The Great Ruler

Chapter 27 – Plunder

Chapter 27 – Plunder

In the forest covered with leaves, the ground suddenly trembled. A violent cry spread outwards. When looking in the direction of the cry, a giant yellow bear, which was roughly a few meters tall, was currently swinging its hammer-like palms around. It recklessly smacked at the petite body in front of it in anger.

Facing against the slap from the giant bear, the petite body retreated backwards. Spiritual Energy wrapped around the short sword in her hand. Like a snake bursting out a hole, a red blood trace appeared across the giant bear’s white fur.

The pain coming from its chest made the giant bear a little mad. The giant palm was filled with yellow Spiritual Energy. Every time the slap comes down, it would leave deep imprints on the ground. If a single slap were to hit the petite body, it would definitely be enough to cause a severe injury.

Fortunately, the petite body was extremely agile. It constantly dodged and the dagger would leave bloodstains in front of the bear’s chest whenever the bear slipped up.

The large and small figures continued to fight with each other. After approximately ten minutes, the giant bear finally could not endure this kind of fight and its enormous body crashed down to the ground like a boulder.

The beautiful girl finally saw that the bear could not endure it and died. She also let out a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat on her forehead with her hand. She turned her head away while panting heavily. Under a nearby tree, a boy with a long body smiled at he looked at this scene.

“Not bad.”

Mu Chen walked forward and stared at the Mountain Bear’s body. Then, he pointed at the white mark filled with bloodstains and said: “However, your attacks are still not decisive enough. That is your weakness. As long as you find a flaw, you should completely kill it. The method you used earlier wasted too much effort. If the Mountain Bear was slightly stronger, perhaps it would be able to mentally exhaust you.

Tang Qian’Er glanced at the location where another Mountain Bear was killed. However, there was only a single bloody hole at the white mark on the Mountain Bear’s chest. The location of the bloody hole was extremely precise. It directly pierced through the Mountain Bear’s heart and it was obvious that the Mountain Bear died in one attack.

This Mountain Bear was the results of Mu Chen’s battle. Tang Qian’Er previously saw the sharp blow. It was fierce, accurate and without any hesitation…The calmness and horrifying Mu Chen showed when he killed was many times more natural than her.

“You’re an insane person, how could I compare with you!” Tang Qian’Er pouted her lips. Although she had never really killed any Spiritual Beasts, she could still feel that Mu Chen’s actions weren’t any inferior to the Adventurers, who would always be muddled in between life and death. How could she compare to him?

However, she still had a bit of admiration in her heart even when she said that. Under Mu Chen’s guidance, she had begun to get rid of the initial fear that she felt along the way. She even had the ability to kill a Low Rank Spiritual Beast at the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase by herself. As for Mu Chen, his handsome face had maintained a quiet and gentle smile. This was enough to frighten her. In his eyes, it was an insignificant act.

Tang Qian’Er’s gaze wandered around and she stared at the boy, who was retrieving the Mountain Bear’s Soul Essence. A shattered point of light landed on his body. His profile had a serious expression and possesses an quality that ordinary youths would not possess. This made her blush slightly.

“Today’s rewards aren’t that bad. Up until now, we have already collected 8 Low Rank Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences.” Mu Chen collected the Mountain Bear’s Soul Essence and stood up as he directed a smile towards Tang Qian’Er.

When she heard this excellent result, Tang Qian’Er’s face was also smiling. She was quite satisfied with the harvest today.

“Let’s go. We should continue. The result is only a trivial matter, we should take advantage of this opportunity to improve ourselves.” Mu smiled. But just when he was about to venture in deeper, he suddenly frowned and stared off to the right.

“What is it?” Seeing this, Tang Qian’Er asked.

“There was a movement over there. Let’s go check it out.” Mu Chen thought for a moment before he beckoned his hand towards Tang Qian’Er. His pace accelerated and he headed in that direction. When Tang Qian’Er noticed this, she hurried and followed.

In the dense forest, dozens of Northern Spiritual Academy students were grouped up together. At this moment, they were looking in front with a pale expression. At that location, there were a dozen figures leaning lazily at the tree trunk. The gazes that stared at the students had a bit of ridicule within them.

Although the behavior of the figures seemed quite lazy, they still gave off a highly trained feeling. Their eyes were bright and sharp. A bloody smell even emitted from their body.

It was actually an Adventurer’s Team.

“What are you trying to do?!”

In front of the Northern Spiritual Academy students, there were a few familiar figures there. Mo Ling, Tan Qingshan, Jiang Li and Teng Yong were all there. However, the color of their faces was the same as the other Northern Spiritual Academy students. They furiously stared in fear at the Adventurers in front of them.

