The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 259

Chapter 259 – Rank Eight Archer (3)

Shen Yanxiao smiled and walked forward; she doesn’t have the time to accompany this little brat and disturb everyone else.

Standing before the tall stone, Shen Yanxiao’s slender fingers slowly lifted. She slowly spread her palms on the testing stone.

Shen Jiawei was tightly staring at the testing stone, wanting to see how far had this brat achieved in his cultivation.

However, at the moment the testing stone produced a change, Shen Jiawei’s chin hit the ground with a bang sound.

[TL Sky: This is just figurative and not literally. This means that his face currently is…*see the T/L note below.]

The lofty testing stone didn’t emit the same white dou qi, but instead, the stone exuded a shiny red halo.

Red dou qi, that was the symbol of being an Archer!

Shen Jiawei had never thought that this guy who’s younger than him had actually broken through to rank 6 and was now an Archer.

How old was he? Thirteen? Or fourteen years old?

At this young age, he had actually became an Archer!

Shen Jiawei’s expression became distorted, remembering what he had thought about just a moment ago made him feel very embarrassed.

To turn into an Archer, one must at least have the strength of a rank 6 in dou qi. He was still currently in the fifth rank and still needed at least another year to breakthrough to the sixth rank.

He actually wanted to cause trouble to an Archer? This was simply a joke.

The red glow didn’t stop spreading. After the first layer of red light had stabilized, the outer layer of the red halo increased once again.

After choosing a profession, each layer of halo represented the rank of their strength in the chosen profession.

The layers of red light rapidly increased, as if it was never-ending.

The entire practice field became dead silent. Every students had their eyes locked at the dazzling red light.

One layer… Two layers… Three… Four…

As the layer of halo increased, all the surrounding people sucked in a cold breath. Even Fang Xi was on the verge of collapsing when he saw that there was six layers of halo atop the stone.

Six layers of halo, that represented a rank 6 Archer.

An Archer in the sixth rank had already exceeded the level of Probationary Archers and most of Primary Archers, and could almost become an Intermediate Archer in any moment.

A thirteen-year-old Intermediate Archer!!!

Fang Xi felt that he was just dreaming!

However, the dazzling red light that seemed to stop at the sixth layer had actually continued to increase. When the seventh layer of halo began to bloom, at that moment, Fang Xi felt like he was going crazy.

Eventually, the red glow had finally formed eight layers of halo, and only then did it stop spreading out.

But even so, everyone present had been stupefied by the sight of everything.

Rank 8 Archer. It was only one step away from the level of the Senior Archers!

[Guide Sky: Check the cultivation chart.]

Who knew when would this little guy before them be promoted from Intermediate level to Senior Archer.

Senior Archer…

A lot of mentors in the entire Dou Qi Branch were only at the level of Advanced Archer, they’re afraid that it wouldn’t be long before this little demon surpassed his mentors!

Even more frightening was that she was still young.

Fang Xi was completely astonished. It took him a long time before he could recover. Yet, there were still traces of shock in his eyes as he looked tightly at Shen Yanxiao’s figure.

This kid was not a genius, she was simply an aberrant being!

13-year-old Intermediate Archer… if this information would spread out, it was feared that it would scare a lot of people.

At the side, Shen Jiawei’s face was very unsightly, completely different from his original proud look. His self-confidence was crushed into a dust of powder upon seeing the eight layers of red halo formed above the stone.

Just a moment ago, he felt proud of his own strength, yet it all disappeared seeing that this person who’s younger than him was already a rank 8 Archer. This talent, even the known genius of Vermillion Bird Clan’s younger generation -Shen Yifeng, couldn’t be compared.

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