The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Vilest Plan Throughout History

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Xiao Luo was quiet. This plan was another one of Chu Yue’s tricks. He unconsciously revealed a smooth arc at the corner of his mouth as he replied, “I’ve only played pool. Never tried snooker before!”

Fu Jiawei chuckled in his heart: It would be odd if you’d tried something as high class as snooker!

His expression was calm as he pointed to a place not far from the dance floor. “Well, are you interested? I happen to have a snooker table over here.”

Looking in the direction where Fu Jiawei was pointing, an open-air building that looked like a giant white swan came into view. Inside was a snooker table. There were fifteen red balls and six colored balls and holes at all four corners and the center of the two longer sides of the table. The green surface of the table was as smooth as a mirror.

Xiao Luo smiled, “I can give it a try!”

He doesn’t mind giving these people a lesson and earning some points in the process.

Ye Yingying came forward, “I’ll play with you, Xiao Luo.”

“A beautiful girl wants to play with me? I’m raising both of my hands in approval!”

Xiao Luo nodded and said casually, “But merely playing won’t be that fun. How about we spice things up a little?”

Ye Yingying was surprised. Then, she took out a bank card from her pocket and said, “Sure. There’s 50 grand on this card. I’m not asking you to score higher than me. I’ll consider that you’ve won if you score 10 points, and you can have this card.”

“Are you sure, Ms. Ye? I must say that I’m not bad at this game. Ten points and I’ll win? Aren’t you going too easy on me?”

The smile on Xiao Luo’s face was vibrant. Not only did he get to eat good food by partaking in this party, but he could also even win some money. For a guy like him who didn’t have much cash, happiness came too suddenly.

Idiot, how is pool the same as snooker?

A condescending sneer washed over Ye Yingying’s face, mocking Xiao Luo’s ignorance.

Although pool and snooker were both billiards, there was a big difference between them, starting with the tables. A pool table was approximately 2.5 meters long and 1.2 meters wide. A snooker table, on the other hand, was 3568mm x 1778mm. The latter was much bigger than the former, and their difficulty was not at all at the same level.

Second, defending, ball control, and strategizing were important in snooker. Those who hadn’t tried the game before wouldn’t have such concepts in their minds. Their minds would be blank, like a person who had never touched a basketball and was suddenly thrown into a basketball court for a game.

“If you think I’m going too easy on you, so be it. But if you lose, you’ll have to give me something to make it fair,” said Ye Yingying.

Xiao Luo spread his hands, “I’m not as wealthy as you, Ms.Ye! I don’t carry 50 grand on me!”

“I don’t want money. Besides, why would I, daughter of the Ye family, be short of money?”

Xiao Luo’s expression became curious, “So, what do you want?”

“If you lose, bark a few times like a dog in front of everyone, and clean my heels.” Ye Yingying lifted her high heels.

Ah ha. All the guests knew what was going on here: Ye Yingying was trying to humiliate Xiao Luo.

His eyes glazed over. He never expected Ye Yingying’s heart to be so cold. “This is about my dignity as a man. I doubt it’s worth less than your 50 thousand, Ms. Ye.”

“Then, let me up the ante!”

Ye Yingying went all out and took off the watch she was wearing, “This is a Swiss OMEGA series luxury watch, worth at least 50 thousand.

“You’re playing pretty big!”

Xiao Luo pretended to be hesitant. He was already giggling in his heart. He was worried about the lack of money, and this poor thing just came offering herself to deliver him some cash.

“Show me some courage and resolution if you’re a man! Can you not be that hesitant?” Fang Shulan crossed her hands in front of her chest with a mean face.

When these words dropped, she, Ye Yingying’s partner in crime, and all the wealthy sons and daughters spoke.

“Yeah, be quick if you want to play, or just admit you’re a pussy.”

“He must be afraid of losing. After all, he hasn’t tried something as high class as snooker before.”

“But his worries can be justified. He’ll have to bark like a dog if he loses. He can’t possibly humiliate himself like that.”

Fu Jiawei smiled contemptuously. If he got this done, Chu Yue might fall for him. Thinking about his future days with a goddess beside him, he could feel the bliss in his heart.

From far away, Bai Ling said anxiously, “Young mistress Chu, do you think Xiao Luo will agree to Ye Yingying’s offer?”

“Hmph, if he doesn’t, I’ll proceed with the vilest plan in the history of humanity!” Chu Yue curled her mouth, resolving to humiliate Xiao Luo.

Vilest in history?!

Bai Ling couldn’t help but shudder as she broke into a cold sweat for Xiao Luo.

At this moment, Xiao Luo craned his neck and proceeded to ask, “Ms.Ye, what’s the password to your bank card?”


Everyone was stunned, as they had no clue about what Xiao Luo was doing.

Yee Yingying also looked puzzled.

Xiao Luo spread his hands and said, “How am I supposed to take money out from this card without the password?”


After he came out with those words, the crowd subconsciously took a deep breath as they thought, “This guy is way too arrogant. How can he be so sure he’ll win?”

Fu Jiawei, on the contrary, only dismissed a sneer as he murmured in his mind, “Games and snooker are Yingying’s greatest hobbies. Even Uncle Da, who had played snooker at international level competitions, recognizes Yingying’s skill. Do you want to compete with her in snooker, Xiao Luo? Don’t even think of winning even if you have an extra three heads and six arms.”

Ye Yingying was so agitated she chuckled. Then, she said in a deep voice, “The password is six ones. Win it from me if you can.”

“All right!”

Xiao Luo strode toward the snooker table.

The guests who were initially drinking, eating snacks, and chattering shifted their positions, seeing that an intriguing snooker match was about to begin and moved forward to get a better look.

Xiao Luo picked a snooker cue and weighed it in his hands. “I haven’t played in a long time. Let me get the hang of it again.”

As he spoke, he bent over and thrust the white ball with his cue. His movements were rusty and stiff, and his shot lived up to everyone’s expectations. He slipped. Almost all the thrust force from the cue was funneled to the edge of the white ball, causing it only to roll a short distance.


Fang Shulan and Ye Yingying’s friends were rolling in the aisles.

“He can’t even hit the ball! He must’ve never played before!”

“He even boldly claimed he was good at pool just now. It seems like he’s just bluffing.”

“Yeah, right, I’ve never seen such an idiot. Is he out of his mind to brag that arrogantly? I wonder how he is surviving in this world.”

From far away, Chu Yue became excited, “That guy’s going to be barking soon! Haha…”

Bai Ling was baffled, “What’s wrong with Xiao Luo? He shouldn’t agree if he doesn’t know how to play.” But after some thought, she was a little relieved. “But that’s okay. At least Young Mistress Chu won’t get to use her vilest plan.”

Since Chu Yue said it was the most vicious plan in history, it was by no means an exaggeration. It would be ten times or even a hundred times crueler than this one.

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