The Great Ruler

Chapter 44 – Breaking the Array

Chapter 44 – Breaking the Array


The moment the faintly discernible light tower appeared within Mu Chen’s body, a special fluctuation gushed out.

This fluctuation was not particularly powerful, but it caused Ji Zong to tremble when it reached him. His eyes seemed to have instantly entered a trance.


However, this trance only lasted a moment and Ji Zong quickly recovered from it as he let out a cold hmph. This Mu Chen was definitely different from the ordinary youths. No wonder the Liu Territory paid him to come. However, no matter how much he struggled, it was not easy for him to make up for the humongous gap between them.


Ji Zong’s arm trembled and the longsword formed from the rain instantly expanded. A violent Spiritual Energy surged out and forcibly shattered the two Limitless Death Seals as it stabbed towards Mu Chen’s shoulder with lightning speed.


Ji Zong’s attack was extremely vicious and it passed through the open gaps of the two Limitless Death Seals. Mu Chen was late in defending due to this and the rain longsword pierced into Mu Chen’s shoulder. But the moment it made contact with Mu Chen, the vague light tower began to tremble within Mu Chen’s body and caused the rain longsword to stop. Thus, the sword tip was the only part that stabbed into Mu Chen’s shoulder and allowed the blood to flow out.


Ji Zong watched the scene and let out a faint smile while thinking that the situation was already over. His eyes stared at the boy. Yet, under the drizzle, the pair of black eyes stared at him like a deep black hole. From those eyes, a wordless sense of danger unexpectedly filled Ji Zong’s heart.


The boy in front of him did not care about the longsword that stabbed into his shoulder. The pain didn’t even manage to make his eyebrows tremble. His hands shook and a cold light flashed by. In the end, the umbrella that Ji Zong was holding in his left hand flew away under his astonished eyes.

The umbrella landed on the ground powerlessly and caused a little splash. Ji Zong stared as he watched the scene before turning around to look at the boy, who retreated backwards. Blood constantly flowed out from the boy’s shoulders.

“You actually saw through it…”

Ji Zong’s mouth muttered and his face became serious. The boy in front of him had actually managed to notice the flaw of his array. Not only did he make him tremble, the boy had the courage to use his own body as a lure in order to make him reveal an opening. Moreover, he even managed to take advantage of this opening and cut apart his umbrella without any hesitation. At the same time…It also cut apart his connection to the array.

“You lost.”

Mu Chen said to Ji Zong as he grinned and laughed.

Amongst his laughter, the rain suddenly stopped. The surrounding air seemed to flash and Mu Chen began to hear vague human sounds entering his ear.

It was still the same street. However, there were no traces of rain on the ground. The sun even shone brightly in the sky and in the distance, a few figures began to emerge.

It was evident that the “Consciousness Mesmerizing Array” that he had enveloped this place with had been destroyed.

Mu Chen stared in front of him. At that place, Ji Zong was examining him with a serious expression. Then, he let out a laugh as he said: “You’re quite an amazing boy. I never expected that Mu Feng would actually have such an excellent son.”

Mu Chen smiled, but his eyes remained on alert: “Next up, do you still plan on attacking?”

“The array has already been destroyed. I can’t kill you know. The following events have nothing to do with me, but you should behave yourself from now on.” Ji Zong said as he let out a faint smile and stared deeply at Mu Chen. After he finished speaking, he turned around immediately and slowly walked away.

Mu Chen’s eyes remained fixed on Ji Zong as he disappeared in the distance. However, his eyebrows were still tense. This was because the sense of danger he was feeling did not completely disappear. It was evident that the Liu Territory had made up their mind and did not plan on letting him return safely to the Mu Territory.

“This Ji Zong, he really is useless!”

Juts when Mu Chen surveyed the surroundings vigilantly, two cold gazes penetrated through the gap of a certain street and watched the young boy’s figure.

“Third Uncle, what should we do now?” A handsome boy beside the middle-aged man asked. From the familiar appearance, it was obvious that it was Liu Mubai and the middle-aged man was Liu Ming.

