The Great Ruler

Chapter 1562 - The Great Ruler

Chapter 1562: The Great Ruler

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The mysterious and ancient light screen connected Heaven and Earth. Under the Heaven’s Declaration, there were five figures that had spiritual glows surging around their bodies. As such, they looked like five giant suns that were shining brightly on the land.

The entire world was focused on the five figures in front of the Heaven’s Declaration at this time. With everyone’s attention on him, Mu Chen took a deep breath as he circulated all the spiritual energy in his body. The spiritual energy, which gathered at the tip of his finger, dazzled everyone immediately, as a daunting fluctuation was being emitted from it.


At the same time, the other four Mu Chens formed seals and circulated all of the spiritual energy in their bodies. The next moment, four torrents that looked like milky ways exploded out from their bodies. The currents then gushed out and came together on Mu Chen’s finger.

When these majestic energies gathered together upon Mu Chen’s finger, his finger immediately trembled. At this point, if he moved his finger by even an inch, he could easily wipe out a Lower Plane.

Sensing the daunting energy that was gathering at his fingertip, Mu Chen’s eyes were determined. The next moment, he placed his finger on the Heaven’s Declaration.

As he did so, it seemed like he was touching a screen that almost otherworldly. The screen was unfathomable and majestic. Even though it looked pencil-thin and solid, Mu Chen’s finger, which contained mighty power, could not really land on it directly.

Mu Chen sharpened his eyes as he circulated his spiritual energy. As his finger trembled continuously, blood started dripping down to his palm from his finger.

Yet, the screen continued to hold up against his finger’s power. No matter how much Mu Chen circulated his energy, he could not penetrate the screen. This meant that he would not be able to complete the last step to leave his name on the Heaven’s Declaration.

“Heh, I told you that it’s not easy to inscribe your complete name on the Heaven’s Declaration! Even if you have five people who cultivated their own Primitive Celestial Bodies, you are still far away from being about to do that!” The Heavenly Evil Deity sneered as he watched, a cold radiance flickering in his eyes.

His eyesight was sharp, and he could tell with just one look that Mu Chen was still a far from being able to break through that final step, despite being formidable. As they thought of this, the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor sighed to themselves.

To leave one’s complete name on the Heaven’s Declaration was far too difficult. It was no wonder that so many talented people from the Great Thousand World had not been able to do it for the past several decades.

Meanwhile, back in the Great Thousand World, many spiritual beings, whose eyes were gleaming with hope, turned gloomy at this moment.

Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy.

All of the students fixed their eyes on the Spiritual Energy Light Mirror. They all became silent when Mu Chen could not place his trembling finger on it, despite having blood flowing from his fingertip.

“It’s too difficult!” Shen Cangsheng could not help but comment. Even though the difficulty was beyond everyone’s imagination, they could guess how strenuous it was based on seeing Mu Chen’s unsuccessful attempt.

“Mu Chen… Go for it!” Wen Qingxuan bit her red lips and clenched her hands tightly.

“Brother Mu Chen, good luck! You will succeed!” Sun’Er gritted her teeth and cheered for Mu Chen, her heart was beating anxiously for him.

Mu Estate, the Tianluo Continent.

As Mu Feng, Nine Nether, Ling Xi and Mandela stared at the Spiritual Mirror in the sky, they felt their hearts quiver.

“You rascal!” Mu Feng stared at the slender figure with red eyes.

The young man who had once required his protection in the Northern Spiritual Realm had now reached a stage where he himself could never attain. He knew that Mu Chen did everything that he could for the sake of protecting them.

“Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be proud of you,” he said.

Back at the Spirit Demon Continent, Luo Li was also gazing at the Lower Planes. She looked at the figure who was carrying all of everyone’s hopes and thought to herself… Mu Chen, I’ll stay with you no matter what.

