The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2668 - sacrifice (1)

Chapter 2668: sacrifice (1)

Nangong Mengmeng stood up, trembling, and quietly looked at the kind Yun Qi. Shen Yanxiao

often went on journeys without returning for many years. Although Nangong Mengmeng regarded

Shen Yanxiao as her master, it was Yun Qi who had really taught her a lot of things.

Now, she could only watch the kind old man consuming his life against the demon beasts. At this

moment, Nangong Mengmeng hated her own powerlessness.

“l will not disgrace the reputation of both master and grandmaster.” Nangong Mengmeng said,

choking with emotions. The despair in her eyes gradually subsided and was instead replaced by an

unprecedented firmness.

Nangong Mengmeng turned around and rushed outside.

She was a disciple of Shen Yanxiao and a Summoner taught by Yun Qi. She must not humiliate her

master and grandmaster in this battle.

In the fierce battlefield, a slim figure stayed outside the city gate. She bit through her fingertip and

drew a huge summoning array on the parched earth with her own blood.

Nangong Mengmeng might not know what forbidden technique Yun Qi used, but she knew very

well what she wanted to do.

Even if she could not summon a phantom beast like the Lava Overlord, she would at least do her

best to summon a phantom beast.

After she finished drawing the summoning array, Nangong Mengmeng knelt on her knees and held

her hands on the ground. Big beans of tears rolled from her eyes, and a heart-wrenching voice was

squeezed out of her dry throat.

“Whoever it is, please save master… Save the Barren Land… You can take my life in exchange.

Anyone… Just please save them…” The once naive girl had already changed. The bloody battle in

front of her made her soul tremble.

The summoning array sent out a circle of light which gradually expanded. Nangong Mengmeng

opened her eyes wide and prayed for the arrival of the phantom beast.

Even though she was now a Summoner, because of her limited strength, she had not been able to

summon powerful phantom beasts. Up to now, she had only summoned intermediate phantom

beasts. But, in such a battle, the existence of an intermediate phantom beast was just like a drop in

the ocean.

Nangong Mengmeng had never been so helpless as she was now. She hated her own weakness

and incompetence.

Her master was fighting a bloody battle, and her grandmaster was fighting with his life. What could

she do to help them?

A black shadow gradually formed in the circle of light.

A trace of despair floated in Nangong Mengmeng’s eyes.

The shadow was very small and was no different from any ordinary magical beast.

A sense of hopelessness ran through her whole body.

In the end, she still could not summon a powerful phantom beast, huh?

“Ignorant human being, did you call me to this world?” A mocking voice came from the shadow.

Along with the unfriendly voice, a dark lion-shaped phantom beast emerged from the circle of light.

Nangong Mengmeng looked at the phantom beast in front of her in surprise. She could not tell the

level of the phantom beast at all. She had never seen nor heard of this kind of situation before.

“l smell the scent of despair, which seems to come from you.” The black lion slowly landed on the

ground and started walking around Nangong Mengmeng, who sat down in the summoning array.

“It’s not you that I want! You won’t do… ” Nangong Mengmeng sat pale on the ground, despair

shrouded in her heart.

She needed strength. Formidable strength. This phantom beast was not the result she wanted.

The black lion frowned and glared at the girl in front of him. The girl’s contemptuous attitude made

it very dissatisfied.

“Human, who do you think you are talking to!”

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