The Genius System Without Equal

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Campus Belle, Chu Yue’s Gaming Time

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Xiao Luo followed Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai to the male dormitory for the English Language Majors.

Both guys were the talkative type, and it was hardly quiet along the way. They were like a couple of buzzing bees, flying and humming in Xiao Luo’s ears. They were also curious about his past. When they learned that he had enlisted in the army for two years before retiring and returning to Huaye to finish his studies, the two started addressing him as Brother Luo.

They initially thought he was about the same age as them. Now, it seemed that Xiao Luo was much older, so it wasn’t appropriate to call him Bro or Xiao Luo.

About ten minutes later, the three arrived at the seventh floor of the seventh dormitory.

“Brother Luo, we’re here!”

Zhu Xiaofei put down the suitcase and took out the keys from his pants pocket to open the green iron door in front of him.

Xiao Luo secretly took his hat off to Zhu Xiaofei for lugging his 20-kg suitcase such a long distance and climbing to the seventh floor. And he wasn’t even panting! So, he wasn’t the puffy sort with weak muscles and drooping fat.

Coming to this dorm and smelling the strange odor that only existed in a dorm flooded his mind with a long-lost feeling. Who would have thought that after graduating and working for three years, he would end up in university again? Xiao Luo’s heart was filled with emotion.

They opened the door and entered the dorm room. Two metal-framed beds came into view, followed by a row of desks that combined a bookcase, wardrobe, and computer table. Like most male dorm rooms, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai’s room was an unsightly mess: Worn clothes and socks were strewn as if an explosion had gone off. A pile of stinky blankets lay heaped in a corner.

Zhu Xiaofei scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. “The room is a bit dirty and messy, Brother Luo Ge, please bear with us!”

“It’s all good,” Xiao Luo tittered.

In his university days, Zhang Dashan was the biggest slob. He would make the dorm room stink to high heaven with billowing smoke. He couldn’t bear it in the beginning but got used to it in the end. He had survived four years of that, so why should he care now when he’d only be here three short months?

Dingkai tidied a bed and said enthusiastically, “Brother Luo, you can sleep in this bed. There’s some luggage on that bed above, and it has a lot of dust. I can’t clean it for you.”

“It’ s just the two of you in this room?” Xiao Luo asked curiously.

“Yes. The standard dorm room is meant for four people, but there’s only the two of us in the class. We’re not enough to fill up one dorm room, but students from other majors are unwilling to mix with us, so it’s just us here.” Ding Kai spread his hands and said helplessly.

So that was it!

Xiao Luo nodded. He opened his suitcase and began to sort out his bed.

Then he began organizing his personal belongings. Naturally, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai could not help him with that, so they turned on the computer and got ready to play a game.

“Brother Luo, do you play LOL?” Zhu Xiaofei turned his head and asked with anticipation.

Xiao Luo smiled in return and said, “A little!”

During university, Zhang Dashan was a loyal player of this game and brought him into the trap. Still, he played less after graduation when he started working. His rank had always remained at Platinum V.

“Would you like to open up a chat for a game?” Ding Kaixing said animatedly.

“Nah. You guys go ahead. I need to organize my stuff.” Xiao Luo refused with a smile. He had no interest in playing this game now.

Dingkai raised his brows, “Oh, all right!”

The two immediately joined to form a group, proceeding with duo rank mode. While waiting for the queue, Zhu Xiaofei went into the group chat for the English Language majors and cried out in surprise. “F*ck! The campus belle Chu Yue is starting her livestream again. She’s inviting everyone to go to the livestreaming platform to watch it!”

Dingkai howled energetically, too. “Hurry. Ask her to take us along and make us look formidable; let’s fly!”

“It’s a must.”

Zhu Xiaofei fired off a reply in the group chat: Chu MM, please let me ride on your coattails!

Dingkai didn’t resign himself to his fate either. He also replied in the group chat: We want to get on the same ride. I beg you. Please take us on. We can give you a gift.

He even added a sad and weak emoji at the end.

Once they posted their replies, the other girls in the English Language Major attacked them.

Losers. You dragged our Princess Chuyue down so badly last time. Do you dare ask her to include you? Shameless.

Zhu Xiaofei, Ding Kai, form your team and trap others to take you along. It’s best if you’re queued to be opposite Yueyue, then you’ll be cruelly beaten by her, hehe …

Haha… Don’t be like this. In any case, they’re like the national treasure in our class. It’s not good to deliver such a blow to them!

What are you afraid of? There’s the handsome Xiao Luo now. They can get off their pedestal as “national treasure.’


Looking at the screen full of remarks attacking them, Zhu Xiaofei and Ding Kai felt like crying but didn’t shed a tear. They wondered why they were hated so much.

Xiao Luo had already sorted things out by now. Hearing the words “campus belle,” he guessed it was Chu Yue they were talking about. His mission was to protect her. Naturally, he was motivated when it came to anything related to her.

Hence, he inquired, “Xiaofei, when you said campus belle, did you mean Chu Yue?”

“Yeah, Brother Luo. It’s Chu Yue. She was voted campus belle on our school forum; she’s the dream goddess of countless boys.” Zhu Xiaofei said with an intoxicated expression. It was apparent he adored her. After all, she was a great beauty. Who wouldn’t be smitten with her?

Ding Kai added, “She’s not only beautiful, but she’s also a terrific gamer. She’s ranked in the Challenger tier with her official account. She has a secondary unofficial account where she’s ranked Platinum II. When she’s free, she’ll open up a game chat with Bai Ling and do a livestream. Her livestream broadcast has more than 200,000 fans. The money she gets from the livestreaming platform every month is more than the wages of white-collar workers who’ve been slogging away for years.”

Xiao Luo was stunned. He didn’t expect Chu Yue’s level of mastery in League of Legends to have reached the pinnacle.

“She replied!” Chu Yue replied. “She promised to take us on!” Zhu Xiaofei suddenly yelled in excitement.

Xiao Luo looked at the computer screen and saw that Chu Yue did reply. She agreed to get queued with Zhu Xiaofei and Dingkai. At the end, however, she added in a commanding tone, No dragging us down.

“Hahaha … This is great. I can be on TV now too!”

Dingkai was ecstatic. Then he took out a mirror and combed his hair. “No, I want to tidy up my hairstyle.”

“For f*ck? Nobody can see you. Stop being narcissistic.” Zhu Xiaofei cursed.

Dingkai didn’t mind. He flipped the bangs on his forehead. “If the stage is in my mind, there’ll be stages for me to perform everywhere. I want to show my most handsome and coolest side to the audience.”

“Blergh.” Zhu Xiaofei dry retched.

Beep beep beep

This time Zhu Xiaofei received a message on QQ.

He selected the message to read it; it was from Chu Yue. There was only a short line, Get one more to make five people!

“F*ck me. It seems that the great campus beauty is going to show off some real skills this time. We’re starting a team with five people ranking, but it’s easy to meet an enemy team.” Zhu Xiaofei frowned.

“What are you afraid of? She holds the Challenger tier in her faction!” Ding Kai waved his hand dismissively.

“I know, but she asked me to get one more person. This is so last minute. Where am I supposed to get someone of the Platinum tier?”

Zhu Xiaofei frowned, then he realized Xiao Luo’s existence and asked, “By the way, Brother Luo, what tier are you in?”

“I think it’s Platinum,” Xiao Luo replied.

Zhu Xiaofei was pleased. Then he asked, “What’s the faction code?”

“Black rose!” Xiao Luo answered without thinking.

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