The General’s Genius Daughter

Chapter 328 - The Heartless Hua Qiyue

Chapter 328 The Heartless Hua Qiyue

Hua Qiyue remained silent. She had not expected that Sun Moon Deity was actually a crane she had saved two lifetimes ago. But why did that guy treat Yun Shimo so well but treat her like a stranger?

“After that guy acquired the nourishment of a strand of Purple Primordial Chaos Bead Qi, he became a crane spirit and was stolen by an immortal. When he shapeshifted into a human being and escaped to find Tao Xian’er, he found that Tao Xian’er has been killed by Tianpi, and Tianpi has been trapped. Because Sun Moon Deity exterminated the king of the Devildom that came to the Tao Family, he was sealed by the wizard of the Devildom,” Hua Zun continued, telling Hua Qiyue all about the past.

Hua Qiyue kept silent. The fact that Sun Moon Deity could do all this for the Tao Family showed that he had repaid her kindness. So in any case, she could not blame him for being so good to Yun Shimo and treating her as a stranger.

“But I heard from Tianpi that he was kind to Yun Shimo, but to you… I don’t quite understand why he got ungrateful so soon.” Hua Zun touched his head and felt deeply indignant at the way Hua Qiyue had been treated.

Hua Qiyue smiled indifferently. “It’s all over. Why mention it again? Besides, he was sealed for more than ten thousand years and has also solved the trouble of the Devildom for the Tao Family, which is very good.”

“Humph, if only you knew that. I have repaid your kindness and don’t want to have anything to do with you.” A cold voice chimed in. Hua Qiyue was speechless all at once.

She saw a black-robed man coming, dressed almost like Yun Shimo. Although his face was as handsome as that of Yun Shimo, he was Sun Moon Deity.

“Haha, have you forgotten the alias Tao Xian’er gave you? Tut tut, Xiaobai, hahaha…” Hua Zun laughed licentiously. Hua Qiyue burst out laughing, too.

Somehow, she felt a little better.

The look in Sun Moon Deity’s eyes changed. He had never forgotten the tenderness of Tao Xian’er. He kept away from Hua Qiyue for fear that he would fall in love with her again.

Now hearing Hua Zun laugh at him, he turned into a shadow. In an instant, the two were engaged in a fight!

Looking at Hua Zun with undiminished passion, Hua Qiyue could not help but feel helpless. “This guy is a troublemaker,” she thought.

And Yun Shimo lived in Ice Palace since then. Although Tianpi and Hua Zun did not welcome him, there was a disparity between the two sides in strength for a time, because of his soaring strength and with Sun Moon Deity on his side!

On the whole, Yun Shimo’s side had a better chance of winning a fight. Because of Tianpi’s guilt toward Hua Qiyue, he didn’t want to interfere in her relationship.

Hua Zun was not convinced, but in deference to Hua Qiyue’s wishes, he did not act.

Tianci was thrilled to see that Hua Qiyue had “forgiven” Yun Shimo. But when he invited Hua Qiyue and Yun Shimo to go shopping in Ice City together, she mercilessly refused.

Tianpi and Hua Zun all enjoyed the show by the side. A few days passed in this way, and Hua Qiyue still gave Yun Shimo the cold shoulder. She did not even look him in the eye.

Yun Shimo had stayed up the whole night and succeeded in making an incredibly delicious pot of porridge in the morning. He learned the soup bases from a famous chef in the capital of Changjing Kingdom.

Both Tianpi and Hua Zun snubbed him, for they had already adopted this trick. Hua Qiyue would never appreciate his kindness.

As expected, when Hua Qiyue came to the kitchen and saw the busy Yun Shimo, she immediately turned back to leave with a cold face. Tianci took her hand hurriedly and said, “Mom, what’s the matter with you? Shall we go out after breakfast?”

“I don’t want to eat breakfast.”

“Accompany me, please. Mom, I want you to eat here!”

Tianci pouted and held Hua Qiyue. His large, watery eyes kept blinking so that Hua Qiyue could not bear to refuse his request.

Tianci joyously took Hua Qiyue to a seat. Tianpi and Hua Zun exchanged glances and sat down in silence. Yun Shimo hurriedly served Hua Qiyue a bowl of Eight Ingredient Porridge with ginseng and chicken meat. Then he ladled the porridge into two more bowls for Tianci and himself.

Tianpi and Hua Zun sat idly on one side. The smell of the porridge was much more appetizing than the one Tianpi had made last time, making their mouths water.

Looking at the bowl of steaming chicken porridge, Hua Qiyue smiled coldly. “Tianci, drink slowly, be careful of the heat.”

Tianci agreed cheerfully.

At this moment, Sun Moon Deity came here too. Glancing at the cold-faced Tianpi and Hua Zun, he gave a cold snort. “Stinking lad, I didn’t realize you were such a good cook.”

Yun Shimo cast an indifferent glance at him and served him a bowl of porridge. Of course, Tianpi and Hua Zun had to do it themselves.

Hua Qiyue blew on the bowl of steaming-hot porridge and then took a small bite. She coldly put down the spoon and said, “It’s awful. Tianci, take your time.”

Yun Shimo’s face remained unchanged, but his eyes darkened.

Tianci looked at Hua Qiyue in confusion. “Mom, the porridge is delicious, too. How could it be bad?”

“Your mom is in a bad mood today, don’t talk to her,” said Sun Moon Deity. He was clearly on Yun Shimo’s side.

“Well, it does taste bad.” Hua Zun put down the spoon with a smile. “Tianci, your taste is really unique.”

Tianci shot Hua Zun a strange look and took a few more bites. Why did he think the porridge was so good? But why did both Hua Zun and Tianpi put down their spoons?

