The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 1059: I’ll take care of it.

Chapter 1059: I’ll take care of it.

The yellow-robed woman shook her head, “It’s not what you’re thinking. I’m originally from the Grand Change Realm, so I can return.”

She then presented a jade token to Ning Cheng, saying, “This is my identity token.”

Ning Cheng suddenly gained an insight, “I see. I thought anyone could seek a passage to the Grand Change Realm. If that were the case, the Grand Change Realm would be too easy to enter.”

Gazing at the merchant building’s door from which she had been kicked out, the yellow-haired woman hesitated before whispering, “Actually, even if you’re not from the Grand Change Realm, they still have a way to help you enter the Grand Change Realm. But it’s troublesome and costly in terms of divine crystals.”

Ning Cheng nodded in understanding. He understood it was most likely enforcement from the top for countermeasures at the bottom. Otherwise, the Grand Change Realm wouldn’t be placed as the best of the Five Grand Realms.

“How many divine crystals do you need? Let me see if I have any.” Ning Cheng asked with a smile.

The yellow-haired woman spoke with a low voice, almost a whisper, “I need 50 million divine crystals to return to the Grand Change Realm.”

“That much?” Ning Cheng said in a shocked voice. Even he would be strained if he had to give out that many divine crystals.

“That’s too many divine crystals. Sorry, but I won’t be able to help you. Even if you find Ning Cheng, I doubt he can take out so many divine crystals.” Ning Cheng said helplessly.

The yellow-haired woman understood that Ning Cheng might also have no way of helping her. Not to mention that the other party might not have the divine crystals; even if they could, who would be willing to take out 50 million divine crystals to help a stranger who had nothing to do with them?

Seeing the yellow-haired woman’s helpless look, Ning Cheng hesitated momentarily, “Aren’t there many void wanderers in the Five Grand Realms’ Void Market who spend years adventuring in the void to cultivate? Doesn’t this allow them to improve their cultivation and accumulate some divine crystals?”

“That’s true. But I’m worried about my little miss. I don’t know how she’s doing right now, and I can’t focus on cultivation because of those worries. Plus, I came to the Five Grand Realms’ Void Market to inquire about my big brother but ended up staying here for ten thousand years without hearing half a word about him.” The yellow-haired woman almost broke down in tears.

“What’s your big brother’s name?” Ning Cheng asked. It suddenly occurred to him that he knew Kong Lianbo and even Lu Dongze. Maybe he could help her find her big brother as a favour.

The yellow-haired woman shook her head but didn’t say anything.

When Ning Cheng saw that the yellow-haired woman wouldn’t say anything, he could only say, “Good luck then, I’m leaving.”

“You’re a good man, as kind as my big brother and little miss. I’ll tell you my big brother’s name, but you must not tell it to anyone.” The yellow-haired woman suddenly spoke up as Ning Cheng turned around to leave.

Ning Cheng laughed and was about to say that he would need to disclose the name to someone to help find your big brother. But just then, the yellow-robed woman said, “My big brother’s name is Pan Qian. Too many years have passed, so I doubt anyone would remember it even if you speak about it.”

“What did you say, Pan Qian?” Ning Cheng’s heart suddenly jolted. He hurriedly repeated the question. Was the Pan Qian that this yellow-haired woman spoke about the same Pan Qian, the Giant, he had saved back then?

It could be possible. After all, coming out of the Grand Change Realm would most likely bring them to the Five Grand Realms’ Void Market. After all, this yellow-haired woman also came from the Grand Change Realm but couldn’t leave the Five Grand Realms’ Void Market.

Hearing Ning Cheng’s surprised outburst, the yellow-haired woman’s expressions fluctuated wildly but quickly returned to normal. Trapped in the Five Grand Realms’ Void Market for ten thousand years, she had grown beyond desperate. What did it matter if Pan Qian’s name came out of other people’s mouths?

“Come with me.” Ning Cheng didn’t ask further questions. Instead, he directly pulled the yellow-haired woman to a secluded area and immediately set an isolation restriction before asking, “Is your little miss’s name Xi’er? Or are you Xi’er?”

The yellow-haired woman stared at Ning Cheng wide-eyed and took two steps back warily, “How could you know my little miss and brother Pan Qian?”

Sure enough, Ning Cheng felt slightly relieved, “I don’t know Xi’er, but I know Pan Qian. Pan Qian is my friend, and we’ve been through a few adversities together.”

Ning Cheng didn’t talk nonsense; Pan Qian saved him, and he later returned to save Pan Qian. The two of them had worked together against the Forefather’s Altar. And it was also because of this that the two of them forged a deep friendship.

“You are Brother Pan Qian’s friend? Where is Big Brother Pan Qian?” The yellow-haired woman’s tone rose with joyful excitement. She finally heard something about Pan Qian. In all the years she had been in the Void Market, this was the first time she heard any news about Pan Qian.

Ning Cheng said nothing about where Pan Qian went but stared at the yellow-haired woman and asked, “The young miss you spoke about, is it Xi’er?”

The yellow-haired woman said eagerly, “Yes, my young miss is Xi’er, and my name is Xixi.”

Ning Cheng, however, frowned and said, “I heard Pan Qian say that Xi’er had died a long time ago. So why did you say that you’re worried about your young miss, making you unable to stay in the Five Grand Realms’ Void Market without worry?”

On hearing Ning Cheng’s words, Xixi sighed with relief, “Elder Brother, you are Pan Qian’s friend. It’s a long story, so let’s find an inn or a better place to speak, and I’ll explain it.”

