The General's Little Peasant Wife

Chapter 941

Chapter 941

The horses took the pain and neighed loudly . They raised their hooves up high, and started galloping powerfully .

Xiao Qi Feng looked at Mu Chen and his wife approaching him . He waved his hand to command his subordinates to fire their arrows . It was very obvious that he wanted the two of them to stay .

Mu Chen and his wife looked at the arrows flying towards them, their expression remained unchanged . But the movements in their hands picked up the pace .

Mu Xue looked at this scene anxiously . She wanted to say something, but when she saw Xiao Qi Feng’s expression, she did not dare to bother him .

When Xiao Qi Tian got the news, he rushed over to the scene . Upon arrival, he saw Mu Xue on a horse beside Xiao Qi Feng while Mu Chen and his wife were holding onto their horses as they dodged the rain of arrows that were aimed straight at them .

Xiao Qi Tian’s expression changed drastically . He drew out his trusty long sword, and with a strong force from his feet, he flew to Mu Chen and his wife’s side helping them escape .

“I will shield you guys . Both of you try to escape when you can . ” Xiao Qi Tian turned his head and said urgently . He could see that the both of them were more or less injured by the arrows .

“Qi Tian, this thing has nothing to do with you,” Mu Chen shouted back at Xiao Qi Tian while dodging the arrows .

Xiao Qi Tian chuckled and shook his head .

Mu Xue noticed that Xiao Qi Tian had also come to the scene and became very worried . Wasn’t he blocked by her people? Why was he here?

If Mu Xue did not worry before, then she definitely was now .

Since Xiao Qi Tian arrived, he had not cared to even glance at Mu Xue .

Xiao Qi Feng’s eyes gradually turned cold when he looked at Xiao Qi Tian protecting Mu Chen and his wife .

“Qi Tian, get out of there . ”

“No way . ”

It was useless no matter how angry Xiao Qi Feng was . This younger brother of his was stubborn as usual, which gave him a headache .

With Xiao Qi Tian’s help, Mu Chen and Situ Xuan finally found an opportunity to escape .

Mu Chen quickly pulled up Situ Xuan, who fell to the ground when she was dodging the arrows, and left on his horse .

“Take care . ”

Xiao Qi Feng narrowed his eyes as he watched Mu Chen and his wife escape . He took the bow and arrow from the person beside him, aimed and fired . Three arrows flew out together .


Mu Chen heard the sound of the arrows from behind him, but it was already too late to dodge .

As he prepared to endure the pain from the arrows, he heard a voice from behind .

Mu Chen turned his head around subconsciously . As he turned to look back, he saw an arrow in Xiao Qi Tian’s body . And he was smiling as he watched them leave .

“Quickly leave . ” Xiao Qi Tian quickly asked Mu Chen to leave when he saw that he was going to stop . If they did not escape now, he would not be able to hold back Xiao Qi Feng’s people .

“Qi Tian…”

“Go, help me tell Tian Chang that I’m sorry . If reincarnation exists, I still wish to be his brother . ” Xiao Qi Tian said anxiously to Mu Chen . But because he was too anxious, he accidentally stretched his wound . It was so painful that he frowned .

When Xiao Qi Feng saw that he had wounded Xiao Qi Tian, he quickly threw away the bow in his hand . With the force in his body, he instantly appeared next to Xiao Qi Tian .

He reached out to help Xiao Qi Tian, but Xiao Qi Tian pushed him away .

Xiao Qi Tian wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, looked at Xiao Qi Feng in front of him, and said with a pale face, “Let them go . ”

“Qi Tian, ​​let’s go back and treat you quickly . ” Xiao Qi Feng ignored Xiao Qi Tian’s resistance . He carried him and returned to the palace hurriedly .

Among the crowd, there was still one more panicked face . And that person was Mu Xue .

At the moment Mu Xue saw that Xiao Qi Tian had injured himself while trying to save Mu Chen and his wife . She was completely dumbfounded . She had never expected that he would go block the arrow if the situation turned serious .

Mu Xue totally panicked, looking at Xiao Qi Tian’s pale face and blood stained body .

They all rode their horses anxiously back to the palace . She knew that this time, she might have really made Xiao Qi Tian furious .

Mu Chen and Situ Xuan left the place, feeling extremely complex . Especially Mu Chen .

“Brother Qi Tian will be fine . ” Situ Xuan said with difficulty .

Mu Chen took a deep breath and nodded . It was better that they went back quickly and asked Grandpa Hei to go over and check on him .

The arrow had pierced Xiao Qi Tian’s chest . They were unsure whether those imperial doctors in the palace knew how to treat him or not .

“Okay, let’s go quickly . ”

Xiao Qi Tian passed out on the way back to the palace . Xiao Qi Feng carried Xiao Qi Tian and hurried back to the palace . Meanwhile he called all the imperial doctors over .

The imperial doctors checked Xiao Qi Tian’s wounds but was afraid to operate on him .

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