Sun Moon Deity could not help taking up the cudgels for Yun Shimo. “Tianci, they merely don’t like your daddy. Ignore them!”

Yun Shimo cast Sun Moon Deity a nonchalant glance and then said to Tianci gently, “Tianci, if you don’t like it, don’t force yourself.”

Tianci shook his head instantly. As a child, he was still innocent and had no idea what adults were thinking. “No, I think it’s delicious!”

With that, the little fellow began to gulp. Hua Qiyue stood up in silence and went out.

Tianci looked at her back and then at Yun Shimo, feeling that the atmosphere was particularly bad.

Tianpi and Hua Zun put down their bowls as well. “Come on, let’s go to Ice City to have a good meal!”

Tianci hurriedly put down his bowl at Hua Zun’s words. “I’m going too. I’m going too…”

“Tianci, daddy will take you there later,” Yun Shimo said unhurriedly. He would take the moves that the other side executed one by one!

Tianci was so happy that he picked up the bowl again. After finishing the bowl of porridge, he pestered Yun Shimo to go to Ice City.

Since a large pot of porridge had been wasted, Yun Shimo could not help feeling gloomy. In fact, it was not the porridge that made him feel sorry. Instead, it was that Hua Qiyue couldn’t give him a chance so quickly.

After breakfast, Tianci and Yun Shimo went to Ice City together. Thus, only Hua Qiyue and Sun Moon Deity were in Ice Palace.

After practicing for a long time, Hua Qiyue still didn’t see Yun Shimo and Tianci back. She put away the green jade gourd and walked slowly out.

Outside Ice Palace, everything was covered in snow. Under the Bodhi Tree, Sun Moon Deity stayed there, idly counting the leaves.

Hua Qiyue shot him a glance. After knowing the origin of Sun Moon Deity, she didn’t want to be with him.

Though she had saved his life two lifetimes ago, he had not come near her again, unlike Tianpi and Hua Zun, which showed that he had no intention of getting close to her.

Hua Qiyue never forced anyone to do anything, because she had done that once, only to get Zhou Zhicheng’s disdain.

Hua Qiyue was about to turn back to the palace when Sun Moon Deity called her, “Hua Qiyue, please stay.”

Hua Qiyue stopped. She did not care that Sun Moon Deity had treated her so disrespectfully. After all, she had no feelings about what had happened two lifetimes ago. In this life, Sun Moon Deity was a senior. What else could she care about?

She looked back, her watery eyes cool, with blue sky and bluish clouds in them, her black hair fluttering. Sun Moon Deity started at the sight of her in this way. He looked away forcibly.

“What can I do for you?” Hua Qiyue asked indifferently, feeling that Sun Moon Deity was actually avoiding her eyes. Aye, was he guilty?

“Yun Shimo didn’t have any sense of what he was doing, so he can’t be blamed. He spent two and a half years comprehending the Heavenless Book, which proved that he would never leave you again. You still have him in your heart, right? Why did you do this to him?”

Hua Qiyue raised her eyebrows. She had not expected Sun Moon Deity to speak for Yun Shimo.



Hua Qiyue turned coldly and disappeared in front of Ice Palace in an instant. Sun Moon Deity stood there, transfixed, and could not help sighing inwardly, “Master, so many years have passed. Although she is just part of your soul, your personality is exactly the same…”

She could not bear any stains. Perhaps Yun Shimo had done something really hard to forgive.

Hua Qiyue was so depressed that she had to find wine in the kitchen and drink it one cup after another.

Sun Moon Deity was a crane that she had saved two lifetimes ago, but he had not the least intimacy with her.

But the main reason was, of course, Yun Shimo.

For two and a half years, all she knew was what was going on inside her. The smiles on her face were forced. The fear of influencing Tianci was the reason why she didn’t wear a long face all day.

But even Sun Moon Deity and the others could see what she was thinking. What was she holding on to? Hua Qiyue was drunk after drinking two pots of premium Peach Blossom Wine, but she still could not persuade herself to let go of the past.

As soon as Tianci and Yun Shimo returned, they saw Hua Qiyue stumbling out of the kitchen. Her breath reeked of alcohol, her face flushed, and her eyes blurred.

“Why did you drink so much?” Startled, Yun Shimo reached out and caught Hua Qiyue.

Hua Qiyue tried to push him away, but she couldn’t. Hua Zun and Tianpi came here as well. Seeing this, they rushed over and pushed Yun Shimo away.

“Get out of the way! She doesn’t want you to help her!”

Yun Shimo’s face turned badly gloomy. Tianci’s eyes shifted between the three of them. “Well, let me help my mom back to the room!”

All eyes turned to Tianci. He had grown up to Hua Qiyue’s chest, much higher than before. Furthermore, he was now at the first level of Great Deity. His strength would naturally be ten times greater than the average boy.

Tianci helped Hua Qiyue up and the latter no longer resisted. She grinned and touched his face, saying, “My son… my son is so handsome. Hmmm… like the old me. It turns out that I’ve lived so long. The world is really boring…” Hua Qiyue mumbled.

Hearing her words, the crowd did not know whether to laugh or cry. After helping her into the room, Tianci carefully tucked her in. Yun Shimo gazed silently at the little, intoxicating, rosy face and said to Tianci blandly, “Daddy’s going to make a bowl of sober-up tea. You have to feed it to her later.”

Tianci nodded. Tianpi looked cold but did not say anything. However, Hua Zun sneered, “Stop putting on an act. Does the fact that she has refused to see you for two and a half years mean you’ve done quite a lot wrong to her?”

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