The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 286

Chapter 286 – Ye Qing’s Invitation (3)

Nowadays, it was hard to find a gifted and righteous person in the younger generation. In the past, when people heard about a Master Pharmacist, who would not go so they could fawn and curry favor to them? When had there been a person who had the courage to reject a Master Pharmacist?

Shen Yanxiao’s act of refusing Pu Lisi’s invitation actually made Ye Qing look at this student in a favorable light.

A person who always succumbed to people wouldn’t be able to reach the pinnacle of their career path. To reach the peak, one must abandon secular thoughts and devote themselves in surpassing other people’s achievement.

You wouldn’t be able to succeed if you weren’t obsessed with it.

“Today, I still have some important business to deal with. For now, you can return. But, report back here early in the morning tomorrow.” Ye Qing was very satisfied with his apprentice, so his mood was very good.

“Understood.” Shen Yanxiao found this pharmacist teacher very pleasing to the eyes, making her mood better.

Meanwhile, Pu Lisi, whom had been rejected by Shen Yanxiao and had his disciple stolen by Ye Qing, was at his worst mood that he could possibly be.

Shen Yanxiao repeatedly smeared his pride, so he had already planned to find Ouyang Huanyu after Shen Yanxiao left and request him to drive away this ungrateful student out of the Holy Roland School. But, who would have thought that things would take a new turn, and Shen Yanxiao would become Ye Qing’s disciple? Even if he had a lot of courage, he wouldn’t dare to blatantly find trouble for Shen Yanxiao now.

“Pu Lisi, come with me. I called all the other Master Pharmacists over because there are some things that we need to discuss.” After Ye Qing arranged the matters with Shen Yanxiao, he immediately looked for Pu Lisi to discuss some things.

Pu Lisi secretly gritted his teeth, but he didn’t dare to expose a hint of dissatisfaction on the surface.

He could only silently follow behind Ye Qing and left the room, while within his heart was filled with hatred towards Shen Yanxiao to the point that it even made his teeth itch.

Shangguan Xiao, who was also in the room, embarrassingly looked at Shen Yanxiao.

Ten minutes ago, he was not only the most high-profile student in the Pharmaceutical Branch, but he was also the most promising student. However, after Ye Qing’s invitation to Shen Yanxiao, his position was somehow shaken.

Unfortunately, the other two people in the room didn’t care about his feelings.

When Ye Qing and Pu Lisi left, Luo De slapped Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder with a face that was filled with joy.

“Good boy, you actually managed to get into Master Ye Qing’s eyes, your future would be boundless someday.” This was better than his own expectations. Luo De was really happy for Shen Yanxiao.

Shen Yanxiao touched her nose, and then she looked at his face and said: “It’s all thanks to Mentor Luo De.” Her heart was very grateful towards Luo De.

“No need to thank me. Later on, when you’re in Master Ye Qing’s side, you must study hard. Then one day, you will be able make a world of your own in the Long Xuan empire.” Luo De was very optimistic about Shen Yanxiao’s future. Whether it was her talent or Ye Qing’s guidance, both were extremely rare.

Shen Yanxiao smiled and didn’t say anything anymore.

Studying hard was inevitable, even if it wasn’t for her own good, there was still Yun Qi.

It was just that her weekdays schedule would be more pack. All the time of each days would be fully used. In order to allow her Pharmaceutical, Archers, and Warlock – this three branches to go hand in hand, she couldn’t leave a single one.

The road ahead was long. Shen Yanxiao could only sigh unceasingly.

However, she knew that if she wanted to let herself become stronger, she just had to pay more attention than the others.

There wasn’t any free lunch in this world.

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