The Female Supporting Character Outshines the Female Lead

Chapter 478 - Chapter 478: Mo Lu’s Position

Chapter 478: Mo Lu’s Position

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Everyone naturally heard Mo Yin’s voice. After turning around and seeing who it was, they all lowered their heads respectfully.

When these two big bosses walked past them and approached Xia Wei and the others in the center of the crowd, they even greeted them respectfully, “Teacher Mo!”

“Teacher He Shi!”

Without paying much attention to these people, Mo Yin walked to Xia Wei and Jian Tan with an indifferent expression.

After looking at Xia Wei, she glanced at Jian Tan from the side and finally turned to look at Chen Yuan, who had been aggressive just now. “Is this the upbringing of your Chen Family to force others to ‘incriminate’ themselves so domineeringly?”

In front of Jian Tan and He Shi, Chen Yuan might be able to resist for a while. However, when Mo Yin appeared and stood opposite him with a clear attitude, Chen Yuan instantly knew that he would definitely lose tonight.

He swallowed his saliva gently and slowly lowered his head at Mo Yin. He replied respectfully, “Auntie Mo, this is not what you think. The feud between my girlfriend and Xia Wei has been going on for a long time. Today, Xia Wei is just setting us up again. You—”

“Don’t call me so affectionately, and don’t explain so much to me. I have nothing to do with your Chen Family.”

Mo Yin interrupted Chen Yuan and ignored the ugly expression on his face. After glancing at Xin Xin from the side, she continued calmly, “There’s clearly a simpler solution to this matter, but you just don’t use it. Why? Do you feel guilty and don’t dare to do things officially?”

“I’ve seen many girls like you in my life. Do you think that you’ve ‘soar’ just because you’ve got a powerful man in your hands? Let me tell you, this is really a huge mistake. You have to know that a moment of doting and smugness is only temporary. Only your own things will always be yours.”

Looking at Xin Xin’s expression, which showed that she had no idea what she was talking about, Mo Yin slowly frowned. After a while, she sighed softly as if she had given up. “Do you think no one really saw what happened just now? Are you going to retreat now, or do you want me to tell everyone what He Shi and I saw just now?”

Hearing this, Xin Xin really didn’t understand what Mo Yin’s attitude was.

Mo Yin mocked her mercilessly the moment she came up. Her attitude obviously showed that she was on Xia Wei’s side, but at the end, she seemed to want to let her off without batting an eyelid…

Xin Xin didn’t understand Mo Yin, but she knew how to judge the situation!

Even Chen Yuan did not dare to speak loudly in front of this woman. How could she, a small celebrity with no background, dare to go against her directly?

Xin Xin had a strong premonition. Although she did not know much about Mo Yin’s background, she was definitely a big shot who was a level higher than Chen Yuan and even Jian Tan. She was not someone she could offend.

Naturally, Xin Xin did not dare to suspect that Mo Yin was lying to her when she said that she had seen the incident. This was because with the other party’s identity and status, she should disdain doing such a thing. Most importantly, there was no need.

Although Xin Xin was very anxious to kill Xia Wei, she was not completely irrational. Today… was really impossible!

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“Teacher Mo! I’ll bring Xin Xin away from here immediately. For your sake, I’ll treat today’s matter as a misunderstanding. If such a thing happens again in the future, don’t blame me for being rude.” Chen Yuan interrupted Xin Xin at the right time, intending to stop her from making another unnecessary mistake.

His last sentence was obviously directed at Xia Wei and Jian Tan. He wanted to regain the face that he was destined to lose here today.

At this moment, he and Xin Xin were like two machines that had lost their tacit signal. They had no intention of picking up each other at all.

Xin Xin looked at Xia Wei indignantly, but she was helpless against such a scene. She glared at Xia Wei fiercely. When Chen Yuan hugged her and walked past Mo Yin and He Shi, she could not help but lower her head guiltily.

Su Chu, who had been silent all this while, saw this development. She went forward in confusion and grabbed Xia Wei’s hand.. She said anxiously in confusion, “No, Sister Wei… Are we going to let them off just like that? Who has any misunderstanding with Chen Yuan? Let him come back and continue the confrontation! Who’s afraid of whom? Don’t we still have surveillance videos? I

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