The Gate Of Good Fortune

Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032: Crazy Sea Demons

“Dao Friend Luo, Dao Friend Tong Ming; the two of you coming to my Soul Sea Territorial City makes this Yu Xing really happy. Please come to my humble City Lord’s mansion for a cup of tea.” Yu Xin recognised Tong Ming and Kong Ning’s teacher as soon as he came.

“Oh, could it be that City Lord Yu only welcomes people from the River Luo Sacred Sect and not us…..” Several more people walked out of the teleportation tower again as he spoke.

Yu Xing immediately recognised that all these people were Dao Essence powerhouses from the top ten sects. He quickly cupped his fists and extended the invite to them as well.

Kong Ning had been paying attention to Deacon Xia since Yu Xing arrived. Seeing that Deacon Xia showed intentions to back off when Yu Xing greeted them, she hurriedly called out, “This Dao Friend, please stay. Why are you backing away from welcoming our River Luo Sacred Sect? Could it be that you are the one rumoured to have plans against me?”

“What? You dare to make a move on my disciple?” Kong Ning’s teacher looked like a genteel woman; however, she was famous for having an extremely irritable temperament. Therefore, after hearing Kong Ning’s words, she suddenly stepped forward in anger, with such a tremendous momentum that it fully suppressed Deacon Xia.

She had been in retreat for many years and wasn’t much involved in guiding Kong Ning. One could even say that Kong Ning was only her disciple in name and received no tutelage from her. But now that Kong Ning relied on her own efforts to reach Dao Sculpting, she naturally felt sorry for her and started to care for Kong Ning in her heart.

Deacon Xia felt his heart almost bursting from anxiousness. Previously, he heard from Yu Xing that Kong Ning suddenly had a Senior Apprentice Brother, but now he didn’t see Kong Ning’s Senior Apprentice Brother beside her. Ning Cheng might be able to silently break through the spiritual consciousness shielding restriction here, but he could not do so. After all, even if Ning Cheng got discovered, he could still try to escape as he didn’t have any identity. As the Deacon-in-charge of the Sea Sky Pavillion[1], once he was discovered, he would have to forcibly break the restrictions in the Soul Sea Territorial City, which would end up creating a massive diplomatic dispute.

Yu Xing naturally didn’t want to see the people from River Luo Sacred Sect get into conflict with Sea Sky Pavillion here. Therefore, he quickly changed the subject and asked, “Dao Friend Kong Ning, where is your Senior Apprentice Brother? Since he is also from River Luo Sacred Sect, let’s all go and relax at my City Lord’s mansion. Now that Dao Friend Luo and Dao Friend Tong Ming just arrived here, you’re not going to rush back to the sect, right?”

Naturally, Yu Xing did this on purpose. He vaguely felt something was wrong with Ning Cheng after listening to Deacon Xia’s words and observing his actions.

“City Master Yu he had something urgent to attend to. By the way, he said that since you can’t help him with the things he gave you before, he asked you to give them to me for now.” Kong Ning quickly spoke up.

Faced with Kong Ning’s request, Yu Xing didn’t dare to disagree, and he could only return Ning Cheng’s ring to Kong Ning. He felt regretful. He should have ignored the message sword and sent the two away before saying anything. It cost him a dao fruit and tens of thousands of spirit crystals for nothing.

“Oh, someone else came here from my River Luo Sacred Sect? Who is it?” As an old monster, Tong Ming felt slightly puzzled once he heard the vague answer from Kong Ning.

When Yu Xing heard Tong Ming’s words, coupled with Deacon Xia’s hint from earlier, he became even more suspicious and said, “Previously, a Daoist Ning came here and said he was from River Luo Sacred Sect. He wanted to take the teleportation array to the Grand Essence Domain. Later, Dao Friend Kong Ning also confirmed that he was from River Luo Sacred Sect…….”

Kong Ning spoke with an ugly expression, “City Lord Yu, you shouldn’t talk nonsense. When did I say that he belonged to my River Luo Sacred Sect? He’s just someone I know, and I always call him Senior Apprentice Brother.”

