The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 41

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How could Shen Yanxiao not have thought of the conjectures made by the likes of people such as Shen Yue.

However, as an outsider, what Shen Yanxiao was thinking of was nevertheless one layer deeper than Shen Yue.

If the intention was to not have the Vermillion Bird Clan lose face in front of the sage, then whether or not she, the ‘cushion at the bottom’, was to push out, some face would undoubtedly be lost.

If she wasn’t going, Shen Yifeng wouldn’t be courteous to those two brats, and it’d be an inevitable matter of them getting crushed by him. However, even if she were to go, with the image that she had in front of the people, she had neither the intelligence nor the the strength to even throw them out. Compared to those two brats, it’d be even worse.

Therefore, from the beginning Shen Yanxiao didn’t think that the purpose of Shen Feng having her push out would be as simple as it seemed.

‘No matter what the reason is, it’s an opportunity for you. There’s no need for you to be tangled with the root cause.’ Xiu’s voice was still as ice-cold as before, like snow. The way it seemed to him, was that there wasn’t any need to consider this kind of thing at all. No matter what Shen Feng’s goals were, as long as Shen Yanxiao had the opportunity to stand before the Vermillion Bird, it would be a golden opportunity bestowed by the heavens with regards to her.

Shen Yanxiao’s mouth twitched because Xiu’s bearing was as if the Vermillion Bird was still a thing that was within her purse. However, she herself didn’t have confidence towards this matter.

Just how long had she been in this world? Even the concept of regular magical beasts wasn’t completely clear. What’s more, it was a mythological animal that stood at the peak of the magical beast’s food chain.

“Only after being certain about this opportunity, will it be okay. Haven’t you heard what they’ve said? The Vermilion Bird has already been lying dormant for hundreds of years, and talented people from the Vermillion Bird Clan have came forth in large numbers—yet no one was able to obtain its good graces. Just with that tiny physique of mine as of now…” Self-confidence was one thing, but ignorance combined with self-confidence would only bring about one’s death. Although Shen Yanxiao was very confident towards herself, she was very prudent the entire time when she confronted the unknown.

This had been her habit until now, and it had allowed her to repeatedly succeed, and she wasn’t arrested by anyone. As a godly thief, it was one thing to have valiant skill, but it was also an essential thing to do assignments before making a move.

In regards to herself, the Vermillion Bird was just like a unique, 100 carat diamond. However, as of now, this diamond had been deposited in a dangerous place that she actually hadn’t even heard of.

There were a lot of good things, but it would only be a genuinely good thing when it was certain that one could get ahold of it.

‘It was merely a little bird.’ Xiu coldly snorted as he said, for he disapproved of Shen Yanxiao’s prudentness.

Here we go again…

Towards this certain great master, who had a rank 8 magical beast called as a ‘very small domestic animal’, and had a mythological animal called as a ‘little bird’… this should be considered to be a certain type of acknowledgement, right?

Shen Yanxiao dumbfoundedly gazed at the firmament. However, Xiu’s words gave rise to a certain feeling in her heart. Hesitatingly, she said, “Listening to the tone of your voice…are you possibly acquainted with the Vermillion Bird?”

Xiu’s voice completely lacked undulations as it carried on the same kind of aloof and remote tone as he spoke, “It still doesn’t deserve my recognition, I only remember its owner, that’s all.”

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes shone!

With regards to Xiu, her identity had been brimming with mystery all along. From the understanding that she had from the period of time with this great master, and according to Xiu’s haughty temper, since he’d said that he had recognised the master of the Vermillion Bird, then it would certainly be true that he had indeed recognised the master of the Vermillion Bird!

Thinking about it…

Just how old was this person? It’d already been a century since the Vermillion Bird had appeared in this world. Since Xiu had recognised the master of the Vermillion Bird, then it would certainly have been a matter that had occurred a century ago.

A century ago, Xiu was already born. Then, wouldn’t that make it so that his age as of now had already passed a hundred years old?!

Shen Yanxiao really didn’t want to believe that this rather conspicuous, cold, and young male voice would unexpectedly be sent out by an ‘old man’ whose age was more than a century! He obviously sounded like someone whose age, at most, would be slightly over 20 years old!

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