The Great Ruler

Chapter 40 – Result

Chapter 40 – Result

“Liu Ming, you’re going too far.”

When Liu Ming heard the hint of anger within Teacher Mo’s voice, his face instantly stiffened. He was wary as, Teacher Mo was a genuine Spirit Stage powerhouse. Moreover, he had the identity of a Head Instructor in the Northern Spiritual Academy. Even the Liu Territory wouldn’t dare to carelessly offend him.

“Ohoho, Teacher Mo, please don’t be angry. I was just a bit impatient. However, Teacher Mo should understand that we, the Liu Territory, have suffered a terrible loss. We naturally want to obtain the item that was lost now that Xue Tu was killed.” Liu Ming cuffed his hands towards Teacher Mo and said politely.

Teacher Mo said faintly: “I understand your feelings, but this isn’t a reason for you to search my student’s body so freely in front of me. If it wasn’t because of the fact that you forced Xue Tu into the Northern Spiritual Field, Mu Chen wouldn’t have met a situation where he nearly lost his life. Now that he managed to escape, you are acting like this. Thus, I’m afraid I won’t agree to it.”

Liu Ming noticed that Teacher Mo was insistent on protecting Mu Chen. The smile on his face became a bit more forced and he said: “This matter was indeed caused by us. Speaking of which, if he is willing to hand it over to us, we will give him a satisfactory compensation. We only hope that we can get our item back.”

Mu Chen placed away the dagger within his hand and faced Liu Ming, who had dark and cold eyes, as he shook his head. He said: “Third Master Liu, I really didn’t take your item.”

That’s because that’s my war spoil. This phrase flashed through Mu Chen’s heart. He was nearly killed by Xue Tu today. How could it be possible for him to hand the item over?


Liu Ming gritted his teeth and his expression became darker. However, he did not dare do anything to Mu Chen since Teacher Mo was beside him.

“If you want it, then just keep the item. However, be careful since some items will kill you!” Liu Ming glanced at Mu Chen somberly and could not endure the flames of rage burning within his heart. He gestured with his hand and turned around as he brought Liu Mubai and the others away.

Mu Chen stared at Liu Ming and the others as they stormed away angrily. He acted as if he didn’t even hear the threats towards him.

“Thank you, Teacher Mo.” Mu Chen turned to look at Teacher Mo and expressed his gratitude.

“You are one of the Northern Spiritual Academy’s students. Right now, we are participating in a training organized by the Northern Spiritual Academy. Naturally, I would have to protect you.” Teacher Mo gave a faint smile and smiled as if there was some sort of profound meaning to it.

“Okay, let’s head back to the camp.”

Mu Chen gave a hollow laugh as he was being stared at by Teacher Mo. Then, he did not say anything and turned around as he quickly walked towards the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field.

Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi stared at each other behind him. Afterwards, they stared once again at the cold corpse of Xue Tu. Teacher Xi frowned and said: “How could this boy be so lucky? To actually meet an expert and be rescued by him?”

This possibility was indeed quite low. However, wasn’t the possibility of Mu Chen killing Xue Tu, who was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, with his own strength even lower?

Teacher Mo let out a laugh as if he didn’t want to comment on it. He stared at the boy’s figure in front of him. After all, he had witnessed Mu Chen tricking a Conflagration Ape King to death. Thus, he understood that if anyone dares to view him as ordinary, they would probably pay a large price for it.

Others might believe that it was an incredulous situation if Mu Chen was able to personally kill an expert like Xue Tu. However, he himself, didn’t think that it was impossible.

The seemingly gentle sunshine that was the boy had a heart that was calmer and sharper than ones that Adventurers hone in life and death situations. His means of dealing with things weren’t something that an ordinary person could compare.

He really is an interesting little guy. No wonder he became the only one who qualified for the Spiritual Road within the Northern Spiritual Realm.

When Mu Chen returned to the camp, a large commotion rang out. Mo Ling, Tan Qingshan and the others immediately surrounded him. It was obvious that they knew the news about Mu Chen meeting with Xue Tu.

Mu Chen smiled towards them and indicated that he was fine. He tilted his head and looked at the pretty girl who had red eyes.

“Sorry, it was all my fault.”

Tang Qian’Er said while she had red eyes. If it wasn’t because of her, Mu Chen would not have met with Xue Tu and be forced into a dangerous situation.

“We are teammates, and I formed a team with such a beautiful girl. If no trouble were to occur, wouldn’t it fail to live up to good fortunes of mine?” Mu Chen teased her as he spoke.

When the girl heard this, her face instantly turned red. She playfully hit Mu Chen and the sad expression faded slightly.

Teacher Mo and the others also returned quickly. Then, news of Xue Tu being killed spread out. At this moment, many students were stunned and they stared in surprise at Mu Chen, who had an innocent look on his face.

“Could it be that you were the one that did this?” Tang Qian’Er approached Mu Chen and secretly asked.

“Do you think that it’s possible?” Mu Chen smiled. He knew how unbelievable this situation sounds, yet the truth was just that. If Xue Tu wasn’t gravely injured by the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon and consumed his Spiritual Energy desperately in order to escape, it was basically impossible for Mu Chen to kill him.

“If it’s the others, it might be impossible. However, you are so cunning…Who knows.” Tang Qian’Er playfully smiled. She had a strange confidence towards Mu Chen. Others might believe that it was impossible, but she felt that it might be possible for the boy in front of her.

Mu Chen smiled and stretched his body. While stretching, he was thinking about the ancient copper piece within the Mustard Seed Bracelet. It seems that he must find a time to return back to the Mu Territory. Since this item was valued greatly by the Liu Territory, it must not be a simple item. Therefore, he must let his father personally take a look at it…

Since Xue Tu was killed, Teacher Mo and the others were less alert during the following days. Therefore, they did not end the training earlier and instead let the students hone themselves in the outskirts of the Northern Spiritual Field.

Liu Ming brought his men away on the day after Xue Tu was killed. However, the cold gaze that stared at Mu Chen before he left allowed Mu Chen to know that this matter wasn’t over so easily.

Because of this warning, Mu Chen became more careful during the next few days. Although he did not believe that Liu Ming would dare to attack him while Teacher Mo was guarding him, it was still best if he was a little bit more cautious.

While he remained vigilant, the half a month training gradually reached the end.

In the camp, there was a lively atmosphere. All the students had faces filled with expectations and excitement. This was because today was the day for grading the results of this training.

Mu Chen stood in front of the East Branch students. Beside him was Tang Qian’Er. The girl had also broken through to the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase a week ago due to the Jaded Essence Fruit. Right now, her beautiful eyes were filled with light. She wanted to know what kind of results she would get together with Mu Chen after all this time.

In front of everybody, Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi looked around at the many students as they nodded in satisfaction. Compared to half a month ago, the students seemed to have become more capable. It was evident that the training had quite the effect on them.

“As of today, the Northern Spiritual Field Training is officially over. Next up, it is time to grade the results. Each team should bring the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences that they collected over to us during this period. We will record it and grade the results.”

Teacher Mo nodded towards the recording staff member beside him and said: “Let’s begin.”

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