At the Lower Planes, as Mu Chen looked at his bleeding finger, which was trembling and ready to pierce through that obstacle, he knew that everyone in the Great Thousand World was watching him. He was the last hope of the Great Thousand World. If he failed, he would surely perish along with the Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, and the Heavenly Evil Deity.

Mu Chen took a deep breath and turned around to look at the other four figures. He then humbled himself and said, “Please help me.”

The black and white Mu Chens and the other two Mu Chens in the golden dragon robe and the phoenix robe all smiled together and said in unison, “We are one, so it’s not a favor.”

Upon hearing that, Mu Chen chuckled before his expression turned stern. The next moment, a low voice came out from his throat, “Qi into Trinity… Integrate!”

When his voice projected out, everyone in the world was horrified to see the remaining four Mu Chens burning themselves up! Within a short period, all four replicas were completely burnt. They then transformed into four beams of light, which charged into Mu Chen’s body.

Mu Chen closed his eyes and had a grave expression on his face. The moment he attained the Tri-God level, he knew that it was not the ultimate level of the Qi into Trinity. On top of that, there was another stage that no one had ever achieved.

That level was Integration, the true Integration! When the Integration was completed, the Super Power, Qi into Trinity, would also disappear. This would mean that Mu Chen would completely lose it!

“Begin with one and end with one,” Mu Chen murmured as he opened his eyes suddenly.


The moment he opened his eyes, a spiritual energy windstorm exploded out from his body. The power of the spiritual energy windstorm was so strong that the expressions on the Flame Emperor’s and Martial Ancestor’s faces changed slightly. The faraway Heavenly Evil Deity felt equally shocked at the same time.

Mu Chen’s trembling finger finally came to a stop, and as he looked up at the abstruse Heaven’s Declaration, the finger, which was flashing with boundless energy, tried to place itself on it again.


The moment the finger was brought down, a buzzing sound of a vibration resounded throughout the entire Great Thousand World. With a stern look, Mu Chen placed his finger on the screen slowly. The glow on the Heaven’s Declaration dimmed, then brightened again, as if it was making its last stand before allowing him to conquer it.


However, such obstruction only persisted for a few seconds before its defenses finally broke down. With a crisp and clear breaking sound, everyone could see a beam of spiritual light begin to gather on the Heaven’s Declaration.

At the same time, Mu Chen’s finger began to move again. Each of its stroking movements was strong and powerful, and it swung back and forth like a dancing dragon.

Everyone fixed their eyes on the Heaven’s Declaration as a spiritual light gathered behind the floating word “Mu,” while the strokes continued and formed the word “Chen.”

When the final stroke was brushed by his finger, the entire world fell into a dead silence. As it shone upon the Heaven’s Declaration, the spiritual glow brightened up every corner of the Great Thousand World.

All of the people’s gazes were glued to the Heaven’s Declaration, which now had Mu Chen’s full name floating on it. The name was filled with indescribable and awe-inspiring dignity and prestige. Everyone who looked at it would bow to it uncontrollably.

Endless spiritual light encompassed Mu Chen within it. At this moment, Mu Chen felt his senses reaching out to the entire Great Thousand World.

He saw those overjoyed students from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong, Wen Qingxuan, Tang Qian’Er… Everyone really. He even saw those exhilarated-looking people from the Mu Estate, including Mu Feng, Nine Nether, Mandela and Ling Xi.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that everything was within his control. This felt odd to him because it was as though the entire world was in his hands. That kind of feeling was as if he was a Great Ruler.

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fists and said softly, “From now on, any level that is beyond the Divine Grade level will known as the Great Ruler Realm.”

Anything he said seemed to instantly become law, which meant that everyone had to adhere to using this name.

As he looked up toward the glowing golden handwriting that had inscribed his name on the Heaven’s Declaration, he spoke with a voice that sounded as loud as thunder.

His voice resounded in the ears of every spiritual being in the Great Thousand World as he announced, “I’m the Great Ruler of the Great Thousand World!”

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