The Great Ruler

Chapter 9 Confrontation

“Liu Yang…”

Mu Chen glanced at the boy who crossed his arms. He did not seem surprised and only calmly said: “You’ve watched the show for half a day now. So you finally couldn’t resist coming out?”

Mu Yuan, Xue Dong and Xiao Kun looked at Liu Yang. They were overjoyed and immediately shouted Brother Liu. When they turned their gaze at Mu Chen again, it had become a little bit more arrogant and aggressive.

Mu Chen’s reputation was not weak within the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class. Furthermore, he had defeated the three of them together just a while ago. However, there was still a bit of a gap between the person who was Number One in the Earth Class. With Liu Yang backing them up, they naturally did not feel afraid of Mu Chen.

Liu Yang stared at the humiliated trio. He frowned and gave a cold stare at Mu Chen: “Mu Chen, you probably have to give an explanation to the West Branch about this matter today?”

“An explanation?”

Mu Chen stared at the boy, who had the largest reputation in the West Branch Earth Class, and smiled: “They harmed the students from the East Branch for no reason. From what I see, you should be the one that gives an explanation to us.”

The surrounding student secretly grinned as they noticed the two of them confronting each other. These two individuals were probably the most outstanding ones within the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class. They originally planned on deciding the victor tomorrow; nobody expected that they would face off each other today.

Liu Yang narrowed his eyes slightly. A cold chill appeared in his eyes. Nobody would dare to be so rude to him within the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class. Although he had heard stories about Mu Chen, he is still the number one person among the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class.

“You’re still so arrogant…”

Liu Yang revealed a mocking smile. He stared at Mu Chen: “I’m really curious. For a person who obtained the Spiritual Road’s qualification by luck and was kicked out forcibly, where did this arrogant spirit of yours come from?”

Anger appeared in Su Ling and the others’ eyes as they heard these harsh words. However, they knew that Liu Yang wasn’t someone that they could defeat. They could only hold in their hatred and gritted their teeth.

“You will know whether it is luck when you test it out.” Compared to their anger, Mu Chen only gently smiled as he spoke.

Liu Yang’s pupil shrank. It was evident that he did not think that Mu Chen would dare speak to him like this. His voice gradually became colder: “I originally planned on fighting against you during the competition between the two Branches tomorrow. However, it seems that you are impervious to the situation you’re in. I will take care of you now so I don’t have to waste time tomorrow.”

After saying this, Liu Yang took a step forward. The Spiritual Energy that arise was many times stronger than Mu Yuan in terms of density.

Seeing Liu Yang’s imposing manner, Su Ling and the others were surprised. That Liu Yang actually dared to attack now?

They looked at Mu Chen worriedly, yet they were only able to see a similarly aged, innocent face without the slightest fear. The black eyes reflected off dark light that people could not see through.

Seeing Mu Chen’s calm appearance, Su Ling and the others’ concerns faded a bit. Although Liu Yang was the number one individual of the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class, Mu Chen was not someone that weak as well. It would not be easy for him to take care of Brother Mu.

“You really are…pushing your luck too much.”

Mu Chen shook his head and curled his lips. The brilliant smile on the innocent face gradually became cold. On his palm, a dark black Spiritual Energy began to circulate around his fingertips.

The atmosphere between the two of them became tense. Many students could not help but widen their eyes. The two individuals in front of them were the strongest within the Northern Spiritual Academy Earth Class. They, too, were curious about who was stronger.


Just when they were about to fight, a cry came out from a distance. Afterwards, the sound of the wind breaking rang out and a burly figure appeared in between the two of them.

“Teacher Mo!”

When the students saw the person that arrived, they were suddenly surprised and hurried to let out their greetings.

The middle-aged man that was referred to as Teacher Mo had a determined expression. Within his body, a striking amount of Spiritual Energy fluctuations were looming. It caused the nearby students to feel a little bit of pressure.

And when they noticed him, even the arrogant Liu Yang straightened up a bit. The person in front of him is a genuine Spirit Stage powerhouse. Even within the Northern Spiritual Academy and Northern Spiritual Realm, he could be considered as a first-class individual. Naturally, he did not dare to offend him.

