The Great Ruler

Chapter 36 – Predicament

Chapter 36 – Predicament

The following day. The camp, once again, became lively. Many boys and girls surrounded each other excitedly as they talked about their harvests of yesterday. Sounds of laughter from the girls echoed in the camp. It was filled with youthful vitality.

The people from the Liu Territory, led by Liu Ming, had temporarily left in the early morning. They probably went to search for traces of Xue Tu. Without the existence of these individuals, the camp’s atmosphere relaxed. After all, these boys and girls had some resistance towards these ominous individuals.

Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi did not stop the training because of Xue Tu. However, they reminded the students to not venture in too deep and to not be too dispersed.

“Let’s go, we should also set off.”

Mu Chen gestured towards Tang Qian’Er and she trotted over. The curvy, slender petite body attracted many boys’ gazes and they stared jealously towards Mu Chen. This guy was really lucky since he was able to form a team with Tang Qian’Er.

“Brother Mu, are you going out for training again? Haha, don’t lose to us.” Jiang Li and Teng Yong greeted Mu Chen when they noticed him.

“You want to defeat us as well, dream on.” Tang Qian’Er said in a sweet voice.

“Haha, if anything happens feel free to call us, Brother Mu. If anyone wants to trouble you, we’re not afraid of them.” Jiang Li and Teng Yong laughed as they talked. Beside them, the East Branch students that had accompanied Mu Chen yesterday to perform the task hurriedly nodded.

Mu Chen waved at them with a smile. Without saying anything more, he brought Tang Qian’Er away from the camp and headed to the Northern Spiritual Field.

Within the camp, Liu Mubai stared at the disappearing figure. A hint of coldness that was hard to detect flashed through his eyes.


Within the forest, Mu Chen’s hand shot off as dark black Spiritual Energy surged out from his palms. He darted passed a Low Rank Spiritual Beast, whose strength was at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase, and directly knocked it a dozen meters away. The Spiritual Beast could only whine as it landed on the ground.

Behind him, Tang Qian’Er watched this scene and was startled. Although Mu Chen could kill a Low Rank Spiritual Beast with this level of strength yesterday, he could not kill it using such a brutal method like he showed today.

“Your strength?” Tang Qian’Er could not help but ask.

“Thanks to the Jaded Essence Fruit, I managed to break through to the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase yesterday night.” Mu Chen crouched down and obtained the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence as he explained.


When Tang Qian’Er heard this, she suddenly muttered this cry. However, she immediately lifted her face and proudly said: “I will also reach the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase within five days!”


Mu Chen smiled and raised his thumb. Then, he continued heading to the depths of the forest: “Let’s go, it’s your turn next. You’re not allowed to be lazy, otherwise it won’t be beneficial to your training.”

“I know!”

Tang Qian’Er replied as she quickly followed him while she smiled.

At the west side of the Northern Spiritual Field, a dozen shadows were searching vigilantly. Liu Mubai was also within this group. With his position and strength, it was obvious that he was capable to lead a team by himself.

From Liu Ming, he understood just how important the item that Xue Tu had stolen was to the Liu Territory. The Liu Territory had paid a great price in order to obtain it. Therefore, they must capture Xue Tu and obtain the item back regardless of the cost.

“Little Master, we detected traces of that Xue Tu earlier. However, that guy is extremely cunning, he slipped away from our team again.” An expert from the Liu Territory reported to Liu Mubai.

“Continue to search.”

Liu Mubai nodded his head and said a command.

“Yes!” That team immediately replied and brought its men to increase the search radius.

This search lasted for half an hour. Just when Liu Mubai frowned, a buzzing sound rang out in front. It was a signal sent out by the Liu Territory’s men.

“They found him, let’s go!

Liu Mubai’s eye lit up. He gestured with his hand and his body charged forward. When his body passed through the forest, a man covered with blood rushed towards him awkwardly. From his appearance, it seems that he was a person from the Liu Territory.

“Where’s Xue Tu?” Liu Mubai hurried and asked as he stared at that person.

“Little Master, Xue Tu fled towards the north. Should we immediately notify the Third Master?” The expert from the Liu Territory replied.

“The north?”

Liu Mubai’s eyes flashed when he heard this. He waved his hands and said: “Wait for a moment.”

“Big Brother? Why should we wait?” Liu Yang asked as he was puzzled. If they waited, what would they do if Xue Tu escaped?

“He can’t escape. We already forced Xue Tu into a dead end.” Liu Mubai smiled dainty and said: “Right now, he is only a caged beast. He will die eventually. However, we should let him vent off his frustration on some unlucky fellows before we let him die.”

“Big Brother, you mean?” Liu Yang was confused.

