The Glorious Summoner

Chapter 1138 - Chapter 1138: The Avatar of a God

Chapter 1138: The Avatar of a God

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” After passing through the undersea mountain range in front of us, there will be a bottomless cave under the extremely deep oceanic trench more than 2,000 miles away. That’s where the Flood Dragon God Cave is located. Once you reach there, as long as you have the Flood Dragon God Scales on you, you will be sucked into the cave!””


After more than twenty days, Xia Pingan and Mi Luo finally arrived at the border of the Flood Dragon God Cave on the huge fish.

In the blink of an eye, they can fly far away. Wherever they pass, they only bring a trace of surging water waves. Those scenes in the sea are also left behind in the blink of an eye.

This sea area was extremely dangerous. The waves on the surface of the sea were monstrous, and lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Within ten thousand miles of the seabed, there was not even a single blade of grass. Not even a single shrimp could be seen. The underwater mountain range that Mi Luo mentioned was also made of strange rocks. The gray-black peaks were as sharp as the teeth of monsters, and they were filled with a murderous aura.

During the twenty-odd days of traveling, Xia Ping ‘an had seen a lot of the magnificent and magical scenery under the Sea Domain of the Returning Ruins. However, this was the first time he had encountered such a dangerous place.

“The people in front of us have already been in the Flood Dragon God Cave for more than 20 days, right? I wonder if we’re considered late?”Xia Ping ‘an said. He had also entered the Dragon God Cave last time, so he wondered what was going on inside.”

He had been with Mi Luo for almost a month. The two of them sat together and occasionally chatted, talking about what they had seen and heard, and discussing cultivation. It was as if they were traveling under the sea. Unknowingly, the two of them had become familiar with each other and became less distant. It had to be said that it was indeed very pleasant to be with a beautiful woman like Mi Luo. Xia Ping ‘an’s knowledge and knowledge had also benefited Mi Luo greatly.

“Don’t worry, everyone who enters the Serpent God Cave has their own opportunities. It’s not like the earlier you enter, the more you can get. No one can snatch your opportunities away. The Serpent God Cave is unpredictable, like a maze with endless changes.”Mi Luo’s face revealed a trace of recollection.” 1 feel like the Flood Dragon God Cave is the combination of countless fallen god country fragments. Every time I enter, I have a different feeling!”

“A maze with endless changes…The fragments of the fallen god’s divine kingdom are stacked and fused…” Xia Ping ‘an muttered to himself as a thoughtful expression appeared on his face. After hearing Mi Luo’s words, he understood a little. It seemed like this Flood Dragon God Cave was really a magical place. He had come here to see if he had gained anything.

Xia Ping ‘an wanted to say something, but his expression suddenly changed. Without thinking, he grabbed Mi Luo’s arm and disappeared from the back of the fish.

Thousands of black lights descended from the sky like countless huge black lightning bolts, covering the entire sea area with a radius of 100 miles. Like a huge cage, the moment the flying fish touched the black light, they were disintegrated into dust floating in the water before they could even make a sound. The mountains on the ground also turned into dust in an instant when they touched the black light.

The most frightening thing was that when the black light destroyed everything within a hundred miles, it was silent and did not make a scene. Instead, it was silent and terrifying.

When the black light dissipated, Xia Ping ‘an’s figure reappeared. He was already 20,000 meters away in the sea, looking coldly into the distance.

Above the sea where the black light had appeared, a black vortex was spinning and condensing in the sea. A towering figure slowly walked out from the gap, looking at Xia Pingan and Mi Luo with a cold smile.

He wore a black cloak, and his entire body was covered with a layer of dark green hard cuticular skin. On his head, there were two huge horns, blood-red eyes, a golden red retina, and a pair of wings covered with strange blood-red runes. Behind his head, there were nine blood-red holy halos–

With the appearance of this figure, the powerful pressure of a Rank Nine God Venerable Realm expert spread throughout the entire sea region. Fortunately, there were no other living beings in this sea region. If there were other living beings, the pressure would be enough to cause many living beings to explode.

