The First Order

Chapter 1161 - Seizing stones!  

Chapter 1161: Seizing stones!

The sorcerers wore their cloaks, which they used to shield themselves from the rain, and quickly approached the battlefield. The sorcerer who was the first to arrive at the devastation grabbed a patrolling guard by the collar and shouted angrily, “What happened? Who dares act recklessly in the city?”

The patrolling guard stammered, “Two people were involved in a pursuit. We wanted to give chase, but we couldn’t catch up to them at all.”

“Two people?” The sorcerer from the House of Winston was exceptionally angry. “How could two people cause such a big commotion? Why didn’t you raise the alarm earlier?”

The patrolling guard who was being held by the neck was on the verge of crying. “Lord Sorcerer, they were too fast. We didn’t even have time to react. We discovered them near the granary at first, but in just one minute, they ran two kilometers away.”

The soldiers could not tell the truth, of course. They could only vaguely describe what they had witnessed. Otherwise, if the House of Winston found out they had neglected their duties, all of their families would probably get thrown into jail with them.

The sorcerer asked, “What else happened? Tell me quickly. Don’t leave anything out.”

The guard said in a trembling voice, “At the beginning, there were two people, with one chasing the other. Later, it suddenly turned into two steel monsters, with one fleeing and the other giving chase.”

The sorcerer was stunned. “Steel monsters? What steel monsters?”

At this moment, a rumble came from the end of the street. The soldier pointed behind the sorcerer and said, “Those steel monsters… they came back!”

The sorcerer spun around. By the time he saw the steam locomotive, it was almost in his face.

The sorcerer immediately dug out his orange Eye of True Sight from his waist pouch and roared at the steam locomotive, “In the name of the Winstons, I order you to stop! Flame Wall!”

But just as he was done chanting, the first steam locomotive broke right through the wall of flames that had just been raised and zoomed past him.


Wang Congyang, who was at the front of the train, spat a mouthful of phlegm into the young sorcerer’s eyes.

The sorcerer wiped it off his face in rage. He raised his Eye of True Sight and recited a mysterious incantation. But the second steam locomotive had already arrived. Someone reached out from the front of the train and snatched the Eye of True Sight from the sorcerer’s hand.

The young sorcerer was confused.

The sorcerer stood in the street with his arms raised in confusion as he watched the two steam locomotives zoom past one after another. It was as though he did not exist at all.

A moment later, the young sorcerer flew into a rage. “Inform the Knights of the Hymn in the city. I want those two caught! And tell the garrison forces to lock the gates. From now on, no one is allowed to leave or enter Winston City!”

The young sorcerer had fought in battles against others before, but this was the first time he had encountered a situation where his Eye of True Sight was snatched away!

People who completely disregarded the honor of the Magi had appeared in Winston City. They definitely could not be let off!

At this moment, Wang Congyang was standing at the front of the train and driving it carefully. From time to time, he would turn around to take a look. He realized the steam locomotive Ren Xiaosu was driving was chasing after him at a leisurely pace.

The city’s residents who were sound asleep gradually woke up and looked out their windows. They were greeted by the sight of something they could not understand speeding crazily through the streets.

Ren Xiaosu stood calmly in his black steam locomotive. The chimney at the front was spewing billowing black smoke like a train from hell.

A long time ago, Mu Wan’ge, a movie director in the Central Plains, had always been envious of how people before The Cataclysm were able to film extremely thrilling high-speed chase scenes. Unfortunately, the current technology he had access to was still unable to reproduce such scenes.

Ren Xiaosu thought to himself that this could also be considered a high-speed chase, right? It was just that the parties involved were driving trains.

Wang Congyang seemed to have thought of where to escape to. The steam locomotive he was driving suddenly turned north.

In the dark of the night, an archmage holding a red Eye of True Sight rushed over. He stood on a roof and watched the approaching steam locomotives as he started chanting a long incantation in a low voice.

In the nearby buildings, a resident suddenly noticed him and exclaimed, “It’s Archmage Devonshire! He was actually forced to take action?!”

For nearly a decade now, the monthly worship service in Winston City had been conducted by Archmage Devonshire, so all the residents knew him.

Presiding over the worship service meant the archmage’s status was extremely high in the Winston family. Although he could not compare to the head of the family, he was not far from it.

When he was almost done reciting the long incantation, the residents who were peeking shouted in surprise. On the roof, a figure in a white mask suddenly appeared behind Devonshire and stabbed him in the heart from behind with a black saber.

Old Xu did not stop there. It even took the red Eye of True Sight from Devonshire before disappearing into the rain again.

The residents in the nearby buildings covered their mouths in shock as they watched Devonshire slowly fall to the ground. No one had expected an unknown enemy would be harvesting Eyes of True Sight amid the chaos.

In the steam locomotive, Ren Xiaosu revealed a smile. He had really gained a lot tonight. In just a short while, he had already obtained eight Eyes of True Sight.

Among them, seven were orange and one was red.

It seemed that in a clan like the Winstons, any of the orthodox bloodline sorcerers would at the least be wielding an orange Eye of True Sight. Thinking of this, Ren Xiaosu really sympathized with Mel even more. He really had to find a chance to exchange Mel’s Eye of True Sight with a better one.

Tonight, an earth-shattering pursuit had drawn out dozens of sorcerers. Not only had Devonshire been stabbed in the back, but several sorcerers were also ambushed by Old Xu on their way here before they could catch a glimpse of the steam locomotives.

Old Xu moved freely in the rain, and none of the sorcerers could recite a complete incantation before the shadow clone got close to them.

After the Knights of the Hymn assembled, they galloped out of the military base in the city. The intense sound of the horses galloping was enough to jolt people.

Unfortunately, the horses were still inferior in the face of a steam locomotive’s speed. Under normal circumstances, a thoroughbred could only travel at around 56 to 64 kilometers per hour during a race. The mutated warhorses Yan Liuyuan bred in the Central Plains could probably travel faster, but they still couldn’t catch up to a steam locomotive that was traveling at 120 kilometers per hour.

Therefore, no matter how great a show of force the Knights of the Hymn were putting on, they could only accept the fact that their targets were getting farther and farther away from them.

News kept coming from the front. Archmage Devonshire was dead. His son, Sorcerer Bede, was dead. His nephew, Cavendi, was dead.

The commander of the Knights of the Hymn was even thinking of rushing over to tell the two culprits who were caught up in their pursuit to stop fucking fighting already. If they kept it up any longer, all of the Winston family’s sorcerers would be dead!

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