The First Order

Chapter 658 - The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind

Chapter 658: The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind

After so many years of planning by the consortiums and smuggling all these people into Luoyang City through coordination with the Xu clan’s renegades, they were all defeated in just a single day.

Under the siege of the Riders, some of the supernatural beings fled their separate ways. If it were only a few Riders who had shown up here, they would not have left in such a hurry.

But the garrison troops had already arrived at both ends of Wangchunmen Boulevard. The armored vehicles and heavy machine guns were not to be trifled with. No matter how powerful the supernatural beings were, there was no reason for them to go all out against the troops.

Otherwise, they would not have gone through so much trouble and tried to capture Jiang Xu, Zhou Yingxue, and Hu Shuo.

Second Brother Kong was sitting in the hidden residence. The lights in the living room were not on, his face shrouded in darkness.

He suddenly said, “Actually, we were all wrong. From the moment that superhuman from the Northwest appeared, we should’ve withdrawn.”

No one responded to him in the darkness. Everyone had fallen silent.

Second Brother Kong was not a superhuman himself. He had only appeared here because he was in charge of the Kong Consortium’s intelligence and field operations.

He was also the first to make contact with the Xu clan’s relatives.

It could be said that Second Brother Kong was the one who sparked off everything that happened at Luoyang City.

The consortiums were well-prepared for this operation. Before embarking on it, they had even taken into account the Pyro Company’s strength.

When the consortiums realized the Pyro Company did not come to Qinghe’s aid, they even felt a little relieved. This way, their plan to take over the Qinghe Group would be much more secure.

But they did not expect the arrival of a young man from the Northwest would actually disrupt all of their plans.

From the moment they tried to attack Qinghe University to the failure of capturing Jiang Xu, it seemed that every step they took was wrong.

A single wrong move affected all subsequent moves. Perhaps the root of their mistake was that everyone had underestimated the impact a superhuman could have on the world.

Of course, they had also underestimated that superhuman’s maidservant.

While sitting in the dark living room, Second Brother Kong occasionally had thoughts that if they did not send the operatives to attack the residence at Junmin Alley and the orphanage earlier, the current situation would have been a little more favorable for them.

Second Brother Kong asked Wang Wenyan, who was sitting across from him, “What’s your Wang Consortium planning to do next? Will you follow through to the end and send your troops to attack Luoyang City or will you just accept defeat? And the Zhou Consortium, what are your next plans?”

The Zhou Consortium’s representative said with a sneer, “Second Brother Kong, are you trying to instigate the Central Plains into starting a war? I’m afraid that once the three consortiums assemble here at Luoyang City, no one can stop the war from happening.”

At that time, it would not be as simple as seizing Luoyang City anymore. When the three consortiums’ troops met, the flames of war would probably ignite across the entire Central Plains.

Second Brother Kong realized something was amiss. “Wang Wenyan?”

When he got up to turn on the lights, he realized Wang Wenyan had disappeared from the living room. There was only a black mist on the sofa across from him that was maintaining the silhouette of a human figure. When Second Brother Kong reached out to touch it, the black mist dissipated like a punctured balloon!

Second Brother Kong was stunned on the spot. “Where did Wang Wenyan go? He’s actually a superhuman?!”

All of them were sitting in the house just a moment ago, and Second Brother Kong was sure he did not hear anyone leaving through the door or windows. He did not even hear Wang Wenyan’s footsteps, but that person had somehow disappeared into thin air.

A second later, the sofa Second Brother Kong was sitting on started to glow a fiery red. A bomb that had been planted in the room exploded loudly, and the entire building was engulfed in flames in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, many other places in Luoyang City were also burning in flames, so there was nothing too particular about this place. There would just be a wait for the firefighters to arrive and put out the fire before discovering the corpses here in the residential building.

The black mist drifted into the air and towards the Qinghe Building like a black scarf fluttering in the wind.

In the darkness of the night, everyone thought it was just a small patch of dark clouds or did not notice it at all when the black mist drifted past them.

When it reached the outside of the Qinghe headquarters, the black mist entered the building through the ventilation system. As long as there were some gaps in the building, it would be impossible to stop it from getting in.

The black mist drifted rapidly through the ventilation ducts before finally ending up in a room filled with electronic equipment on the 11th floor. Then the black mist slowly “solidified” into the figure of Wang Wenyan.

He walked to a set of equipment with a smile and took out a black, palm-sized device which he connected to the instrument’s data port.

A green light lit up on the black, palm-sized device. Wang Wenyan could suddenly feel something had made its way into the entire Qinghe Building, as well as into those satellites, through this device.

The lights in the Qinghe Building went off for a moment before immediately returning to normal. It was like the entire Qinghe Building had been “rebooted.”

Wang Wenyan did not stay around any longer. He turned into the black mist again and left through the ventilation system.

The surveillance footage of the entire building was about to be tampered with by an unknown force, and no one would discover that Wang Wenyan had been here.

Actually, Second Brother Kong and that Zhou Consortium’s representative were unaware that the Wang Consortium had no intention of taking Xu Ke hostage or capturing the Qinghe Building. Because they knew right from the beginning that there was actually no need for any fighting or killing if they wanted to take control of the satellites.

Of course, if Xu Ke had been killed or if someone could help distract their enemies, that would even be better. But it did not matter that Xu Ke was still alive, as long as the Zhou Consortium and the Kong Consortium suffered many casualties.

To the Wang Consortium, this operation was still extremely successful.

Although some of their elite soldiers and superhumans had also died, the Kong Consortium and the Zhou Consortium had taken more casualties.

The remainder of the Wang Consortium’s super humans had not gone to Wangchunmen Boulevard tonight. Instead, they took advantage of the chaos and left Luoyang City earlier in the night.

The people who looked like superhumans at Wangchunmen Boulevard were just normal soldiers the Wang Consortium dressed up carefully to look like supernatural beings.

This time, they not only wanted to seize the satellites but also weaken the strength of the Kong Consortium and Zhou Consortium.

Therefore, everything that happened tonight was just like Wang Shengzhi’s foreshadowing for the future.

Second Brother Kong was right. A single wrong move affected all subsequent moves. The mistakes of the Kong Consortium and the Zhou Consortium had effectively started from today.

A young woman in a black combat uniform was standing atop a high-rise building next to Wangchunmen Boulevard. She was surrounded by a dozen paper cranes hovering around her.

The woman in the black cap quietly watched as the cap-wearing girl continued pulling the trigger from the roof of another building. She suddenly took off her black cap and threw it into the wind, sending it flying off to somewhere.

Yang Xiaojin suddenly sensed something and turned her head towards her aunt. They were looking at each other from the roofs of the two buildings. When the dark clouds in the sky dispersed, the crescent moon reappeared.

Yang Xiaojin hesitated a little, but she did not say anything in the end. She turned around and ran downstairs, sprinting straight for Ren Xiaosu.

And so, Yang Anjing was left standing alone on the roof of a high-rise building. No one knew what she was thinking.

She looked at the Qinghe Building from afar and only left when she saw the lights in the entire building flicker off and light up again.

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