” As expected of someone who can enter the Investiture of the Gods. Your Divine Spirit Skills have already been cultivated to the realm of Mind Sense. Back then, you killed a Rank Six Revered God of mine at Fu ‘an Mountain. Today, you can actually avoid the Darkness Cage of my Rank Nine Revered God clone. However, your luck ends here because today, all of you will die…” The figure that appeared looked at Xia Pingan and Mi Luo. The cold and murderous words appeared in Xia Pingan and Mi Luo’s consciousness.

“Are you the clone of the God of Black Feathers under the command of the Demon God?”Xia Ping ‘an narrowed his eyes as he sized up the demon Supreme God Realm expert who had appeared. His tone was calm, neither shocked nor angry. If this was the first time he had encountered it, Xia Ping ‘an would have been shocked. However, after seeing that a god avatar could be destroyed in Fu’ an Mountain, Xia Ping ‘an was no longer surprised by this so-called god avatar.

” Brat, leave your last words. There aren’t many people who are worthy of me using my Rank Nine God Venerable Avatar. You are one of them. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for going against the Devil Race…” The clone of the God of Black Feathers said coldly.

Xia Ping ‘an glanced at Mi Luo.” This has nothing to do with her. Let her go!”

“Did the famous Phoenix Demon Empress from 1,800 years ago also change her name to Mi Luo when she arrived in this Spirit Wilderness Mystic Realm?”The clone of the God of Black Feathers fixed his eyes on Mi Luo, and his killing intent doubled in an instant. The aura behind him started to spread in this sea area like an erupting super volcano.” Back then, in the Flying Dragon Galaxy, the Mogan Nebula, the Thousand Emerald Secret Area, and other worlds, you killed 14.8 Godly Venerable Rank experts under the command of the Lord Demon God and countless Demigods of the Destruction Devil. You also destroyed and plundered the divine kingdoms and treasuries of 297 Demigods under the Lord Demon God. You don’t think I’ll let you off, do you?”

When Xia Pingan heard this, he looked at AAi Luo in surprise. He didn’t expect Mi Luo to have such a ‘glorious’ past. Damn it, this woman had actually destroyed and plundered the national treasury of two to three hundred divine kingdoms under the ruling demon god. Mi Luo wasn’t flustered at all. She actually smiled shyly at Xia Pingan, then seductively stroked the hair by her temples and said coquettishly,” Aiya, who still remembers what happened back then? Let the past be the past.” Didn’t I just kill some trash under your Demon God? Who asked those people to always like to bully beautiful girls like me? My name is Mi Luo now. Isn’t it too impolite to mention my age in front of an unmarried girl?”

“Neither of you will be able to escape today. I am thinking that it would be too boring to just kill the both of you like this…” The clone of the God of Black Feathers looked at Xia Pingan and Mi Luo cruelly, revealing a hideous smile and two rows of sharp teeth.” If I keep you two in my divine prison and cut off your organs bit by bit every day to drink, you will devour each other. It will be more interesting for hundreds of years!”

“If the true body of the God of Black Feathers were to stand in front of me and say such words, I would be a little afraid! “Mi Luo was still smiling, but her eyes gradually turned cold, and the light in her eyes grew brighter.” You’re just a clone. Although you’re the strongest clone, a Rank Nine Divine Spirit clone that doesn’t have a Natal Divine Weapon and can’t fight against a higher realm, how strong can you be? I haven’t killed a Rank Nine Divine Spirit clone yet. Today, I’ll try it out on you!””

After Mi Luo finished speaking, a black zither with a phoenix-shaped head suddenly appeared in her hand. The zither was filled with a terrifying aura of the Great Path. Compared to Du Yunji’s natal divine weapon, the aura of this black zither was more than one level stronger.

Mi Luo lightly flicked a string of the zither, and a crack appeared in the space where the clone of the God of Black Feathers was. It was as if an invisible divine weapon had split the space in the middle. The crack extended to the clone of the God of Black Feathers. Countless golden lightning bolts exploded, creating a terrifying rumble. The clone of the God of Black Feathers was knocked back thousands of meters, and the black fog on his body was scattered.

