The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Unease

Xiao Luo stood motionless and exuded an unparalleled power and influence all over.

He was quiet as the running water on a mountain, but moved like fierce a tiger emerging from a cage!

All the students in the cafeteria were stunned. Their eyes were wide open and unblinking as they watched him and Zhao Xinghe and his party who were lying on the ground. Some were in the act of holding a spoon with soup in it while some were in the act of using chopsticks to put food in their mouths. Some were even holding up a big bowl as they gulped down soup from it…. It was as if all of them were frozen in time.

0.03 seconds later, the whole cafeteria descended into a state of shock and clamor!

“Oh my God, he sent someone flying four or five meters away with one kick. Why is he so violent!”

“He has trained, he has definitely trained.”

“I never expected that there would be such fierce and violent man in our school. Which major is he from?”

Tongues were wagging among the students. The clicks of camera shutters going off rang out continuously. Everyone was busy with their social media – some posted on Moments while some posted on their Weibo – that they even temporarily forgot about eating.

“Hero Luo is really fierce!”

The girls from the English Language major looked at each other. If they hadn’t seen it for themselves, they would never have believed that Xiao Luo could send a boy that weighed eighty to eighty-five kilograms flying with a kick. At the same time, they felt that Xiao Luo’s kick was very graceful, confident, suave and neat. To sum everything in one word, it was cool.

Huang Ruoran was stunned for a moment, then she lowered her head and continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

“I’m feeling really anxious about Song Jianan’s IQ. He clearly knows that pretentious d*ck is very good at fighting, but he still sends small fry like this to let Xiao Luo practise on them,” Chu Yue pouted.

Bai Ling did not reply, merely stared at Xiao Luo like a fool.

Until Chu Yue shook her hands in front of Bai Ling’s eyes and asked, “What are you doing?”

Bai Ling recovered her composure and turned around, smiling like a young girl yearning for love. Her eyes were narrowed into crescent shapes and she said excitedly, “Young Mistress Chu, did you see that, Xiao Luo is so handsome now!”


Chu Yue’s mouth widened in stupefaction. She could understand why An Huanhuan thought that that pretentious d*ck was handsome, but why did her best friend become so smitten with him too, as if someone had cast a spell on her?

Zhao Xinghe felt ashamed and unable to show his face. With so many mobile phones around them taking photos and videos, it would only take half a day for the news of them getting beaten up to be spread throughout Huaye. At that time, he would become the campus laughingstock and the topic of gossip after a meal.

As soon as he thought about it, he hated it so much that he felt an itch in his gums, but didn’t dare to take any action. Xiao Luo’s kick just now had allowed him to get acquainted with fear. At that very moment, he had thought that he was going to die immediately.

“Don’t lie on the ground and pretend to be dead to blackmail me. The floor is dirty so you just stand up now!” Xiao Luo shrugged and said lightly.

Hearing this, Zhao Xinghe was so humiliated that he felt even angrier. He held his throbbing abdomen and climbed up from the ground. The others slowly followed.

“Xiao Luo, I’ll remember this. Sooner or later, I’ll pay you back ten fold,” Zhao Xinghe gritted his teeth and said.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Xiao Luo couldn’t help but want to laugh. However, he also felt bewildered. What had happened to university students nowadays? They weren’t doing what they should, like studying and falling in love, instead they all liked to brawl?

Zhao Xinghe was so angry that smoke was coming out of his ears, but there was nothing he could do. When he heard the clicking of the cameras’ shutters, it was like he had found the flood behind a release valve. He yelled fiercely at the students around him, “What are you shooting? Stop motherf*cking shooting, or else I’ll kill you! ”

When they saw his murderous expression, all the students were thoroughly intimidated and they subconsciously put down their mobile phones.

Zhao Xinghe waved his hand and called out to his companions, “Let’s go”. The group then hurriedly left the cafeteria.

They came with unbridled arrogance, but left with their tails between their legs!

An Huanhuan became even more worshipful and infutuated with Xiao Luo, “Hero Luo Shen, you are my Mr. Perfect. I want to make your handsome photo into a poster and paste it on my bedroom wall.”