“Okay, then let’s go to the inn where I’m staying and talk about it. But before that, didn’t you say that merchant building kicked you out because you didn’t have enough divine crystals?” If it were before knowing Xixi’s identity, Ning Cheng wouldn’t have made this extra effort. But now that he knew Xixi was Pan Qian’s sister, whether true or not, he decided to take up this matter personally.

If the divine crystals were not enough, at best, they could have just denied her the teleportation spot. Why kick people out? Looking at Xixi’s appearance, she didn’t seem like a troublemaker.

“No.” Xixi hesitated before replying. “Elder Brother, they are not something we can mess with; that merchant house has a strong backing.”

“Just tell me the reason.” Ning Cheng waved his hand. Taking a hit without fighting back wasn’t in Ning Cheng’s character.

Xixi finally relented and replied, “I couldn’t collect the 50 million divine crystals, so they gave me the option of securing a teleportation spot by depositing 10 million divine crystals as collateral, and this collateral would be considered as an advance payment for the teleportation quota. Therefore, I decided to pay. But later, after many years of scraping by, I finally gathered an additional 10 million divine crystals and approached them to see if they could go cheaper.”

“However, they told me to give them the divine crystals I had on me and to return once I had enough. I didn’t give them the divine crystals and asked them to return the collateral so I could ask someone else for help. But they said they wouldn’t return the divine crystals and kicked me out. I didn’t dare resist; once I resisted, it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t get back the collateral. I’m afraid they would have also taken away the rest of the divine crystals on me.”

Ning Cheng showed a cold smile. It’s a black shop.

“Don’t worry; I will accompany you this time.” Ning Cheng finished speaking and turned around to walk towards the building again.

“Elder Brother, you really shouldn’t go there.” Xixi anxiously called out to Ning Cheng. She knew both would be finished if Ning Cheng went in like this.

Ning Cheng, however, only smiled, “Don’t worry, just come with me. By the way, when they took the collateral, did they give you anything in return?”

Xixi shook her head and said, “No, but I secretly recorded everything on a crystal ball while handing over the divine crystals.”

Ning Cheng replied with great satisfaction, “That’s good. Give me the crystal ball.”

Although Xixi had a gentle personality and was timid in nature, she wasn’t a fool. She had been wandering this place alone for many years, giving her ample experience. And it was also because of this that she kept meticulous records of every transaction she made.


“What are you doing here again? What, have you already gathered all the divine crystals?” Ning Cheng and Xixi had just walked into the building when a Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor sitting inside and drinking spirit tea frowned and said something. Opposite to this Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor was another man with a similar Dao Sculpting cultivation. However, this person didn’t raise his head, only concentrating on taking a leisurely sip of spirit tea from the jade teacup.

“Not yet……”

Xixi only said two words when the frowning Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor spoke up angrily, “What are you doing here then? Get lost. Don’t let me kick you out again.”

Ning Cheng stopped Xixi, who wanted to say something and said calmly, “We can’t gather that many divine crystals, and we also know that it is difficult to gather the required divine crystals in the short term. Therefore, we no longer have any interest in using your teleportation services. We hope you can return the 10 million divine crystals we originally deposited.”

“How dare you come here and ask for divine crystals? Did you think you’re someone because of your cultivation? Get lost……” The Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor didn’t put Ning Cheng, a Dao Raising cultivator, in his eyes and spoke in a tone dripping in sarcasm.

However, he felt a terrifying pressure blast down before he could even finish the words. Under this kind of aura pressure, he couldn’t even breathe properly.

The next moment, he heard two crisp sounds, ‘Pop-Pop’.

A mist of blood erupted, followed by a dozen teeth flying out of his mouth. Ning Cheng had slapped that Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, crushing almost all the bones in his face.

“Bang!” Then, with a kick to his chest, the Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor felt his skeleton shatter inch by inch, and his body flew out from the entrance of the building.

“Clack!” A moment later, the Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor smashed into a huge tree across the street. With his body paralysed, he could only stare in fear at Ning Cheng, who stood inside the building.

He was at least a mid-stage Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, yet he couldn’t even resist half of that crushing pressure. He wanted to swallow a pill to heal his injuries, but he also understood that a pill couldn’t heal his injuries. That was because his broken bones now contained a foreign dao rhythm, making it almost impossible for him to heal. 

“You dare do such a thing here.” The other late-stage Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor finally couldn’t sit still and stood up, staring at Ning Cheng in shock and fear.

Although he said those words, he closely watched Ning Cheng’s actions with his spiritual consciousness. He was afraid that Ning Cheng would suddenly make a move against him.

“You should be glad that you didn’t kick my friend out of here just now. Otherwise, I would have beaten you so hard that even your parent wouldn’t recognise you.” Ning Cheng lifted his foot, crushed the tea table before him, and said calmly.

His spiritual consciousness had already locked onto a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor, who had just been notified by the other Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor, coming down a staircase. In any case, a Dao Transformation Holy Emperor wasn’t someone who could hurt him.

This Dao Transformation Holy Emperor calmly walked out through the entrance, picked up the paralysed Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor and slowly walked back inside. His gaze then swept towards Ning Cheng and Xixi before he put down the Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor and said coldly, “Although my Myriad Realms Chamber of Commerce isn’t a big merchant house, it isn’t something anyone can bully. Today, if you cannot give an answer that satisfies my Myriad Realms Chamber of Commerce, you can forget about being able to walk out of this place.”

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