The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 829 - Righteous and Evil

Chapter 829: Righteous and Evil

Ghost quickly came to her senses and unleashed her Phantom Dancer. A purple energy cannonball shot out at both of Chen Feng’s accomplices, leaving them wounded on the ground.

Xiao Luo withdrew his gaze from the two culprits and cast it at Chen Feng. With a chilling laugh, he said, “The Lunar Armor is mine, and your life… is also mine!”

“You… you dare? If you kill me, the Snow Mountain Faction will haunt you for the rest of your life! Can… can you withstand the wrath of the entire Snow Mountain Faction?” Chen Feng shouted frantically. He panicked and was rambling away, even resorting to the use of his Clan as his last means of refuge.

“Snow Mountain Faction? I have never heard of it before!”

Xiao Luo showed little concern for Chen Feng’s empty threats. He raised his right foot and stomped on Chen Feng’s head.


Underneath his foot, the skull appeared fragile and shattered like an eggshell in a fraction of a second. Chen Feng’s head looked just like a squashed watermelon, with fluids and tissues of red and white splattered all over the ground. It was an extremely bloody and gruesome sight.

Everyone who surrounded them held their breaths in horror. In their minds, Xiao Luo did not differ from a vicious demon.

Chen Feng’s accomplices turned pale in fright and several even wet themselves. No one had expected the harmless-looking young man would turn out to be such a fearsome character, willing to kill without even blinking an eye.

With its owner dead, it was easy to remove the Lunar Armor from Chen Feng’s body. In his hand, the blood-stained vest seemed weightless, like it was made of tulle. Xiao Luo merely had to flick the vest, and the blood instantly slid cleanly off its surface.

Xiao Luo kept the Lunar Armor under one arm. To discover that a disciple of the Snow Mountain Faction had so many treasures in his possession—it was an absolute surprise.

He turned around to Lu De, who was on the stage, and asked, “Elder, I assume the Time-Space Bracelet you are holding now belongs to me?”

His question jolted Lu De from his stupor. He continued to stare anxiously at Xiao Luo through his age-worn eyes. Despite his high martial status, the young man had him terrified. The fearsome and murderous aura he emanated earlier terrified him.

“A savage like you cannot receive the Time-Space Bracelet!”

The grumpy Dwarven Elder bellowed at Xiao Luo. “By committing murder in the God Weapon Conference hosted by the Dwarven Elders, you are blatantly challenging the prestige of our race. Not only will we not give you the Time-Space Bracelet, but we shall not allow you to leave this place!” he added.

That took Xiao Luo by surprise. He had won the competition, but the dwarves have gone back on their words.

He smiled calmly and asked, “Then what shall become of me?

“According to the Dwarven laws, we shall sentence you to 50 years in jail,” the grumpy Dwarven Elder replied.

“50 years in jail?”

Xiao Luo could not stop shaking his head with a helpless expression, and replied, “Elder, I’m sure you saw what happened earlier.” He pointed at Chen Feng’s corpse on the ground and continued, “This man ambushed me with a special dagger during the fight and wanted me dead. It was he who wished to kill me first. What is the problem with me killing him? Can it be that only he can kill me, but I cannot kill him?

The crowd felt that his words were reasonable—after all, it was the practice in the Arcana Land. When someone attempted to kill you, it was acceptable if he ended up being killed by you instead. It resonated with the competitive nature of their society.

“Twisted logic!”

The grumpy Dwarven Elder scowled, “You killed him only because you saw the Lunar Armor he had on and wanted it for yourself. We dwarves do not welcome greedy and despicable savages like you. I will offer you a chance to repeal the jail sentence. Put down the Lunar Armor and the black dagger. Ask your lady friend over there to drop the Phantom Dancer. Only then shall I allow you to leave freely. You savages are unworthy of these god weapons!”

The crowd, initially on Xiao Luo’s side, immediately stood with the dwarves. If Xiao Luo left behind the god weapons, it would mean that they would get another chance to fight for the Phantom Dancer. On top of that, there were also the Lunar Armor and the black dagger for the taking.

“Put them down! Hurry and put them down!”

“Elder Lu Yang is right. With such character, you are unworthy of the god weapons.”

“Only warriors of righteousness are qualified to wield the god weapons, not savages like you! If the girl is with you, it means she is equally corrupted.”

The crowd shouted Lu Yang’s name and rallied behind him. They demanded that Xiao Luo put down the god weapons. Of course, they were only eyeing the god weapons Xiao Luo had in his possession with envy and desire.

Lu De held the Time-Space Bracelet in his hand as he observed Xiao Luo without saying a word. He felt disturbed and had an uneasy feeling that he should not have provoked the young man.

“Haha, haha, haha…”

In the face of the crowd’s condemnation, Xiao Luo merely shrugged his shoulders then cackled. It sounded like the devil’s taunt, sending chills into the depths of the hearts of those who heard.

His eyes swept across the crowd and he said, “Warriors of Righteousness? Do you think you are one of them?”

The question immediately silenced the voices of dissent. No one dared to look into Xiao Luo’s eyes, as none were bold enough to proclaim himself as righteous. If it had not been for the god weapons, they would never have schemed against each other in that manner.

“Of course they are!”

Lu Yang roared with great conviction as he took a step forward, then added, “But you are not! You are a savage who kills without even blinking! Lay down the god weapons and leave at once! Or else, do not blame us dwarves for any mistreatment!”

Xiao Luo glared at him and smirked wryly. “I have always respected the rules of the Dwarves and have abided by your rules. But you, however, have gone back on your promise. You are now even blatantly siding with a despicable individual who breached the rules and tried to kill me,” he said, then snarled, “Tell me then—who is righteousness and who is not?”


Xiao Luo delivered his last few words in a raging bellow. Immense energy erupted from his body, pushing everyone in the square back several feet away.

The Dwarven Elders on the stage also felt the terrifying energy, and the expression on each of their faces immediately changed.

The grumpy Dwarven Elder, Lu Yang, was not afraid. He continued arguing with Xiao Luo and replied, “We are righteousness, and you are evil to the core! What rights does a demon have to comment on what is righteous and what is evil?”

“Demon? Haha, haha…”

Inwardly, Xiao Luo was fuming. Did he not just kill somebody? In Arcana Land, strength was everything. At any single moment, the weak could perish in the hands of the strong. Besides, the one he killed was someone who wanted him dead. In Arcana Land, this was an acceptable response and could be considered the norm. However, the Dwarven Elder exaggerated the nature of his action, and ultimately, it pushed him toward his evil side.

Good. Very good. Excellent!

“These ignorant dwarves have completely infuriated the darn kid,” remarked the Duck Emperor. He knew things were about to take a turn for the worse. Those who angered Xiao Luo would live to regret it.

“That old geezer is wicked! No, his entire family is wicked!” hissed Ghost as she defended Xiao Luo.

As Xiao Luo’s maniacal laughter reverberated throughout the hall, his powerful aura stirred and whipped up swirling winds like a wild tornado. Sand, gravel, leaves were all swept up into the air, making it appear like a strong sandstorm had hit the massive square.

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