“For what? To guard against evil spirits?” Xiao Luo said unhappily.

An Huanhuan pursed her small mouth and blushed, “No, I’m pasting it on the wall so I can see you every moment of every day.”

“Don’t, if you to do this, I’ll sue you for infringing on the rights to my portrait, I’m serious,” Xiao Luo threatened.

He came to the school to protect one person; who knew that he would cause so much trouble? Compared to Song Jianan, An Huanhuan was an even bigger problem. As the saying went, “One shouldn’t hit someone when they have explained their actions or apologized with a smile.” This was girl who kept saying that she liked him, he couldn’t possibly give her a kick.

“Oh, Hero Luo, you…. how can you do this!” An Huanhuan said coyly as she threw a tantrum like a spoiled child.

“Hehe….. Since Brother Luo Ge said that you can’t use his photo, you can take mine and Kaizi’s. With a little photoshop, we’ll definitely look handsome, cool and arrogant like those young idols,” Zhu Xiaofei interjected.

“Who wants your photos. There’s no beauty to a fat pig and a skinny monkey, you can’t compare to Hero Luo at all,” An Huanhuan said with her arms akimbo.

Zhu Xiaofei covered his chest and wanted to cry though he lacked the tears, “That was a severe blow!”

Ding Kai nudged him with an elbow, “You can just mention your picture alone, why drag me into this?”

“F*ck, aren’t we bros, will you die if we get humiliated together by Huanhuan?” Zhu Xiaofei said with a grave expression.

Ding Kai looked at him seriously for a while, then cursed, “You stupid c*nt!”

“F*ck your sister!”

Zhu Xiaofei thought that Ding Kai would say something that was brimming with philosophy. He never expected these three words, and his face turned green immediately.


For these past few days, Chu Yue’s thoughts were in a turmoil and she felt very twitchy. It was because no matter where she went, she would always run into Xiao Luo.

She went back to her dorm room and threw her bag onto the bed angrily, “I’m so mad!”

“Young Mistres Chu, what’s wrong?” Bai Ling, who was playing on the computer, turned her head and asked curiously.

“What else? I ran into that pretentious d*ck again,” Chu Yue gritted her teeth and said.

“Well, you guys are fated,” Bai Ling laughed involuntarily.

“You ass, I’ll strip you if you keep this up, trust me,” Chu Yue pursed her red lips. A cunning and devilish light shone in her eyes.

“Don’t, Young Mistress Chu, it’s broad daylight now, it would so embarrassing to take off my clothes in the dorm.”

“But you still dare to make fun of me.”

Bai Ling smiled sweetly, “I’m stating facts. See, you’ve already complained to me six times and this is the seventh time. You seem to run into Xiao Luo even if you’re just going down to receive a package delivery. Isn’t this fate? ”

“Who wants to have any fate with that pretentious d*ck?”

Chu Yue pouted and said with unconcern. Then, she thought of another possibility and a trace of alarm appeared on her pretty face, “Bai Ling, do you think that he wants revenge for what happened at the dance party?”

“You think too much, Xiao Luo is not that kind of person,” Bai Ling admired her best friend’s wild imagination.

“Why wouldn’t he be that kind of person? I think he is, he even looks at me with a dark and sinister look.” Chu Yue became increasingly afraid, she couldn’t shivering as a chill wracked her body.

Bai Ling shook her head helplessly, “Stop scaring yourself, you’re in the same school, isn’t it normal to run into him?”

“Huaye is neither big nor small, but I was able to run into that pretentious d*ck seven times. How could this be a coincidence? He must be stalking me.” Chu Yue still felt that there was something wrong.

“Since you don’t believe it, we’ll test it out in the afternoon. Let’s go to the hills at the back and see if you’ll run into Xiao Luo again. The back hills is a quieter area. If you run into him again, it means that he’s following you intentionally. If not, you’re just thinking too much, “Bai Ling said.

“Hmm, that’s a good idea!”

Chu Yue nodded solemnly. If she did not clarify this, her heart would always feel uneasy.

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