The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady

Chapter 2537 - The Godhood’s Choice (4

Chapter 2537: The Godhood’s Choice (4

After accepting the fact that he had been chosen by the Moon God, Yan Yu relaxed himself; feeling Yan

Yu’s acceptance, the Moon God sent out a light to cover him.

In the hazy light, Yan Yu could vaguely see a woman wearing a long white dress and holding a silver sta

sitting under the moonlight, smiling at him.

Tang Nazhi watched Yan Yu accept the Moon God’s choice and laughed.

There would be plenty of opportunities to tease Yan Yu in the future.

“Nazhi, are you really ne with laughing so wretchedly like that?” Shen Yanxiao looked at Tang Nazhi with

a face of elation and sighed helplessly. This guy was really not capable of hiding anything.

“Haha, what’s wrong with it? He can’t hear me right now, anyways.” With Yang Xi’s example before, Tang

Nazhi already knew that while a godhood was being introduced to its inheritor, they would be completely

isolated from the outside world. He was just laughing, but even if he were to jump up in front of Yan Yu

and shout at him, calling him a girl, Yan Yu wouldn’t hear him.

“Before you laugh at him, you’d better rst deal with your own problem.” Shen Yanxiao raised her brow


Before Tang Nazhi realized what was going on, a ray of light hit him directly in the face, and before he

could even scream, he was shrouded in a cloud of light and became the third inheritor chosen by a


“That’s… exceptionally brutal.” Qi Xia watched the light that quickly wrapped Tang Nazhi from the side. He

inwardly sighed that even the God Race had such a “bold and unrestrained” character. It didn’t even say

hello ,or give its inheritor any time to react as it charged to him directly. It was really quite brutal.

Shen Yanxiao was also a little shocked. The godhood that chose Tang Nazhi obviously had a completely

dierent personality than the ones that had chosen Yang Xi and Yan Yu. The Thunder God and the Moon

God both stayed in front of their inheritors rst, making them realize that they had been selected before

they slowly waited for their inheritors to accept their choice. However, the godhood that selected Tang

Nazhi was just great. Regardless of whether Tang Nazhi accepted it or not, he directly went up to carry out

the selection!

This temperament was really similar to Tang Nazhi.

“Xiu, whose godhood is that?” Shen Yanxiao looked up at Xiu and asked.

Was such a ery character really something the God Race should have?

“Fire God.” Xiu lightly answered.

The corners of Shen Siyu’s mouth lifted up as he glanced at the Dragon God nearby. “The Fire God is the

most, or second most, impetuous god in the Sky City. The Fire God and Dragon God can be said to be the

strangest existences in the Sky City.”

The character of the gods was mostly cold and cheerless. There were so few like the Dragon God. The only

one who could match the Dragon God’s energy was the one in charge of the power of re. Shortly after

the Dragon God entered the Sky City, these two unreliable superior gods, who shared similar

temperaments, fought a vigorous match in the Sky City. This was also the root of the Dragon God’s

addiction to challenge superior gods in a ght.

Unfortunately, the Fire God had been a god for a long time. After the ght with the Dragon God, he was

summoned by the Lord God and given a full education once again. Since then, he had never moved his

hands against the Dragon God and continued to act as his superior.

About this matter, the Dragon God was very regretful.

If the Fire God had not been educated by the Lord God, perhaps they would have become a good pair of

companions sweeping the Sky City, and he would not have been tricked into nding the War God by the

two-faced Light God because of the “unbearable loneliness”.

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