The Great Ruler

Chapter 29 – Jaded Essence Tree

Chapter 29 – Jaded Essence Tree


Mu Chen was slightly shocked as he stared at the burly man in front of him. The latter had a upright face with thick eyebrows and looked a bit rugged. However, the thing that surprised Mu Chen the most was the Spiritual Energy fluctuation emitting from his body. It was evident that he had already advanced to the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

The strength of this Adventurer’s Team was acceptable.

“Ohoho, Little Brother, I am the Captain of the Thunderstorm Team, Lei Cheng.” The burly man stretched out his hand and said as he smiled.

“Northern Spiritual Academy’s student, Mu Chen.”

Mu Chen chuckled as he shook hands with him. Then, he retracted his hand without changing expressions. Lei Cheng’s hands were quite rough and they were many blade callus. It seems that this person specializes in blades.

“I am only an ordinary student in the Northern Spiritual Academy. I probably won’t be able to help you out. Let’s forget about cooperating.” Mu Chen shook his head. Although he did not know the specifics about the cooperation that Lei Cheng was talking about, he knew that these Adventurer Teams were quite crooked. They had many grudges and it would be troublesome if they suddenly got involved in it.

Seeing Mu Chen refuse, Lei Cheng stared at the surroundings and whispered: “Little Brother Mu Chen, to be honest, I want to cooperate with you because I saw the Spirit Destruction Bead in your hands.”

“We, the Thunderstorm Team, were searching in a valley within the Northern Spiritual Field two days ago. At that place, we discovered something good.”

Mu Chen’s expression did not change. He did not say a word and only smiled slightly.

Seeing this, Lei Cheng knew that this boy wasn’t someone simple. A boy should normally have a curious and arrogant attitude. However, Mu Chen did not show the slightest interest when he talked about this. It was clear that he controlled his heart well.

“In that valley, we discovered a mature “Jaded Essence Tree”.” Lei Cheng knew that Mu Chen wasn’t someone who would act without some incentive. He became silent for a moment before he said softly.

“Jaded Essence Tree?”

Mu Chen’s eyes finally flashed slightly. He stared at Lei Cheng and said: “It’s matured? Did it bear any Jaded Essence Fruit?”

Jaded Essence Tree. It is a rare natural treasure. The tree itself did not hold much appeal to humans, but the Jaded Essence Fruit that comes from the Jaded Essence Tree is filled with gentle Spiritual Energy. It is extremely beneficial to practitioners below the Spirit Stage.

Right now, Mu Chen was trying to form the second Limitless Death Seal. However, his Spiritual Energy was still too weak. If he doesn’t have enough Spiritual Energy, he must borrow the power of a foreign object to do it. And this Jaded Essence Fruit was the solution to his urgent problem.

“Although we did not approach it closely, we still observed it for a bit. The Jaded Essence Tree is reasonably mature.” Lei Cheng nodded his head as he spoke.

“Is there a Spiritual Beast protecting it?” Mu Chen asked.

“It is because of those rascals…” Lei Cheng let out a bitter laugh and said: “Inside that valley, there are at least 100 Conflagration Apes. And the most trouble thing is that there is also a Conflagration Ape King, which reached the Middle Rank Spiritual Beast level. Its strength is approximately at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Middle Phase. It is even slightly stronger than me.”

“100 Conflagration Ape? 1 Conflagration Ape King?”

Mu Chen was startled. Although the Conflagration Apes were only Low Rank Spiritual Beasts, a few of the matured ones would reach the level of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. With such numbers gathered together, it would not be easily to deal with it. And there is even a Conflagration Ape King…

“The Conflagration Ape King’s strength isn’t the most difficult part to handle, but rather it is the fact that it can command the other Conflagration Apes.” Mu Chen said softly. Although there were a lot of Conflagration Apes, they were still Spiritual Beasts without much wisdom. It would be easy to deal with once they were in a state of disunity. However, if they have the commands from the Conflagration Ape King, it was a different story. The Conflagration Ape King has already started to have a bit of wisdom. It might not be as cunning as humans yet, but the Thunderstorm Team would probably be destroyed if it commanded the hundred Conflagration Apes to assault them together.

Lei Cheng looked in surprise at Mu Chen. It was obvious that he did not imagine that this seemingly young boy would know as much as them, hunting veterans, about the Spiritual Beasts.

“Yes. However, you don’t have to worry about this. We have a method that could hypnotize a few of the Conflagration Ape. The one that we have to deal with is the Conflagration Ape King. Thus, we hope to have this Little Brother cooperate with us and you will use the Spirit Destruction Bead to kill the Conflagration Ape King when you have the opportunity to do so.”

“Although my Spirit Destruction Bead can gravely injure a Middle Rank Spiritual Beast, it would probably be quite difficult to kill it.” Mu Chen pondered for a moment before he spoke.

“It’s fine. As long as you are able to severely injure the Conflagration Ape King, the chances of us winning will increase significantly.” Lei Cheng let out a confident smile. After all, he was at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. He might not be able to defeat a Conflagration Ape King when it was at its strongest, but if it’s gravely injured, he should be able to do so.

“Since it’s like this…”

Mu Chen smiled slightly. His smile was like a cunning fox and he said: “Then, let’s talk about the payment shall we? You should know, I would have to invest at least a Spirit Destruction Bead in order for the matter to work. The Spirit Destruction Bead’s price isn’t cheap. Sometimes, you won’t be able to obtain it even if you have money.”