“Hmph, it was lucky that I never fully trusted that Ji Zong. I only wanted to use him to test Mu Chen. Naturally, if he managed to kill him, it would be the best. However, since he failed, we will have to do it ourselves!

Liu Ming let out a cold hmph and said: “No matter what, we cannot let Mu Chen bring that item back to the Mu Territory. Otherwise, the Liu Territory’s long-prepared plan will be disrupted!”

“However, if you were to attack him now, you would probably cause the people from Northern Spiritual Academy to come.” Liu Mubai said softly.

“Then we must get rid of him quickly.”

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. He gestured with his hand and ten figures appeared behind him. These people were covered with an ominous aura and judging from the Spiritual Energy fluctuation, they were all people at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase!

“Move in!”


The ten figures responded quietly and their bodies flashed as they disappeared into the darkness.

On the street, Mu Chen, who was glancing at his surroundings, focused his gaze in front of him. He saw ten figures suddenly appearing and surrounding him.

“Ten Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase experts.”

Mu Chen noticed the ten figures and his heart trembled slightly. The Liu Territory really wanted to kill him. Although Liu Ming and the others did not dare to personally attack since it was the Northern Spiritual City, they still prepared a big meal for him.

“I must not fight against them, I must escape from this situation!”

This idea flowed through Mu Chen’s mind and he hurriedly backed away. No matter how strong he was, he did not believe that he would be able to defeat ten Spiritual Rotation Stage veterans by himself.


However, these ten individuals charged straight at him. Their Spiritual Energy erupted out and a killing intent emitted out from them. Because of this commotion, a ruckus appeared in the distance. It was evident that the commotion here was discovered.

“Damn it!”

Mu Chen cursed loudly within his heart when he noticed how swift these fellows were. The Spiritual Energy within his body gushed out and the two black lights flashed on his arm. It was apparent that he was planning to take a risk and desperately stall for time.


The ten figures quickly approached and they were highly in sync. When they split up, they had already formed an encirclement and completely blocked all routes of escape for Mu Chen. Two sharp longswords directly rushed towards Mu Chen’s vital points.

Mu Chen’s eyes firmly gazed at the violent attacks and the dark black light on his arms became even denser. However, just when he was about to take a step forward and attack first, a sudden cry rang out. It was like thunder as it resounded out: “Just where did these gangsters come from, they actually dared to hurt out Mu Territory’s Little Lord. Die!”

Accompanying the thundering sound, a figure swept over like lightning. In a few seconds, he appeared in front of Mu Chen and waved his sleeves around. A powerful Spiritual flowed out like a stream and the ten figures flew backwards as they were all gravely injured.

“Uncle Zhou!”

Mu Chen stared at the familiar figure in front of his eyes and was instantly overjoyed. They have finally arrived.

The thin, middle-aged man in front of Mu Chen was Zhou Ye. At this moment, his hawk-like eyes were fixed at the ten figures that were blasted away. However, he did not pursue them and remained beside Mu Chen in order to protect him.

“Go and kill them all for me!”

Zhou Ye stared coldly at the ten figures and immediately let out a cry. A response quickly erupted out from nearby and dozens of figures flew over quickly towards the ten figures.

Seeing this, the ten figures gritted their teeth and swung their sleeves. Smoke began to appear and it concealed their body as they retreated.


From a certain location on that street, Liu Ming watched as Zhou Ye suddenly appeared. He instantly became furious and his face became ashen. He didn’t expect that Zhou Ye would suddenly appear and deal with the situation right when it was a critical moment for Mu Chen!

“Third Uncle?” Liu Mubai frowned. He did not expect that the successive plans would have failed.

“Return back to the Liu Territory and tell everything to your father. I want to see whether or not Mu Feng has the guts to interfere with the Liu Territory’s plans!” Liu Ming said sullenly and immediately waved his hand. He turned around and left.

Liu Mubai could only sigh helplessly when he saw this. His gaze passed through the gap and watched as the people from the Mu Territory protected Mu Chen. A cold chill passed through his eyes. Lucky boy, consider yourself lucky this time. Because, next time, I probably won’t give you a chance.

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