The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 1051

Chapter 1051: Void Cold Light Spear

Ning Cheng could already refine middle-rank spirit artefacts, sometimes even high-rank spirit artefacts, through accidental breakthroughs in the refining methods.

Now that Ning Cheng focussed on the Dao of Refining, combined with various artefact-crafting materials on him, his skills improved significantly in just a short time.

Ning Cheng could finally refine high-ranked and even top-grade spirit artefacts one year later. It’s just that the artefact-crafting materials required for refining top-grade spirit artefacts were just too rare. Although Ning Cheng had abundant resources on him, he still didn’t have enough to practice refining top-ranked spirit artefacts. Otherwise, he could have gained significant proficiency in refining top-grade spirit artefacts.

It should be enough to start refining the Void Cold Light Iron. Ning Cheng thought and stopped with the practice and brought out the lump of Void Cold Light Iron with a wave of his hand.

A large lump of greenish metal emerged with a ghostly shine followed by intense coldness. In just a few moments, the icy chill from the lump even froze the space in the cabin. However, Ning Cheng remained unaffected. His spiritual consciousness brushed over the surface of the Void Cold Light Iron, feeling a vague trace of dao rhythm from it.

Ning Cheng raised his hand again, and his Celestial River Flame, which looked like the vast starry sky, engulfed the Void Cold Light Iron. As Ning Cheng expected, his flame had truly advanced to the spirit level, but it wasn’t enough to melt this Void Cold Light Iron lump. Even if the flame could melt the lump, the melting speed was just too slow to be of any use.

With such a dismal speed, not to mention refining spirit artefacts, even shaping this lump of Void Cold Light Iron might not be possible even if given a few years.

Ning Cheng had been prepared for this situation. If this Void Cold Light Iron could be shaped so easily, it wouldn’t have been his turn to purchase it. Many stronger people could have purchased it and seen that this lump contained a unique dao rhythm. Since this lump survived until he purchased it, many people obviously didn’t think of it highly despite its properties.

Ning Cheng was a Dao Essence Pill Sage and cultivated the Returning-to-one Dao. He thought that all had one thing in common: the Dao of Alchemy, the Dao of Artefacts, or the Dao of Formation. To refine a Dao Pill, one needed to condense the laws of the Dao Fruits, the same with the other daos. Therefore, now that he wanted to craft a spirit artefact, he naturally needed to coalesce the Void Dao Rhythm in the Cold Light Iron.

The Returning-to-one’s Grand Dao aura penetrated into the lump of Void Cold Light Iron, and Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness cautiously searched for the aura of dao rhythms.

But before Ning Cheng could search for the dao rhythm aura in the Void Cold Light Iron, an inexplicable power within the lump suddenly counterattacked. This power blasted directly into his Sea of Consciousness, creating a wild wave of power inside his Sea of Consciousness like an avalanche. This power rippled out in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness, shaking it to the point of causing great discomfort to Ning Cheng.

So powerful, Ning Cheng immediately wanted to withdraw his spiritual consciousness, only to find that the spiritual consciousness he had poured into the Void Cold Light Iron had disappeared without a trace. Ning Cheng couldn’t help but feel shocked; it was the first time he had encountered such a strange ingredient.

Luckily, his Sea of Consciousness had already evolved into a Starry Sky Sea of Consciousness, and after advancing to the Dao Raising Realm, it now felt like a vast and boundless universe of stars. As such, although the sudden avalanche shook his Sea of Consciousness, it couldn’t harm him or the Sea of Consciousness.

No wonder no one wanted this lump of Void Cold Light Iron. Even if they did want it, it would only be useful if they knew how to craft it into a treasure.

On this point, Ning Cheng also realised why Dou Jiangshi wanted this lump of Void Cold Light Iron; he must be relying on his Dark Nether Spirit Devouring Scripture.

Thinking of this, Ning Cheng’s Grand Dao Aura and spiritual consciousness again poured into the Void Cold Light Iron. The violent avalanche of power once again counterattacked and shot into Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness. But this time, Ning Cheng had prepared himself. In an instant, the Dark Nether Spirit Devourer activated to counteract the avalanche of power coursing through the Sea of Consciousness.