Yu Xing’s mouth opened in surprise, and then he recalled what Kong Ning had said earlier. It was true that Kong Ning didn’t say that the cultivator surnamed Ning was from River Luo Sacred Sect but only called him Senior Apprentice Brother. But despite knowing that Kong Ning’s words and behaviour made him misunderstand that the cultivator surnamed Ning belonged to the River Luo Sacred Sect, Yu Xing couldn’t do anything.

When Deacon Xia heard this, he immediately understood it wasn’t good news and no longer cared about offending others. He apologised, “I suddenly remembered something urgent; Friends, please excuse me for a moment; I will come back to make amends once I finish my business.”

After saying this, Deacon Xia disappeared with a flash of his body.

Watching Deacon Xia disappear, Kong Ning could only sigh in secret. She could only help this much; she didn’t have the strength to physically stop Deacon Xia.


Ning Cheng acted without hesitation this time. Quickly arriving at the Soul Sea Territorial City entrance, he immediately activated the Twin Wings of the Heavenly Clouds and forcibly rushed out. By the time the four cultivators guarding the entrance reacted, Ning Cheng had long since disappeared without a trace.

Therefore, by the time Deacon Xia rushed to the exit of the defensive formation, Ning Cheng had already entered the depths of the Grand Essence Sea.

Deacon Xia’s expression turned gloomy. He understood that there was no way to chase Ning Cheng anymore. He also had no way to vent his anger, as the Soul Sea Territorial City wasn’t his.


Several days later, Ning Cheng finally slowed down a bit. Just as Deacon Xia’s expression had soured, Ning Cheng also felt equally down.

Crossing the Grand Essence Sea, he couldn’t tell how many years it would take to reach the Grand Essence Domain. Not to mention participating in the Five Grand Realms’ Alchemy Competition, he might not even be able to rescue Sheng Houtian in time.

After all, Sheng Houtian got poisoned by the Ripple Bone Poison, most likely, because of him. The only consolation was that Sheng Houtian was a full-circle Dao Essence powerhouse, so his detoxification could be delayed by a few years. After all, no matter how powerful the Ripple Bone Poison was, it shouldn’t be able to kill a Dao Essence Holy Emperor in a few years. Plus, Sheng Houtian being a Dao Transformation Pill Sage, should also count for something, right?

But now that he was forced to cross the Grand Essence Sea, there would be no way to ensure that the poison would be detoxified from Sheng Houtian in time.

Ning Cheng felt helpless; he should have given Ba Meng one of the detoxification pills. After all, he had talked to Ba Meng and had requested him to do one thing for him. In fact, that thing was to help Sheng Houtian by bringing him a Renewing Heaven Ripple Bone Pill. It’s just that he never expected to have an accident in the netherworld, and he almost didn’t make it out.

Even if he ignored the time needed to cross the Grand Essence Sea, the Grand Essence Sea simply had too many dangers. He couldn’t even say if he could cross the sea or not in one piece.

While Ning Cheng still thought about how he should cross the Grand Essence Sea, a dense sea of demons quickly surrounded him.

Ning Cheng had noticed these sea demons previously but didn’t care much about them. They had two wings and six feet, mainly using ice blades and water spikes as their main attacks. What’s more, these sea demons’ main attacks also carried poison.

Initially, there were just a few dozen sea demons, not enough to take seriously. But during the few moments of distraction, several million sea demons had surrounded him. The most powerful among them being equivalent to an ordinary Dao Sculpting Holy Emperor in strength. Although these sea demons couldn’t understand the Dao or Laws, Ning Cheng could no longer ignore them.

After all, even though they didn’t understand the Dao or the Laws, it didn’t mean that their attacks didn’t contain the laws of heaven and earth. Any living creature who cultivated to a certain extent would eventually form a resonance with worldly laws. They would instinctually follow it even if they couldn’t comprehend it. Sea demons were one such type of demonic beast, and their demonic poison was a manifestation of one of the worldly laws.