“If you want to fight within the academy, you can do so at the Martial Stadium. Do you want to be punished for disgracing others outside?” Teacher Mo looked around and said in a stern voice.

“Oh, what is Teacher Mo saying? We were just doing an exchange.”

Liu Yang smiled. He knew that he would not be able to take any actions today. He looked at Mu Chen and extended a finger towards him. He gave a faint nod and said: “I’ll be waiting for you at the competition between the two branches tomorrow.”

After he said that, Liu Yang turned around and brought the people away with him. However, you could hear a faint murmur: “He’s only just a person who was kicked out of the Spiritual Road halfway…”

Su Ling and the others heard the deliberate murmur from Liu Yang. They face turned pale and they said as they gritted their teeth: “Brother Mu, isn’t he being too arrogant? At least you were able to qualify for the Spiritual Road, who the f*ck does he think he is?”

Mu Chen looked at the angry Su Ling. He could not help but let out a smile as he patted his shoulder. He said: “Why are you getting so angry? If a dog bites you, do you have to bit him back?”

“Even so, it doesn’t feel good at all.”

“True, it feels pretty terrible.” Mu Chen chuckled and a coldness appeared on the boy’s innocent face. “Although I won’t bite him, but I enjoy beating them to death with a stick. I will beat him up so that he will not dare to make such noise again.”

“That boy from the Liu Family is truly shameful like his father.”

Teacher Mo stared at the direction where Liu Yang departed to. He frowned as if he was slightly dissatisfied. He then turned to Mu Chen and let out a smile and said:

“Well said, that suits my taste as well.”

“However, it was said that Liu Yang is also at the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase currently. He also possesses the Human Level Spiritual Pulse, so his strength is comparable to a Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. Are you certain that you would defeat him at the competition between the two branches tomorrow?”

“Teacher Mo, please rest assured. I will not disgrace you.” Mu Chen smiled. Teacher Mo managed the East Branch. If the East Branch lost too poorly at the competition, he would lose some face.

“We’re going to head back first, Teacher Mo.”

Teacher Mo stared at Mu Chen, who was leaving together with Su Ling and the others, and waved his hand. He also smacked his lips. That boy is still quite young, yet there is something that could not be seen by others within him. You could not see the slightest bit of arrogance within the boy, but you are able to vaguely feel the sharpness hidden within his gentleness. That boy…

“He is indeed someone that can overwhelm the individuals from the Spiritual Road…If he was to successfully complete the Spiritual Road’s trial, he would probably be like hotcakes to the Five Great Academies. How would he still be here…”

Teacher Mo sighed. He was actually looking forward to the competition between the two branches tomorrow. It was said that the guy from the Liu Family had made sufficient preparations. Who knows who would be the one to have the final laugh at the competition to determine the Number One of the Earth Class?

The color of the night became darker. Within his room, Mu Chen quietly sat in a cross-legged position. His hands formed a seal. It was obvious that he had entered the state of cultivation. Near his body, the Spiritual Aura within the world fluctuated. Then, they followed his breath and entered his body.

As more and more of the Spiritual Aura entered Mu Chen’s body, a faint, dark black light flashed on the surface of his body.

Within his aurasea, the dark black Spiritual Energy flowed. The density of it was many times stronger than what he had first started to train. It was evident that Mu Chen had placed quite the effort in cultivating it during this period of time.

A trace of the Spiritual Energy circulated through the cultivation route of the Great Pagoda Art. In the end, it turned into a dark black Spiritual Energy and entered his aurasea. It caused a vigorous feeling as it became more intense.

Currently, Mu Chen had gradually become skilled in the Great Pagoda Art, but he has not been able to reach the Foundation Level yet. However, he could faintly feel that step would not be very far away…

Mu Chen did not become rash or impatient. He quietly exerted restraint on the Spiritual Energy that was being infused to his aurasea. When the final traces of the Spiritual Energy entered his aurasea, he could feel a tremble within it. The dark Black Spiritual Energy within his aurasea surged. It actually swelled up at an alarming rate and strength began to flow through his limbs.

Mu Chen was a little bit startled by the change within his aurasea. He could not help but chuckle loudly. It really was unexpected that he actually broke through at this moment…

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