Sure enough, the avalanche of power quickly became peaceful under the effect of the Dark Nether Spirit Devourer’s Spiritual Consciousness Devouring. The next moment, the entire internal structure and the void dao rhythm in the Void Cold Light Iron turned visible and clear in Ning Cheng’s Sea of Consciousness.

Seriously? The Dark Nether Spirit Devourer still had such an effect? After seeing the Void Cold Light Iron’s Void Dao Rhythm clearly, Ning Cheng quickly understood the value of this item. He also understood that Dao Jiangshi wouldn’t give up on this Void Cold Light Iron. He had not acted yet because his essence spirit and the flesh had not completely fused together, causing him to lack confidence in taking on Ning Cheng.

But even if Dou Jiangshi had obtained this Void Cold Light Iron, he couldn’t refine it into an artefact like him. After all, he had the spirit grade Celestial River Flame, which Dou Jiangshi didn’t necessarily have. He was also a top-grade Artificer; was Dou Jiangshi also one? But without the Mysterious Yellow Bead and the Mysterious Yellow Formless, even if Dou Jiangshi decided to learn artificing, he might not be able to achieve minor success even if he spent thousands of years on it. Moreover, did Dou Jiangshi even know about the Law Break Spirit Technique?

After taking control of the void dao rhythm and aura of the Void Cold Light Iron, Ning Cheng’s dao rhythm started to overflow and wrap around his body. It transformed into Law Break’s dao rhythm that completely wrapped the Void Cold Light Iron in just a moment.

With the weakening law aura within the Void Cold Light Iron, Ning Cheng immediately brought out the Celestial River Flame.

This time, when Ning Cheng’s Celestial River Flame met the Void Cold Light Iron, the Void Cold Light Iron immediately started melting like a piece of ice baked by fire.

As a strand of Ning Cheng’s law aura blasted into the now-melted Void Cold Light Iron, the molten metal started to change shape while suspended in space. At the same time, the cold and icy aura from inside it grew thicker and purer.

As time flew by, Ning Cheng’s entire Returning-to-one Dao Rhythm almost merged with the aura of the Void Cold Light Iron.

In his room, only the coldness of the Void Cold Light Iron remained, while the aura of his Returning-to-one Dao, his Law Break Spirit Technique, and the ghastly temperature of the Celestial River Flame raged on.

One day, one month……

After half a year passed, Ning Cheng still remained immersed in shaping the Void Cold Light Iron. Before finding a way to craft the Good Fortune Spirit Spear, the Void Cold Light Spear would be his only attack-focused artefact. Therefore, for the sake of this spear, Ning Cheng spared no effort for anything else and went all out.

However, at this moment, the Void Cold Light Iron had already coalesced into a dark green and extremely cold spear. As Ning Cheng etched one spear formation after another onto the Cold Light Speat, the aura of the Cold Light Spear grew stronger and stronger, to the point that it transformed into a pure, extremely dark, and cold, killing aura.

Suddenly, a clear, crisp sound rang out in the void, and Ning Cheng opened his eyed with joy. In front of him lay a dark green spear, and before Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness could penetrate the spear, the spear emitted an icy cold killing aura that seemed ready to roll up and blast out at anything and everything with its killing intent.

A call also emerged and integrated into his heart as if coming from the soul of the spear, giving Ning Cheng a feeling as if he and the spear now had a blood connection.

Ning Cheng opened his hand, and the levitating spear fell directly into his hand, transforming into a dark green spear filled with killing intent and about ten feet long.

Sure enough, it was an extremely high-quality top-ranked spirit artefact. In a sense, it was at the peak of all top-ranked spirit artefacts. Feeling the power coming from the spear, a strong sense of satisfaction surged in Ning Cheng’s heart.

The fact that the Void Cold Light Iron had become a top-tier top-grade spirit artefact was not only because it had taken Ning Cheng half a year to refine the spear but also because the materials used for the spear were extremely high-quality.

