The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Fight

“Hero Luo, stop. You made your point! You’re a superhero!”

An Huanhuan’s plea persuaded him to take his hands off Tang Yuze. After all, they were in class now. She was worried about Xiao Luo getting kicked out of school or arrested. Maybe it was already too late for that.

Xiao Luo grabbed Tang Yuze’s collar, pulled him closer, and snarled, “I don’t feel like hitting you with so many people here saying I shouldn’t. So, you apologize to me, and I’ll stop right now. How’s that?”

You son of a f*cking whore! Of course, Tang Yuze didn’t say that, but he felt like it.

Who ever heard of someone apologizing after being beaten up? This was way over the top.

“Well, are you going to apologize? If not, I’ll continue!”

Sneering, Xiao Luo pushed Tang Yuze away and channeled a brutal punt toward his head.

“I’m sorry!”

Tang Yuze, who was horrified, exclaimed, “I’m wrong! I’m at fault! I’m sorry!”


A forceful wind gusted as Xiao Luo’s right foot barely missed Tang Yuze’s neck. The air whipped up by his feet blasted Tang Yuze’s shiny hair into an oily mess. That guy was so scared he almost peed in his pants.

The other students were too frightened to move. They just stood there in bewilderment, feeling this cold-hearted brute’s murderous aura. Was this the same mild-mannered Xiao Luo who often slept through his classes? He was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

“You! How dare you touch my people? Today shall be your end!” shouted Song Jianan.

He had already stomped to the middle aisle of the classroom, charging at Xiao Luo like a wild animal.

As frightful as a raging bull; clamoring like thunder!

With an unparalleled semblance, the shadow of his shifting palm smashed against Xiao Luo.

The blow sent a tsunami of adrenalin rushing through his arms. Xiao Luo felt a tingling pain on both sides of his body as he lost his balance and stumbled backward several steps. Song Jianan’s strength was beyond his estimation.

Song Jianan, on the contrary, took a few steps backward with a look of surprise on his face. He never expected Xiao Luo to be so strong. Still, the explosive power in his body was no match for Song Jianan, who had been practicing martial arts since he was a young boy. In addition to his excellent Kungfu, he had refined his body to the absolute extreme. With around four percent body fat, he had extraordinary muscle mass. He was a human fighting machine.

“Do you practice martial arts?”

Song Jianan withdrew his disdainful eyes. People who could take on him by force were worthy of his reverence.

“Even if I do, what does that have to do with you?” Xiao Luo asked callously.

“Take it as if I didn’t ask then! Come!!”

With a bellowing howl, Song Jianan charged toward Xiao Luo like a crazed beast spewing blood.

“What an enormous force.”

Xiao Luo snorted in contempt as he went against him. With his right hand clenched into a fist and a commanding strength that could pierce the void, he was like a growling like a cheetah, its giant claws ready to grab and choke its prey.


Their fists collided in the air, followed by a sound that penetrated the abyss.

The collision between strength and power had anyone scared stiff. With their own eyes, the students were witnessing a fight that previously could only be seen on television. At close range, the erupting field generated by forces clashing into each other was tremoring the souls of every single person in the room.

Three minutes and counting: That’s how long it took for the dispute to degenerate into an all-out brawl that was still going strong.

Enough! Stop! The English Lecturer snapped back to his senses and tried to break up the fight. He picked up a book and slammed it down on the podium with all his might. BAM. It sounded as if the entire classroom was blasted away by a thunderclap, everyone subconsciously quivered, including the brawlers.

“What in God’s name are you two doing? Shooting a martial arts film? Do you guys want to become practitioners? I’ll have you both expelled from the university and send you back to your home sweet homes!” the English Lecturer, his face flushed, was yelling furiously. But the students ignored him. Things were getting ugly.

Afraid of being expelled from school, Song Jianan was the first to put up his hands in surrender. He said with a grin, “Peace. You’ve misunderstood, sir. Our hands are itchy, and we just couldn’t resist sparring with each other. Everyone who practices martial arts has such a shortcoming. I hope you can understand, sir.”

