The Great Ruler

Chapter 15 – Spirit Destruction Bead

Chapter 15 – Spirit Destruction Bead

The change in the ring occurred in a split second. When many people recovered, they noticed that Liu Mubai had already appeared in the ring. Their faces instantly became surprised. What is this situation?

Mu Chen did not care about the expressionless Liu Mubai. He only lowered his head to stare at his hand. The red light faded away and it revealed a fiery red bead at the size of a longan. The surface of the bead was filled with an obscure pattern. Within it, a violent Spiritual Energy seemed to flow like a tidal stream.

“Spirit Destruction Bead…”

Mu Chen’s slender fingers pressed against the smooth red marble. He let out a faint smile, only that the smile was a little bit cold. The Spirit Destruction Bead was not something that is used for self-cultivation. It was an extremely destructive Spiritual Artifact. When a powerhouse reached a certain degree of strength, they would be able to compress that immense Spiritual Energy within this tiny bead. Then, the user would only need to activate it and an extremely powerful Spiritual Energy attack would burst out.

Creating the Spirit Destruction Bead requires a special metal called Spirit Gold. This metal is extremely expensive. Coupled with the fact that creating the Spirit Destruction Bead requires precise control and it has a high rate of failure, the Spirit Destruction Bead was rather rare. Looking at the one within Mu Chen’s hand, the extent of the Spiritual Energy being condensed was strong even to cause a grave injury to a person at the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

This Liu Yang wanted to kill him.

“Return it back to me!”

Liu Yang became clear-headed at this moment and his face became even paler. He knew that his behavior broke the rules and if he was punished, it would not be light. Therefore, he immediately glared fiercely at Mu Chen and extended his hand.

“Big Brother, hurry and snatch that item back, don’t let him have the evidence!

When he heard Liu Yang’s words, Liu Mubai’s eyes flashed. After all, their status wasn’t low. If there wasn’t any evidence within Mu Chen’s hand, they would be able to get through it.

“If you dare move recklessly, this Spirit Destruction Bead might explode on your body.” Before Liu Mubai was able to take any action, Mu Chen smiled and said with the Spirit Destruction Bead tucked between his fingers.

“This time, Liu Yang was indeed a bit too reckless. Return the Spirit Destruction Bead back to him. You should do others a favor sometimes and it would benefit both of you, wouldn’t you say?” Liu Mubai’s eyes became serious and he stared at Mu Chen as he slowly spoke.

Mu Chen declined to commit on it and let out a smile.

“What is this all about?” At this moment, Teacher Mo also stepped onto the stage. He stared at the three people and shouted out.

When Liu Yang noticed Teacher Mo appearing over here, his face instantly became white. He stared fiercely at Mu Chen and attempted to threaten him to keep his mouth shut.

However, Mu Chen completely ignored his threat. He lifted up the Spirit Destruction Bead towards Teacher Mo.

Teacher Mo stared at the Spirit Destruction Bead within Mu Chen’s hand. His face instantly turned grim and he turned his sight towards Liu Yang. Anger could be heard within his voice as he shouted: “You actually dared to use the Spirit Destruction Bead during the match?”

“Spirit Destruction Bead?”

Many students were paying attention to this side. When they heard the words, Spirit Destruction Bead, they instantly made a big commotion.

“He really is shameless. He actually brought out the Spirit Destruction Bead!”

“As expected from the young master from the largest territory in Northern Spiritual Realm, how rich, ohoho.”

Sounds of fury and sneers came from the surrounding audience. Liu Yang’s face also became unusually hideous. This time, he really shamed his own family as well.

At this moment, Principal Xiao and the West Branch’s Teacher Xi also rushed over here. Teacher Mo went over to explain the situation a bit and everybody noticed Principal Xiao’s expression becoming more disgusted.

“Principal, Liu Yang only did this on an impulse. However, he did not harm anyone. This matter should be excusable.” Liu Mubai hurried and said when he noticed this.

“Senior Liu, are you trying to say that it should be considered inexcusable only after I was seriously wounded by his Spirit Destruction Bead?” Mu Chen let out a slight smile and said.

Liu Mubai’s eyes glanced coldly at Mu Chen and he said: “What do you want then?”

“It is not what I want, but the Northern Spiritual Academy has rules within it. We should deal with this matter in accordance to the rules.” Mu Chen said with a casual smile.

Liu Mubai’s eyes flashed. But just when he was about to speak, he was interrupted by Principal Xiao. Principal Xiao looked at Teacher Mo and Teacher Xi and asked: “How should we deal with this situation?”

“Based on the rules, Liu Yang would be disqualified from ascending to the Heaven Class this time.” Teacher Mo thought for a while and said.

Liu Yang’s face instantly changed. If he could not ascend to the Heaven Class, he would not be able to compete for a place within the Five Great Academies. This would be a fatal blow to him.

“Isn’t this a bit too serious? There aren’t many individuals within our Northern Spiritual Academy that has the qualifications to compete for the Five Great Academies spots…” Teacher Xi pondered for a moment. Then he lowered his voice and said: “And if this were to happen, Liu Yang’s father probably would not let it go. Although we, the Northern Spiritual Academy may not fear this, but it would still be troubling if we form a bad relationship with the number one Territory within the Northern Spiritual Realm.”

“However, Mu Chen’s father is also the Mu Territory’s Lord. If we let this go, the Mu Territory might be quite angry with us.” Teacher Mo also said out loud.

