Let’s just wait for the result. We just have to show a bit of support for Drizzle Court and it’ll be fine. If it’s doable, let them get a First Clear, or let them get a good ranking in the upcoming Donghua Cup, Square Root 3 suggested, then made fun of Lu Li, “We don’t mind it at all when you disguise your own plans and make it look like you’re helping everyone!”

“Shut up with the nonsense. How are we all going with prepping for the Donghua Cup?” Lu Li asked.

He also knew that Ruling Sword couldn’t really help much with what had been happening with Water Fairy. Otherwise, even those on the outside might think that Lu Li and Water Fairy were working together to force Soul Eater to leave.

However, Lu Li had seen this kind of thing happen before.

The Common District was plagued by all kinds of betrayal and revenge. It was there that Lu Li established himself and thrived, so he knew all about those kinds of tactics, inside and out.

He could just use one of those tactics to dig a hole for Soul Eater, and he would be buried.

In terms of management skills, Lu Li wasn’t as capable as Soul Eater. However, in terms of being able to conceal cruel intentions with outward kindness, Lu Li would be able to oppress him so much that he would wish he were never born.

“Since you all don’t want to participate, this is just the right opportunity to let some new people try it out. Short Road and Fat Monkey said that they would be grouping with the ‘You’ll Get Caught Up in the…Frostfire!’ OTP. Kitty Likes Meat will participate, as will Bearded Zaza, so he’ll count as one. Breezy is taking Flower and planning to join a group battle, but all the remaining spots are an opportunity for new players as a training camp,” Square Root 3 said.

“So in short…” Lu Li really wanted to say that they were all just making trouble, but in the end, he thought it didn’t really matter.

The Donghua Cup wasn’t a small competition. It was fairly well known, but its main purpose was for training new players. As such, the competition wasn’t particularly highly-ranked. Apart from the new players participating, there were also a few non-competitive, high-ranked players entering just to experience the atmosphere of this competition.

Actually, the truly famous players rarely participated in this kind of competition.

Moonlight was such a player. He enjoyed playing PVP, but he wasn’t going to participate in the Donghua Cup. He wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about it. If he performed even just a bit too well, others would say that he was being unfair to new players.

At the headquarters of Peerless City, Soul Eater had copied out his documents and given them to the others.

“Blizzard Kingdom? Why would Water Fairy suddenly want to join this club? Why didn’t we hear any information about this before?” an assistant in bewilderment.

“Also, after merging with the club, she would be affiliated with Peerless City too. Would Water Fairy be so kind-hearted as to give up all her authority? Before the merge, there probably wouldn’t have been anyone from those other clubs to join Peerless City.”

Misty Shadow was selfish, but he definitely wasn’t stupid, and he was more sceptical than most people.

Soul Eater received Water Fairy’s instructions, which led to him to represent the merged Blizzard Kingdom guild.

This was a large-scale guild. Although the club didn’t have many achievements to their name, the guild had tens of thousands of members. As such, within the Chinese district, they could almost be ranked at number 60 or 70.

This wasn’t the first time Soul Eater had done this sort of thing; he was completely in charge when Misty Story merged. It’s just that this time, all of the branches of the guild were affiliated under the name of Water Fairy’s Drizzle Court.

“It’s not that we haven’t prepared for this. Blizzard Kingdom has been in contact with Miss Shen for a long time,” Soul Eater said as he rubbed his forehead. “The things that we do are extremely secretive, but her confidence in me means that she isn’t likely to doubt me. Also, she likes to speak her mind, so if anyone knows about what’s going on with us, I suppose she’ll just speak her mind with caring about what others think.”

“If Boss Soul Eater is able to confirm this isn’t a trap, then our chance has come,” an assistant said excitedly, his hand clutching his glasses.

“What you mean is…Would it be that we have to go back to our old tactics, even having to use the name of Peerless City’s club to sign the contract? Blizzard Kingdom really does look like a fine guild. If we get a batch of some of the Elite Group over, then our power will really take shape,” Misty Shadow said as his eyes sparkled.

“That is so ruthless,” Soul Eater sighed as he rubbed his face in exhaustion, then said in a trembling voice, “The road we’re on is getting more and more dangerous.”

“Boss, you’re still not holding out hope, are you? We’re just standing by, watching as all that we’ve worked so hard for is given to outsiders,” Misty Shadow said, without caring about what anyone else was thinking. “She simply doesn’t look up to you. If it wasn’t Lu Li, there’d be someone else. It could even be a beggar, but it just wouldn’t be you.”

“Shut up!” Soul Eater shouted. His jaw creaked as he closed his mouth.

The assistant had quickly finished reading the guild’s information.

“Blizzard Kingdom isn’t too big, but it also isn’t too small. It’s actually perfect for us. The leader of this guild is very sick, so he doesn’t have time to manage the guild, but their foundation is extremely good. They’ve accumulated a whole group of people with unprecedented power. They’ve already signed a thousand from the Elite Group. If we can bring one or two thousand people in, then we’ll have about 200 people from the elite group. We won’t be beaten by average clubs anymore,” Misty Shadow said as he looked earnestly at Soul Eater.

“Have you all thought about Drizzle Court and Ruling Sword taking revenge on us?” Soul Eater grunted coldly. Although Miss. Shen and the Shen clan had a falling out, she has quite a few assets under her name. Her mum had given her enough money to do whatever she wanted in the game.

“Once we make an important decision, we can’t go back. In any case, we can’t please everyone. Even if you don’t plot against Blizzard Kingdom, who’s to say that the elite players and Water Fairy don’t make a pact to turn a blind eye?” Misty Shadow posed, continuing his enthusiasm.

Soul Eater finally came to a decision.

“Since we are doing this, we’d better do some complete preparations. If we’re merging, we’d have to go to discuss this. Going would take quite a few days. You must take care with signing the contract here. At the moment, only a few more than 300 have signed.”

“Boss, don’t worry about it,” Misty Shadow said, full of confidence. This new contract is written up very well. Even if we take the contact and let them see it, they won’t smell anything fishy. The other thing is the competitors; I still haven’t dared to get in contact with them. Don’t behave rashly and wait till I get back before getting in touch with them.”

After Soul Eater made his decision, he began to carefully arrange all that was to be done after he had left.

He had been operating in Peerless City for many years and definitely had lots of confidants. However, what he was really missing was Peerless City’s badge. Soul Eater could only use extreme methods. By that time, the contract would already be signed and given to him. Any talk about staying or leaving would be pointless. As for competitors, if they could convince some, then they would. If they couldn’t, then they would have to train them on their own.

Lu Li was just a rascal from the Common District. Soul Eater’s ability was many times better than his; who was to say that Soul Eater couldn’t establish another Ruling Sword!

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