“Wipe that smile off your face and get out. You’re obviously not here to learn. Leave! Now! Before I call the school security,”

“No, no. Since you don’t like us, sir, we will leave.”

With a fake smile like a snake, Song Jianan gave the English Lecturer a little bow. Then, he waved his hands and said to Tang Yuze and Chen Jie in a deep voice, “Let’s bounce!”

Upon finishing, he turned around and left.

Before leaving, he didn’t forget to give Xiao Luo a death stare and an “I love you” gesture to An Huanhuan, who was now sitting in the first row.

“Leave! Now!”

The English Lecturer pointed to the door. He turned his head and looked at Xiao Luo, “What about you, Xiao Luo? Do you want to leave or stay for the rest of the class?”

“I choose to stay, sir,” Xiao Luo smiled with his eyes narrowed.

He reverted to his gentle Dr. Jekyll demeanor, which was so different from when he was brawling with Song Jianan just now, with the former being gloomy, arrogant, and smug and the latter being sincere and easygoing, and cooperative.

Everyone in the classroom was starting to believe that Xiao Luo was two different people. Who was he? The mild Xiao Luo of just now or the brutal Xiao Luo of a few minutes ago?

“Then why are you still standing there? Sit down!” the English Lecturer tugged his face.

Without saying anything, Xiao Luo found a new seat and obediently sat down.

“Ruoran, remember to let him report the damaged desk after class. This is considered vandalism,” said the English Lecturer.

Standing up, Huang Ruoran nodded and said, “Yes, sir.”

Before sitting back down, she turned her head around and shot Xiao Luo a scornful look for his atrocious behavior.

“All right then. Let’s continue our class, shall we? said the English Lecturer dryly, picking up where he had left off before the brawl.

After such a ruckus, the girls couldn’t calm down. Was Xiao Luo good enough to survive a few more matches with Song Jianan, president of the mixed martial arts club, a force to be reckoned with?

What was Hero Luo up to before he came back to university?

“Yeah, their disparity in body size is immense, but he was only at a little bit of disadvantage when he went against Song Jianan. What was his diet like while growing up?”

“I think he’s someone with a backstory.”

Everyone started discussing softly among themselves in private.

“He was a soldier and trained in the army for two years. What’s so strange about him having a little bit of some fighting skills,” Chu Yue’s words resolved the doubts of everyone.

Indeed, Hero Luo came back to university after being discharged from two years of military service. He must’ve honed his skills in the army.

An Huanhuan passed a note to Xiao Luo: Hero Luo, you were so friggin’ cool just now! Let’s go to the mountain behind the school after class. I want to sketch your portrait!

Xiao Luo wanted to laugh when he saw it. Then, he replied using a pen: Forget about me, the skies and the clouds will do!

He was still bummed out that he had to pay for the damaged desk after class.

Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai became Xiao Luo’s diehard fans, wishing that they could just adhere to Xiao Luo like two suckerfish. They never thought that Xiao Luo was so strong to the extent that he could go against Song Jianan. It was unimaginable.

Song Jianan weighed at a whopping 250 lbs. of solid muscle, just like the NBA beast, Dwight Howard. He was terrifying even from afar. What’s more, Xiao Luo only weighed around 130 lbs. Compared to Song Jianan, the difference was just like that of a thin arm and a thick thigh. There was absolutely no way to put them into comparison.

At the same time, the three guys who left the classroom began to chatter.

“Boss, are we going to let him go just like that?” Chen Jie inquired.

“Of course, we can’t! Me and Xiao Luo cannot exist together!!!”

Song Jianan said fiercely while he looked at his slight quivering right hand. When their punches collided just now, his hand was knocked out of joint and hurt badly. If it weren’t for his extreme endurance, he would have humiliated himself in the classroom by crying out in pain.

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