The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 31

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Qi Meng swept through a glance onto that plain and simple clothing that could no longer be any plainer and simpler that was on Shen Yanxiao’s body. In his heart, he couldn’t help but to be somewhat nervous. Although these luxury goods were objectively expensive, they weren’t worth much in the eyes of the Qilin Auction House.

However when quantity was turned into quality, that pile of luxury goods which at the very least consisted of hundreds of them before his eyes was sufficient to achieve an astonishing figure.

Just where did this little demon had gotten these goods from?

In Qi Meng’s thoughts, there was some suspicions but he too had not reveal it out for the Qilin Auction House would never get involved with the history of the entrusted goods. Moreover, previously, he had also seen before many customers that had brought in treasures and they were dressed extremely plain and simple as for most of the time, it was to for the purpose of fooling others.

“That’s all. Have a look and see whether they are suitable or not.” Shen Yanxiao could not grasp accurately on the system of values of this world and also did not know of the standards of the QIlin Auction House. Therefore, she could only wait quietly for Qi Meng to appraise. If the Qilin Auction House truly would not take over these goods, then she reckoned that she could only send them in little batches to other auction houses. Moreover, in order to avoid the Vermillion Bird clan’s attention, she had to be more careful. Thus, not only would the speed in accumulating wealth distinctly drop but it could also lead to more inconveniences.

Qi Meng nodded his head then calling out for a few golden tool appraising masters and precious stones appraising masters to enter and conducting appraisals on this pile of precious stones before his eyes.

As expected, each and everyone of those precious stones and golden tools were at an exceedingly top notch quality and as for these grade of quality of treasure, Qi Meng could have only seen them inside his own clan, the Qilin clan.

It was just that…

“The value of these things were extremely precious and it was just that… these few pieces of precious stones had some abrasion. It appeared as if it was not a finished product on its own but rather more of a portion of finished goods.” The precious stone appraising master said as the hand of his was holding onto a few pieces of thumb sized precious stones.

In looking at that few pieces of precious stones that were in the hands of the precious stones appraising master, Shen Yanxiao was silently recalling back the scene where she herself at that time had them ripped off from Shen Jing’s jewelry box.

“So, could these things be auctioned out at here or not?” These kind of insignificant details were nevertheless better to be directly overlooked for what she had cared more about for was that whether the QIlin Auction House was going to take over these goods of hers or not.

Being the person in charge of the Qilin Auction House, Qi Meng could naturally make an accurate estimate on the worth of this batch of goods.

Based on the standards only, this batch of goods could only be barely enough to reach the ‘dispensable’ standards of the Qilin Auction House. However, what he had truly cared about was the power behind the back of this little youngster.

To be able to take out that many of luxury goods at one time was absolutely not what an ordinary people could have been able to do it in general.

After weighing the pros and cons, Qi Meng smiled as he said, “They are okay. If this customer has the time, as of now, we could go and sign the agreement right away. We would have this batch of goods arranged to be auctioned off as soon as possible.”

“Very well.” Shen Yanxiao nodded her head.

It had to be said that the Qilin Auction House did handle their works quite efficiently. Not even after a moment, Qi Meng and Shen Yanxiao had signed the agreement. The details of the agreement were awfully simple which were that the Qilin Auction House would be in charge in auctioning the goods that Shen Yanxiao had entrusted them to and after auctioning off the goods, the Qilin Auction House would receive 10% of the profits and the rest of the profits would be given to the Shen Yanxiao.

After signing the agreement, Shen Yanxiao simply did not plan to straightforwardly collect the expense that she would get after auction but rather to have a discussion with Qi Meng on whether it was possible or not to borrow from the Qilin Auction House from the gains that she would get from the auction later to buy a certain amount of inferior crystallic nuclei.

“Are you sure that you want to have all of your money converted into crystallic nuclei? According to the current assessment, if the total amount of money after having that batch of goods auctioned off was to be converted to inferior crystallic nuclei, it was very likely that it had to be counted in thousands.” Qi Meng couldn’t help but to remind this little customer that having the entire money to purchase the inferior crystallic nuclei in one time would result in a tremendous amount of them. Moreover, the usage of the crystallic nuclei was simply not huge at all and therefore, it was very rare to have people buying them in a big batch.

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