The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 29

Chapter 29 Qilin Auction House Part 2

Changing something rotten to magical was truly a fitting way in describing Qi Xia’s means in trading and also because of Qi Xia’s extremely strong capability, the current head of the Qilin clan had only therefore stood his ground against the opinion of the masses to make an exception that would have set Qi Xia as the heir in advance.

In facing the future clan head, Qi Meng did not dare to have the slightest bit of indifference for those little tricks of his was simply a child’s play in Qi Xia’s eyes.

Like a noble cat, Qi Xia smirked with that lazy smile of his, blossoming at the edge of lips.

“To be able to make a contact with the people from the Feng Qi City could only be considered to be barely good enough.” In having no intention to deliberately make things too hard for Qi Meng, Qi Xia waved his hands and left him off a hook.

Among all of the auction houses that were within the imperial capital, the Qilin Auction House had occupied a huge amount of the market shares. This was because apart from the prestige of the Qilin clan, much more of it was due to the fact that most of the goods that were sold at the Qilin Auction House were goods that were extremely hard to show up in other auction houses. Within the Long Xuan Empire, everyone all knew that all of the best goods had to be brought to the QIlin Auction House because not only was the gold commissioned comparatively lowered but also because the Qilin clan had extremely wide connections. So, those entrusted goods that were auctioned could absolutely be sold at a price that far exceeded one’s expectations.

“Many thanks for third young master’s ‘flattering’.” Qi Meng swallowed his saliva. Although he was confronting a juvenile that was only sixteen years old, the oppression that Qi Xia had given to him didn’t pale in comparison to the oppression given off by the current clan head of the Qilin Clan

The sound of a door knocking had broken off the feeling of oppression that was suffocating Qi Meng.

“Come in.” Qi Xia said.

The attendant of the auction house had came in after those words. He then respectfully said, “Reporting to the third young master, a little customer had came saying that there was a batch of goods that would be entrusted to us to be auctioned off.”

“A little customer?” Qi Xia slightly raised his eyes. In smiling, he said, “Since it is a customer, might as well bring the customer in.”

“Third young master…” Qi Meng was startled for it couldn’t have been that the third young master would personally prepare himself to receive this person?

Qi Xia gave a quick glance at Qi Meng and Qi Meng then didn’t dare to say anything anymore.


Shen Yanxiao stood at the entrance of the Qilin Auction House. In seeing the rear view of the attendant leaving, Shen Yanxiao was subconsciously touching that little face of hers that had changed beyond recognition.

The result of the low level face changing medicine was pretty good. Although the effectiveness was shortened by that bit for that given period of time, it was just enough to conform to her requirement for the three hours were enough for her to have those goods delegated. If there was even more effectiveness for a given period of time, she truly would not know how she would carry that kind of face back to the Vermillion Bird clan.

The present Shen Yanxiao’s facial appearance was slightly better when compared to her original unprepossessing look. Not only was the skin slightly fairer, even the five sense of organs of hers too had a variation that was not small. On a whole, although she could not be considered as to be too beautiful, she still could be considered to be delicate and pretty. Then, adding on with the man’s cloth that she had meticulously put on, it would seem like she would resemble of an average joe. However, in order to fool the people, Shen Yanxiao had thoroughly added a piece of ‘heightening pad’ in her little boots and this kind of things that were only invented out during the civilised society which was pretty useful in this world. [TLN: Basically heightening pad is something like insoles]

As of now, not only had she altered the appearance and the gender, even the height of hers was too given a little bit of change. It was reckoned that even if Shen Siyu who was the closed to her was to past by her side, he too would not be able to any bit of clues.

After a few moments, the attendant that had previously went to inform had returned then inviting her to enter the rear hall of the auction house to discuss on the specific matters.

Shen Yanxiao followed after the attendant in proceeding towards the rear hall. Along the way, her eyes had incessantly swept past those attendants that were coming back and forth where the flickering vision of hers had swept past every single one item that was waiting to be auctioned which were delivered by the attendants to the front hall.

That feeling off seeing but not touching had made Shen Yanxiao who had critical occupational disease made her hands itchy.

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