“Mu Chen is in that direction.” Liu Mubai laughed softly.

“Oh?” When Liu Yang heard this, a hint of excitement flashed through his eyes. However, he immediately frowned again and said: “We can’t guarantee that Xue Tu would attack Mu Chen.”

“Xue Tu is fond of girls. Since a beauty like Tang Qian’Er is beside Mu Chen, he wouldn’t be able to endure it. With Mu Chen’s personality, he would not throw aside Tang Qian’Er and escape by himself, so” Liu Mubai smiled, but this smile was filled with a cold chill.

“Haha, Big Brother sure is thoughtful. If Mu Chen dies at the hands of Xue Tu, others can’t complain at all and can only consider him as unlucky!” Liu Yang said excitedly. He knew how vicious that Xue Tu is. If Mu Chen fell into his hands, he would definitely die.

Liu Mubai only smiled and muttered as he stared at the north: “I originally planned on taking care of him by myself, but it seems that he is fortunate enough.”

“Oi, Mu Chen. Hurry and help, this guy’s strength is at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, I can’t win!”

Within the forest, Tang Qian’Er hurriedly avoided a ferocious Spiritual Beast, which lunged towards her. Her black ponytail danced as she let out a cry from time to time.

Standing on a branch, Mu Chen stared at the figure below who was constantly dodging the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase Spiritual Beast. He could not help but smile as he swept down like a wild goose. His right hand formed a fist as a dark black light condensed itself within his palm and formed a black light seal.

“Stop being so savage, you beast!”

Mu Chen dashed out while revealing a slight smile. The black light seal carried a tremendous fluctuation as it fiercely bombarded the Spiritual Beast.


The Spiritual Beast let out an angry roar and its huge claws filled itself with Spiritual Energy. It violently smashed it against Mu Chen’s fist.

The Spiritual Energy impact exploded and swept the surrounding leaves away. A low growl came out from the Spiritual Beast as it was actually pushed back by Mu Chen forcibly.


When the Spiritual Beast was still unstable, Mu Chen’s body moved and he darted towards the Spiritual Beast again. His hand flashed and a dagger appeared within it. The Spiritual Energy wrapped around the dagger and brought forth an extremely sharp light as it stabbed fiercely into the Spiritual Beast’s throat.


Hot blood squirted out from the Spiritual Beast. Even the earth trembled slightly when the Spiritual Beast crashed onto the ground.

Mu Chen smiled as he wiped the blood away from his dagger. The boy’s tall body was quite attractive as it was bathed by the warm sunlight that penetrated through the forest.

“What an irritating guy. He doesn’t know how to be kind to woman and let me be chased for so long.” Tang Qian’Er said bitterly before she walked towards the Spiritual Beast. She pulled out a short sword and stabbed it into the beast’s head. While she tried to take out the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, she was still chattering about Mu Chen’s crimes.

Mu Chen stared at her and could not help but smile. But just when he wanted to say something, his face changed and he darted forward. He wrapped his arms around Tang Qian’Er’s waist as she was about to take out the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. The two of them tumbled away.

And just when Mu Chen grabbed onto Tang Qian’Er and charged away, a bloody shadow charged out suddenly from the forest. The hands that were originally planning to hold onto Tang Qian’Er missed and it let out a surprised sound.

Mu Chen held onto Tang Qian’Er as they rolled on the ground. Then, he quickly got up and stared in alert at the figure that appeared. His eyes narrowed slightly.

Seeing the corpse of the Spiritual Beast in the open space, the figure stood up. He was wearing a blood red robe and his face was extremely vicious. Craftiness flashed within his narrow eyes.

“Hehe, that boy actually has quite the skill.”

The blood shadow stared at Mu Chen and let out a strange laugh. Then, his eyes landed on the girl who was behind Mu Chen. The girl had a soft, slender body. Her chest was quite bountiful and she had a waist that could be held within one arm. The youthful and energetic taste of hers made him lick his mouth.

“I never expected to find such an outstanding item over here.”

The blood shadow smiled and said. The eyes that stared at Tang Qian’Er made it seem that he wanted to swallow her into his stomach. This made the young girl tremble and she hid her body behind Mu Chen.

“Boy, hand her over to me and I’ll let you go. Otherwise, I’ll let you experience some of my methods.” The blood shadow smiled and he stared at Mu Chen like a viper.

Mu Chen kept a close eye at the blood shadow in front of him. Cold sweat appeared on the palm that held onto Tang Qian’Er’s hand. If he did not guess incorrectly, the guy in front of him must be the captain of the Blood Slaughter Group, Xue Tu, whom Liu Ming and the others were chasing.

He never thought that he would meet with this murderer here. This time, he really was in trouble.

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