Lei Cheng let out a bitter laugh. He did not treat Mu Chen as a boy anymore. Therefore, he did not attempt to deceive him and said: “Little Brother, make your offer. If it is appropriate, I will naturally accept it.”

Mu Chen thought for a moment before he said: “I want 30% of the Jaded Essence Fruits on the Jaded Essence Tree. This price is quite reasonable. I know that the Thunderstorm Team would be the main force, so that is why I gave the majority of it to you.”

“You’re quite black-hearted.” Lei Cheng grinned. However, he thought for a moment and still nodded. This price wasn’t unacceptable. After all, they would obtain the bulk of it.

“Then let’s do it.”

“I will also need a few companions, is that okay?” Mu Chen smiled as he said. Although they only exchanged talks for a while, Lei Cheng gave him a pretty good feeling. However, he should always stay on his guard. After all, there weren’t much insurance if he went by himself.

“That’s fine. However, you should know the strength of the Conflagration Ape. If they do not have the ability to protect themselves, it would be troublesome if they went.” Lei Cheng said.

Mu Chen nodded his head. Then, he turned around. Although Tang Qian’Er Mo Ling and the others did not know what Mu Chen and Lei Cheng was discussing about, it seems that they had a friendly atmosphere between them. It was great that they did not fight.

“Next up, there will be quite a bit of danger. However, it will also bring quite the benefits. I will team up with the Thunderstorm Team for a task. If you are interested, you can follow me. The payment will definitely be satisfying. Of course, there are two conditions. First, you must listen to my commands and second, you must reach the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. Is there anyone that wishes to come?” Mu Chen stared at Mo Ling and the others and spoke.

Mo Ling and the others were stunned. Mu Chen would actually cooperate with these people?

“I’ll go.” Tang Qian’Er was the first to raise her slender hands and laughed as she spoke.

“I’ll also come with you.” Mo Ling thought for a moment. In the end, he still nodded. He was at the level of the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase and he completely met the conditions. He understood Mu Chen’s vision. If he said that the rewards would be quite satisfying, then it should be quite excellent.

Tan Qingshan was a bit regretful, but it couldn’t be helped. His strength was only at the Spiritual Movement Stage Initial Phase. He would only be a bother if he headed there.

Jiang Li and Teng Yong looked at each other. They hesitated for a moment before they gritted their teeth and said: “We’ll come as well.”

Shortly after, another three boys with Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase strength also participated. With this, Mu Chen’s side had 8 people. This lineup was pretty good. If anything were to occur, there will be room for maneuver.

“Qingshan, you should bring the others back to the camp. Also, please inform Teacher Mo that we followed the Thunderstorm Team to do a task. There is no need for him to worry.” Mu Chen turned over to look at Tan Qingshan again and said with a smile. His voice was quite loud. Therefore, Lei Cheng and his team were able to hear it clearly.

“This boy is even more experienced than us…When did such a student come out from the Northern Spiritual Academy?”

Lei Cheng shook his head. Mu Chen’s earlier words were obviously said to them. If they dared to do anything to them, then those Spirit Stage powerhouses wouldn’t give them the chance to escape the Northern Spiritual Field.

Tan QIngshan nodded. He saw Mu Chen waved and he did not stay at this place any longer. He quickly left together with the other students.

“We should also leave now.” Mu Chen turned around and stared at Lei Cheng as he spoke.

“Yes, let’s go.”

Lei Cheng nodded. He made a gesture towards the Thunderstorm Team and began to lead the way. A group of people quickly dove into the dense forest and vanished swiftly.

As they were on their way, Mu Chen told the matter about the “Jaded Essence Tree” to Tang Qian’Er, Mo Ling and the others. When they heard the three words “Jaded Essence Fruit”, their eyes clearly shined. It was evident that they knew just how beneficial the Essence Fruit would be to them.

“Hehe, it’s great that Mu Chen is quite honorable. He did not forget about us for such an excellent matter.” Mo Ling said in excitement.

Beside him, Jiang Li and Teng Yong’s faces were slightly red. Their attitude towards Mu Chen weren’t exactly good before. Yet, they owe such a favor to him. Therefore, they felt quite unnatural right now.

“You think that I brought you here to pick some for free? It is important to listen to my commands then. If something happens, we might lose our lives.” Mu Chen gently smiled as he spoke.

“Relax, we will definitely listen to you!” Mo Ling laughed. Even Jiang Li and Teng Yong nodded their heads.

When Mu Chen noticed this, he also smiled. Then, he focused on heading there.

The group of people crossed through a thick forest. Along the way, they met a few Spiritual Beasts blocking them. However, these Low Rank Spiritual Beasts were completely wiped out by the Thunderstorm Team before Mu Chen and the others could attack them. This smooth and clean method of killing made Mo Ling and the others shocked. They were able to feel the difference between the two sides.

They rapidly moved and after half an hour, the traces of human became exceedingly little. Beast roars would occasionally sounded out. When they got to this place, even the Thunderstorm Team became cautious.

A group of a dozen or so people darted through the forest again. The view in front of them suddenly widened up. A stream followed through the shattered rocks on the ground. At the opposite of that, there was a little valley. Sharp ape cries could be heard from inside the valley.

When they saw the valley, Lei Cheng’s pace finally stopped. He turned his head around to Mu Chen and nodded. This allows Mu Chen to understand that they have reached their destination.

The Jaded Essence Tree is in this valley.

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