After all, they were still young youths. They would feel fear from the fierce Spiritual Beasts and the Adventurers in front of them are all individuals whose blade would often taste blood. The viciousness that they would occasionally reveal was enough to make them shudder.

“You are all a group of brats that haven’t grown any hair yet…”

A young man dressed in leather armor smiled as he stared at the Northern Spiritual Academy students. He said lazily: “Didn’t I say it earlier? Hand over the Soul Essences that you possess.”

“You want to rob us!” A boy roared out in anger.

“That’s correct!” The young man laughed. Sounds of laughter appeared from his comrades behind him. It seems that they treated this as some sort of entertainment.

“We are students from the Northern Spiritual Academy. Our two teachers are here and they possess Spirit Stage strength! A student tried to use Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi and attempted to shock the Adventurer Team in front of them.

“I know that you are students from the Northern Spiritual Academy, you came here for training right? Then didn’t your teacher tell you that being robbed is also a type of training?” The young man curled his lips and said: “As long as we do not kill you, your teachers won’t care about it.”

“So…Hand them over. Don’t make me take action since I am quite brutal.” The young man grinned and his white beast-like teeth made others feel a chill.


Mo Ling could not endure holding back his anger and clenched his hands tightly.

“You want to take action and test it out? You are also at the level of Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. The same as me. Why don’t we see who is more powerful?” The young man glanced at Mo Ling, but his smile was slightly bloodthirsty.

When Mo Ling noticed the young man’s gaze as if he was staring at a prey, he felt a faint chill in his heart. Although they were both at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, the latter’s imposing manner wasn’t something that he could compare with. Also, the comrades behind him weren’t any weaker than him.

Mo Ling’s eyes flashed. In the end, he slowly released his clenched hands. With a painful laugh, he helplessly shook his head towards Tan Qingshan, Jiang Li and the others.

Tan Qingshan also sighed. They also knew that they weren’t at the same level as the Adventurer Team in front of them. They could only admit that they were unlucky and lose their wealth in order to avert the trouble in front of them.

“Now, that’s a good child.”

When the young man noticed that Mo Ling and the others gave up their resistance, he laughed in satisfaction. Yet the corner of his lips was a bit mocking, this is the Northern Spiritual Academy’s students? It really is disappointing.

“What are you doing?”

Just when Mo Ling and the others were about to toss over the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence that they managed to obtain, a puzzled voice rang out from behind them. They instantly turned their head over and saw Mu Chen and Tang Qian’Er watching them nearby.

“Mu Chen?”

When Mo Ling and the others saw Mu Chen, they reflexively became joyful. Then, they immediately thought about something and had a gaze that told him to quickly leave.

“What is it?” Mu Chen seemed to ignore their gazes and smiled as he brought Tang Qian’Er over.

“Shhh, so there’s another fat prey.”

The young man smiled at Mu Chen and then his gaze suddenly landed on Tang Qian’Er beside him. His eyes instantly lit up and he whistled. He said humorously: “And also a beauty!”

Tang Qian’Er glared angrily at the young man, but the lovely angry expression made the young man fell into a trance slightly.

When Mo Ling noticed the two of them walking over, he shook his head helplessly. Then, he began to explain the situation.

“Robbery? You’re quite unlucky.” When Mu Chen heard this, he could not help but smile as he spoke.

“Aren’t you the same now?” Jiang Li and the others rolled back their eyes. How can this guy still laugh in this kind of situation?

“Oi, the boy over there. Since you also came, you should hand over some of your Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essences. Then, hand over the beauty. After all, we shouldn’t show favoritism.” The young man beckoned as he laughed.

“You want mine as well?” Mu Chen frowned as he said.

“Who told you to be so unlucky and walked over here. You brats sure are stupid. Although you are quite talented, you guys aren’t good enough if we were to fight.” The young man said helplessly.

“I only have one Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, I’ll give you that.”

Mu Chen rubbed his head and pulled out a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence from his arms. Then, he walked towards the young man.

“Are you deaf? I told you to bring that beauty over as well. You’re quite an annoying boy.” The young man frowned and chattered on endlessly.

As he was chattering, Mu Chen had already arrived in front of him. He handed the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence over.

The young man stretched out his hand to grab the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. His other hand seemed to slap towards Mu Chen’s head in dissatisfaction. However, before he touched the Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence, the boy’s black eyes, which originally contained a smile, instantly turned cold.

He turned his palm up right and a sharp black light flashed. It created an arc as it fiercely and cunningly slashed across the young man’s palm. Fresh blood suddenly splattered out.

This scene happened in a split second. Hardly anyone could react to it. A few of the comrades behind the young man stared at the splattering blood in a daze.

In front of many stunned gazes, the handsome boy suddenly smiled.

“Sorry, I suddenly don’t feel like giving it to you.”

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