The Good-for-Nothing Seventh Miss

Chapter 34 - Crazy and Ridiculous (1)

Chapter 34: Crazy and Ridiculous (1)

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If she wanted to satisfy Xiu’s appetite, then she would need to ‘hunt’ outside of her’ nest.’ The Vermilion Bird Family had tightened their security after the last incident. Even though the strength of the guards was as mighty as a drifting clouds, Shen Yanxiao could not determine if Shen Feng would take drastic actions had she continued to loot from them. After all, the sage would arrive soon, and they couldn’t afford any more disasters.

However, other than the Vermilion Bird Family, where else could she get a considerable amount of wealth quickly?

Suddenly, a fantastic idea flashed across her mind.

In the entire capital, who else were comparable to the Vermilion Bird Family if not the other four great aristocratic families?

A wicked smile quirked on her lips. With that smile, the Azure Dragon Family was the first to get hit and then followed by the other families. All of them eventually met the same fate as the Vermilion Bird Family.

It was a continued miserable period for the five great aristocratic families. After the Vermilion Bird Family were first looted, the Azure Dragon Family, the White Tiger Family, and the Black Tortoise Family then consecutively suffered at the hands of a heartless little thief. Fortunately for the Qilin Family, they were the only aristocratic family that was spared from that fate.

Like the Vermilion Bird Family, the three aristocratic families also decided to keep their mouths shut about the theft because they wanted to protect their families’ dignity and reputation. Except for the members within their own family, no one else knew about the losses that they had suffered at the hands of a thief.

Naturally, that meant that the victims thought that they were the only unlucky family whose wealth was plundered. To avoid a scandal and to protect their prestige, they could only suffer in silence. There was no visible turmoil on the surface, but they had dispatched troops to track their stolen items discreetly.

Eventually, all of the investigations led to one of the five great families, the Qilin Family’s Auction House.

If only the four other families would gather and hold a discussion calmly, they would then discover the similarities between the thefts.

All that was stolen were precious goldware and jewels. Even though the items were very valuable, it did not cause any damage to the victims. All of their rare treasures were safely kept in the storehouse and were not even slightly moved.

However, after the string of robberies, the four aristocratic families were as anxious as a bird startled by the mere twang of a bow, and they increased the security at their storehouse to threefold.

The little thief could have only tested the waters, and he might not be so lenient next time. All the things that they had in the storehouse were very valuable, and they would most probably vomit blood if they were to lose even one of those items.

During that period, the four families lived in fear and apprehension. However, the little thief seemed to have disappeared and did not bother them again.

At the same time, Qi Meng of the Qilin Auction House had received another batch of luxury items from Shen Yanxiao.

As he looked at the goldware and jewels that piled like a small mountain, Qi Meng had an urge to weep. The number of items that the customer had sent them was almost equivalent to what the Qilin Family possessed. When the customer sent the luxury items in waves, Qi Meng honestly wanted to take his hands and beg for him to bring other items instead. If they continued to sell luxury items, then everyone in the capital might assume that their Qilin Auction changed their standard to auction luxury items instead.

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