However, these were not the reasons for Ning Cheng’s surprise. Ning Cheng was happy because he was connected to this spear by heart and soul. This meant that this spear would give birth to an artefact spirit given enough time.

No matter where one was, an artefact with an artefact spirit was a top-tier treasure. There were many different types of artefact spirits, and some formed during the crafting process. However, artificers forcefully try to integrate artefact spirits into their artefacts. Thus, artefacts having spirits aren’t exactly uncommon. It’s just that only those artefacts that can give birth to artefact spirits on their own are the true treasures of heaven and earth.

As Ning Cheng’s hand gently brushed over the spear, the Void Cold Light Spear transformed into an arc of green-silk-like light in space, and the icy cold killing intent scrapped the surrounding area. The powerful aura of law hidden within the killing intent satisfied Ning Cheng’s heart.

What a treasure! Ning Cheng thought as he put away the Void Cold Light Spear with satisfaction. He also put away the remaining bit of Void Cold Light Iron. It was only today that he had an attack-focused artefact that he felt truly satisfied with. With this Void Cold Light Spear, his strength had increased by a huge margin.

Ning Cheng didn’t continue his seclusion and opened the room’s restriction. He had been in seclusion for a year and a half and had no idea how far the void ship had travelled.

“Pill Sage Ning, you’ve been in seclusion for a year and a half; you must have gained quite a bit.” Ning Cheng felt surprised to hear the familiar voice of Dou Jiangshi as soon as he stepped out of the door.

Looking at Dou Jiangshi’s insincere smile with no expression, Ning Cheng felt nauseous. He suspected that Dou Jiangshi had been watching his room all this time. How else would he know that Ning Cheng had just come out?

Ning Cheng casually nodded and said, “It’s not bad.”

Without saying another word to Dou Jiangshi, Ning Cheng straight to the void ship’s deck.

“Pill Sage Ning, please wait a moment.” Dou Jiangshi remained unbothered by Ning Cheng’s indifference and followed him onto the deck.

“If you have something to say, say it. If you have nothing important to say, then leave.” Ning Cheng spoke in a cold tone and wasn’t polite at all.

Ning Cheng despised Dou Jiangshi and knew they could never become friends. As such, Ning Cheng had no intention of being fake and submissive.

“Pill Sage Ning….” Standing on the deck chatting, Yan Kuaifu and Mei Xiuwan saw Ning Cheng coming out and greeted him. However, they stopped short after saying two words. Ning Cheng’s language was too impolite and too rude.

However, they understood that Ning Cheng wasn’t targeting them but Dou Jiangshi, who was following behind him.

Dou Jiangshi’s face remained expressionless; perhaps even if he had any expression, others couldn’t tell. Only Yan Kuaifu saw the flash of killing intent in Dou Jiangshi’s eyes, and then he smiled and said, “Pill Sage Ning, I have something to discuss with you. Can we talk for a moment?”

Ning Cheng turned around and stared coldly at Dou Jiangshi, “We have no secrets. If you have something to say, just say it. If not, I’m not going to entertain you.”

Ning Cheng could tell that Dou Jiangshi’s cultivation had stabilised and that the fusion between the essence spirit and the body was also relatively stable. From the early stages of the Dao Transformation Realm to the middle stage, with this fellow’s speed, it probably wouldn’t be long before he restored his original cultivation.

When Yan Kuaifu and Mei Xiuwan saw Ning Cheng and Dou Jiangshi staring daggers at each other, not doing anything, they hurriedly made an excuse and left.

After Yan Kuaifu and Mei Xiuwan left, Dou Jiangshi said directly, “Pill Sage Ning, I know you have a piece of Void Cold Light Iron. Can you sell it to me? You can name your price.”

This fellow really had his sights set on the Void Cold Light Iron. Ning Cheng smiled and said, “Your involvement with the zombie from the Immortal Corpse Sect has nothing to do with me, and I have nothing to do with you taking over the Immortal Corpse Sect’s zombies. So put down any ideas you have. Otherwise, even if you seize another body, I will still beat your essence spirit out of it. You want my Void Cold Light Iron? Two words: Get lost.”

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