Principal Xiao shook his head helplessly. If they were just ordinary students, then it would not be so troubling. However, both of them are the sons of Territory Lords within the Northern Spiritual Realm. It would not be good for them to favor one over the other.

“Ohoho, Mu Chen.”

Principal Xiao suddenly looked at Mu Chen, who was beside them. He smiled and said: “About this matter right now, would you say…”

Mu Chen saw Principal Xiao’s smile and he knew what the latter was trying to say. He immediately smiled and said: “Principal, Liu Yang was indeed quite rash this time. However, I am willing to forgive since I wasn’t hurt…”

After they heard Mu Chen’s words, not only was Principal Xiao stunned, even Liu Yang was shocked. It was evident that he did not expect Mu Chen would let him go like this. However, when he saw Mu Chen’s smile, his heart suddenly calmed down. This boy may look mild normally, but his methods were extremely ruthless. He still remembered about the ruthlessness he showed when Mu Chen snatched away his Spirit Destruction Bead through the act of trading lives.

“However, he still violated the rules. How about this, I’ll treat this Spirit Destruction Bead as an apology gift and will not return it to him. Then, I will not make a fuss about this issue.” Mu Chen smiled as he said.

He knew that this matter was troubling to Principal Xiao and the others. However, he also knew that it wouldn’t have much effect if he were to keep at it. If that’s the case, he might as well take advantage of this and sell a favor to Principal Xiao at the same time.


When Liu Yang heard that Mu Chen actually wanted to take his Spirit Destruction Bead, his eyes popped out in anger. The Spirit Destruction Bead was made personally by his father and was something left to him in order to protect his life when necessary. It was an extremely valuable item.

“You’re not willing? Then let’s just punish you according to the rules.” Mu Chen glanced at Liu Yang and said helplessly.

The corner of Liu Yang’s eyes jumped. He could only hold it in. Although the Spirit Destruction Bead was valuable, it was nothing compared to a place within the Five Great Academies.

“Oh, since you’ve taken a fancy to this Spirit Destruction Bead, we will give it to you.” It was apparent that Liu Mubai was more calculating than Liu Yang. He took a deep look at Mu Chen and said with a faint smile.

Mu Chen smiled as he glanced at him. Although Liu Mubai hid it very well, he could see a hint of resent within his eyes. This guy is definitely more troubling than Liu Yang.

“Since Mu Chen would not make a fuss about it, then this matter will be over now. However, if Liu Yang dares to do this again in the future, the Northern Spiritual Academy will not care who your father is and handle it according to the rules!” When Principal Xiao noticed that Mu Chen was willing to remain silent on this, his heart was slightly relieved. Since he did not have to be troubled about this matter, his favorability towards Mu Chen increased slightly. Then, he immediately said in a strict voice towards Liu Yang.

Liu Mubai’s face changed from red and green alternately. He did not dare say anything more. Although the Northern Spiritual Academy maintains neutral within the Northern Spiritual Realm, they were not afraid of the Liu Territory.

“Thank you, Principal.”

Liu Mubai smiled. Then, he extended a hand towards Mu Chen and said: “I have to thank you as well, Junior Mu Chen. That’s right, you will be a Heaven Class student soon. I am quite interested in you, so I hope that I would have an opportunity to have an exchange with you in the future.”

His handsome face had a smile plastered on it. However, a few individuals were able to perceive a dark cold chill swirling in the depths of his eyes.

“Senior Liu, you’re joking with me.”

Mu Chen stared at Liu Mubai. A sunny smile emerged on his thin and handsome face as well. He extended his hand to shake with Liu Mubai. Then, he retracted it back. His eyes still showed calmness deep inside.

Liu Mubai was indeed outstanding and he also knew how to endure it silently. However, he was still inferior to the monsters within the Spiritual Road, who would smile harmonious for one moment and would not hesitate to kill in the next moment.

In the ring, the two of them shook hands. Although both of them had a smile, the ones that are sensitive were able to faintly feel a confrontation underneath this peacefulness.

“That Mu Chen…really is quite amazing. He actually did not retreat back in front of Brother Liu.”

Not far away, the West Branch Heaven Class Seniors watched the scene. They could not help but mutter this. Even without mentioning about Mu Chen’s strength, just by having the courage to stand against Liu Mubai was shocking enough.

“In the future, this person will rise up in our Northern Spiritual Academy Heaven Class. It will probably become livelier…”

Hong Ling rolled her black hair a bit. She stared at the boy standing in front of Liu Mubai in the ring. The boy’s slender body, handsome face and disposition was completely different than the lazy boy in the past. This gap entranced her slightly.

Without her knowing, the person that she neglected had actually become this outstanding.

After the matter about Liu Yang had calmed down, Principal announced the results of this Academy Competition on the spot. The East Branch naturally was in the center of attention. Mu Chen, Liu Yang, Tan Qingshan and the others Earth Class members that had advanced into the Spiritual Movement Stage successfully ascended to the Heaven Class.

Mu Chen watched as the Academy Competition ended and he stretched his waist. He was getting closer to the Five Great Academies. The grudge that he had not settled in the Spiritual Road, he will resolve it during the Five Great Academies.

Mu Chen lifted his head and stared at the blue sky. He let out a chuckle.

Ji Xuan…This time, let us have a good fight.

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