The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 43

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Compared to the three of them, whose spirits were trembling with excitement, Shen Yanxiao, who was standing to the side, had an ignorant look. A disorganized look could be seen in her eyes, and it looked as if she was lost in her own world. She simply wasn’t even listening to what Shen Feng had said, and among her 5 sensory organs’, that pair of delicate and glittering eyes of hers were simply wandering around, and weren’t fixed to the left or right in the least. From her body, one simply couldn’t see the her prudence towards this long journey, and it just looked like a confused and ignorant child that was being firmly dragged along within the army of troops.

This kind of Shen Yanxiao had created an extremely intense contrast as she stood beside the three of them.

This scene of three pretty and handsome youngsters who were in glowing spirits, that at their side, had this unprepossessed and muddleheaded ‘ugly duckling’ truly had people feeling that it was pretty funny.

Today, Shen Jiayi had intentionally only come out after applying make up. She then deliberately stood beside Shen Yanxiao. After already doing a meticulous make on Shen Jiayi’s pretty complexion, and under the support of Shen Yanxiao’s mediocre look, Shen Jiayi appeared to be more and more distinctly beautiful.

When the two of them stood side by side, the difference between them was like Heaven and Earth.

The complacent smile on the corner of Shen Jiayi’s mouth began to spread, because within this generation of the Vermillion Bird Clan, she and Shen Yanxiao were the only females. Therefore, without a doubt, Shen Yanxiao’s ugliness had supported Shen Jiayi’s beauty.

Even if Shen Jiayi was unable to contest for the Vermillion Bird, she still wanted to have this idiot properly eat a meal of suffering along the journey—she wanted to have Shen Yanxiao lose face before the sage, and have her proper revenge on Shen Yanxiao for the humiliation that she’d previously received!

“Yes.” The three of them respectfully answered.

This time, not only did it relate to whether the Vermillion Bird Clan could return to the peak, but it even more related to their future positions in the Vermilion Bird Clan. No matter who they were, no one would give up this kind of opportunity!

… …

The terrain of the lava valley was precisely like its name. It was located between the few high mountains, and there were ash-gray rocks everywhere that were leftover from being burnt. It was obviously a cool and refreshing autumn, but within the lava ravine, it was nevertheless incomparably hot. The heatwave that emerged prominently, was surging from the terrain. As far as the eye could see, within the entire valley, there wasn’t any vegetation. Distantly looking at it, it was like a route made of pitch black—a rift valley that had split open within the green forest.

There wasn’t even a single household that dwelled in the vicinity of the lava valley, because everyone from the Long Xuan Empire knew that near the lava valley, not even mentioning humans, even the jackals that were the least picky towards their habitats wouldn’t be willing to settle here. In this desolate place that also had torrid heat, only demonic beasts that were capable of making the people’s blood run cold would hide themselves within the rubble as they struggled on the verge of death.

Previously, the lava valley hadn’t existed at all. It had also been covered with a slice of green jade colour. However, after the Vermillion Bird had decided to settle here, all of the life had been burnt away by the blaze of the Vermillion Bird, leaving practically nothing behind. The vitality on this piece of soil had thoroughly faded away.

Apart from the Vermillion Bird Clan, where the clan would send their people every generation to check up on the circumstances of the Vermillion Bird that was lying dormant, there simply wasn’t anyone that would willingly visit this piece of dead land.

Even if it was the people of the Vermillion Bird Clan that had previously come by, every examination of theirs would definitely bring about an enormous loss. The high temperature of the lava valley had the people who had yet to reach rank 6 couldn’t stay here for a long time. Concealed within the darkness, were demonic beasts that were waiting for an opportunity to make their move. Therefore, every examination would often have a batch of people that died in the mouths of those savage demonic beast. However, even if it was like this, the Vermillion Bird Clan was still unwilling to give up this piece of ‘holy land’.

Seven to eight luxurious carriages unhurriedly entered into this piece of quiet valley. The carriage that was taking the lead clearly wanted to be distanced from the rear carriages. Speaking of it, it was also strange, because this place plainly had such a torrid heat, but around these few carriages there was a slight trace of a chill that was nevertheless emitted, as if they completely hadn’t felt the invasion and harassment of the high temperature.

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