“Kill…” Xia Ping ‘an didn’t stay idle either. The moment Mi Luo attacked, Xia Ping’ an had already leaped up. With a furious roar, he punched at the clone of the God of Black Feathers. This punch shook the entire sea area within a radius of a thousand miles. The power of the sea water was completely mobilized by this punch, forming a violent tsunami. It gathered at a single point and exploded violently.

Compared to the bloody battle with Du Yunji that day, the power of Xia Ping ‘an’s punch had increased by a large margin.

“Boom…” The black mist on the body of the God of Black Feathers ‘clone was blown away.

“Roar, die…” The avatar of the God of Black Feathers roared in rage. Then, a sharp black shock wave blasted towards Xia Pingan. As soon as Xia Pingan came into contact with it, he was sent flying thousands of meters away. The blood in his chest churned, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. However, in the blink of an eye, a chill rose in Xia Pingan’s chest. The churning blood in his chest calmed down, and there was no longer any obstruction.

Good heavens, was this the power of a Ninth Level Hierarch? Compared to a Seventh Level Hierarch, he was two whole levels stronger. As expected, an Eighth Level Hierarch could not be compared to him. If it was an ordinary Eighth Level Hierarch, Xia Ping ‘an would not put him in his eyes at all. However, it was a completely different matter if he was one level higher than that.

Another black shockwave blasted toward Mi Luo. Mi Luo’s entire body disappeared into thin air, causing the attack of the clone of God of Black Feather to miss.

In the next second, Mi Luo’s zither music sounded. The seawater within a thousand miles suddenly boiled and turned into billions of sea beasts. They densely pounced on the clone of the God of Black Feathers.

At the same time, Xia Pingan felt that Mi Luo had appeared beside him and grabbed his hand. All of a sudden, she was pulled by an indescribable mysterious force to complete a spatial jump. In the blink of an eye, she had leaped hundreds of miles away and left the battlefield.

“Don’t fight him head-on. The divine body of the Rank-9 divine spirit clone has already reached completion. Let’s enter the Flood Dragon God Cave first…” Mi Luo’s voice reached Xia Ping ‘an’s ears.

“You want to run…” The angry roar of the God of Black Feathers ‘clone suddenly appeared in Xia Ping’ an’s consciousness. The tens of thousands of sea beasts in the sea behind him were instantly shattered, and violent spatial fluctuations came from behind him.

“Stop him for a moment…” Mi Luo’s voice and the sound of the zither sounded at the same time. Xia Pingan didn’t say anything and threw a huge formation disk that was flashing with blue light behind him.

In the next second, the sea area suddenly darkened. The countless seawater in the sea had already churned and turned into countless steel barriers. They spun and instantly isolated the spatial fluctuations behind them.

The formation plate only managed to block the clone of the God of Black Feathers for a few breaths before it shattered. Meanwhile, the zither strings in Mi Luo’s hands had already rung three times in the span of a few breaths. The distance of over a thousand miles had been crossed in the blink of an eye…

The zither string rang out for the fourth time, and the Flood Dragon God Cave appeared in Xia Pingan’s vision. However, at the same time, a mountain-like sharp claw appeared. It pierced through the void, bringing with it endless flames and black fog. With a terrifying might, it grabbed at the two of them. As it grabbed out, Xia Pingan felt as if time around him had stopped. The Flood Dragon God Cave that could already be seen was actually pulling away from him. Even space itself had changed. This was the true terrifying aspect of a Rank Nine Revered God.

At the crucial moment, Xia Pingan roared and pushed Mi Luo towards the Dragon God Cave. He then rushed towards the huge claw fearlessly and punched out again. At the same time, the shadow of an emperor appeared behind Xia Pingan. A huge sword light fell from the sky and cut through the entire sea area within a thousand miles. As Xia Pingan punched out, it merged into one and killed the huge claw.

The terrifying darkness and intense pain vanished.. In the midst of it, Xia Pingan heard the sound of the zither playing in his ears again…

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