The Forgotten Princess

Chapter 31 The old general

It was nearing midnight in general Robert’s estate near the outskirts of the city.

The old general was in his study looking at some papers. He was holding a glass of whiskey in his hand. He deeply sighed while reading the papers in front of him.

"What is the old general sighing deeply for?" A voice of a man came from outside the room.

"Who is there?!" Robert made a menacing voice.

"Calm yourself old general, it is I." The man entered the room slowly.

When he was near the lamp light his features were revealed. A man with brown hair and eyes was seen.

"It is you." Robert sighed in relief. "What does your highness, crown prince Regaleon of Grandcrest want, to be here in this old man’s estate in the middle of the night."

"I was thinking if having a chat with the old general." Leon smiled. "Your security is rather lacking general Robert. I can waltz in here at ease."

Leon stopped in front of the old general’s desk. Not far from him was Dimitri standing just at the edge of the shadows.

"Hahaha it is not lacking your highness." Robert laughed. "It is just the crown prince and his royal guard are keen in sneaking past my guards. As expected of the crown prince and royal guard of Grandcrest, you are indeed worthy of the title."

"And getting this title was not easy. I am standing above a mountain of body, blood and bones just to achieve my goals. And it doesn’t end there." Leon said with a mighty aura.

Robert was taken aback and sighed. "Your temperament is so much like your father when he was at your age, such strong aura. But your looks came from your mother."

Leon cringed hearing Robert’s sentence. He rubbed his hair with his hands and a flash of blue light emerged. Leon’s hair came back o it’s black raven color. Then he hovered his hand over his eyes and once again there was a flash of blue light. Now his eyes turned back into its blue color like the deep ocean.

"Your mother has thought you well with the magic arts." Robert exclaimed.

"I only know a few tricks general. You know that magic this days is a taboo." Leon said coldly.

"You really look like your mother. I can still remember her in the old days, young Beatrice." Robert said with some sadness in his voice.

"That is why I hate my face." There was a hint of anger in Leon’s voice. "It just makes me remember how she died in my arms. Looking at her while life was fading away from her eyes."

"She was a sweet and gentle girl." Robert sighed. "She wasn’t made to be in a harem. But alas she love your father dearly."

Leon clenched her fists hard. "She should have never married father. She was just made as a concubine inside his harem."

"Your father loved your mother, Leon." Robert looked at the young prince. He saw the anger and rage in his eyes.

"And because she was favored by father, she was targeted by father’s legal wife the queen." Hate was evident in Leon’s voice.

"Your mother didn’t have the choice. She was pregnant with you during the war. She didn’t want you to be born a bastard." Robert explained.

"I would have been happy to be born a bastard if it means she is still alive to this day." Leon said angrily. "Heh, the war. If it wasn’t for the war, they wouldn’t have met each other."

"Yes. The war with the country of Atlantia." Robert said with a serious face. "The war that broke twenty years ago was the biggest and most devastating war this continent had ever seen. And I am afraid there is a possibility that it will happen again."

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