Ning Cheng blasted out one Time Wheel after another, and the strength of the Time Wheel vividly came to light in this place. No matter how powerful were these sea demons, as the Time Wheel swept past, it only left a bloody mist vacuum. It’s just that this vacuum quickly filled up with more sea demons, with a multitude of attacks pouncing on him.

Eventually, Ning Cheng was forced to bring out the Blue Thunder Form. After all, facing such dense attacks, if he only used his domain to resist, it would end up exhausting his strength.

Unfortunately, these sea demons didn’t seem afraid of death or injury, and no matter how many died, more sea demons filled the gaps. Initially, only the sea demons in the vicinity were involved, but as the smell of blood spread out, sea demons from further away swarmed in. As the overwhelming number of sea demons rushed over, Ning Cheng started to feel more and more pressure. In just half an hour, tens of thousands of miles of sea around him filled up with sea demons.

As for Ning Cheng, he could no longer see even a single gap among the vast swath of sea demons around him.

As Ning Cheng continued to kill, the area around him continued to fill up with broken limbs and the gore of sea demons. Unfortunately, no matter how many Time Wheels he blasted out, it couldn’t erase the stream of sea demons’ blood flowing into the sea. Seeing this, Ning Cheng finally stopped killing them. He knew that a qualitative change in their attacks would occur once the number of demon beasts reached a certain level. Unless he had something that could erase several thousand miles around him with a wave of his hand, it would not help him escape this predicament.

Perhaps he could do such a thing in lower-level interfaces; after all, he could crush a planet with his own hand in those places. But he couldn’t do the same in the Grand Essence Realm, even with broken laws.

If he continued killing more sea demons, he would either be fully surrounded by them and die or attract more powerful sea demons.


At the periphery of this sea of sea demons, a male and a female cultivator were staring at the sea demons besieging Ning Cheng.

The male had long hair tied into an elegant immortal bun, a regal face and a handsome and elegant figure. As for the female figure, she was tall and sported eye-catching curves accentuated by the slightly tight-fitting robes hanging off her slender waist. Combined with a flawless and beautiful face, it was enough to make any woman jealous.

The enchanting figure and the beautiful face also gave her an extremely dignified demeanour.

This pair stood in the air looking like a divine couple, elegant and refined.

“Brother Man, why do you think those sea demons are attacking that person in such a craze?” The woman looked at the sea demons rushing towards Ning Cheng, wave after wave, and asked softly.

The man addressed as ‘Brother Man’ pondered for a moment and said, “There are only two explanations. One is that this person has somehow touched something taboo to those sea demons, or he has something that those sea demons desire….”

Speaking of this, the cultivator, addressed as Brother Man, paused before continuing. “Sea demons are most sensitive to natural origins and chaos aura. I heard that recently a Five-elements Star appeared at the edge of the Grand Essence Realm. And this Five-elements Star is rumoured to have the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura. Although this Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura isn’t the pure Primal Chaos Aura, it’s still quite a fortune, maybe…….”

Brother Man stopped, but the woman already understood Brother Man’s meaning, “Brother Man, you mean….”

Brother Man nodded, “Yes, as long as this person has come in contact with the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura, he would still have some residue of the Five-elements Primal Chaos Aura on him. This person, I want to save him.”

“Okay, then, let’s give it a shot together.” The beautiful woman gave a quick reply.


Because of Ning Cheng’s spiritual consciousness range, he didn’t want to use overly flashy moves. Those moves could eliminate enough of those sea demons, but more importantly, a couple with unknown intentions was watching him from afar.

The sea demons didn’t attack that man and woman but only attacked him, which puzzled Ning Cheng. Ning Cheng finally relented and decided to use the First Bridge of Coping, not to purely kill the sea demons around him but to create an opportunity to escape using the first bridge.

But just when he was about to bring out the first bridge, he saw the man and the woman take action.

[1] Author Note: Deacon Xia belongs to Sea Sky Pavillion. In the previous chapter, I made a clerical error and wrote Deacon Xia as a person from the Cheerful Treasure Chamber of Commerce. I apologise for the mistake.

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