The Favored Son of Heaven

Chapter 608 (END) - Breaching Into Enemy Line (End)

Chapter 608: Breaching Into Enemy Line (End)

Number One had the wisdom of a large number of scientists, but it still could not understand Qin Fen and others. Since they were not here to exchange martial dao, why were they here? “What are you guys doing?”

Qin Fen smiled at his companions and stared at the projection of Pandora, “What else we are here for? Of course, please open us a path to enter Pandora.”

“You guys…” Number One’s mechanical tone did not manage to hide its surprise. “What do you want to do?”

Hades raised his hand and stroked his throat sharply, “Behead the enemy captain!”

“Just a few of you…” Number One replied resolutely, “It is impossible. I will never open the tunnel for that. The Queen Bee’s nine Devil Kings are each almost equivalent to the status of a divine beast martial artist. Although it is incomparable to real divine beast martial artists, it is similar. Plus the boundless devil beasts… ”

Didi… didi… didi…

A series of hurried sounds in the projection screen sounded quickly. At this moment, a giant egg-like metal shell palpitated like a huge heart.

“So fast?” Number One said in shock, “I’m afraid it won’t be long before it hatches. According to calculations, this emperor does not need time to mature at all. The moment he is born, he is already in its mature period.”

“Qilin? Is the army assembled? It’s almost time for the Emperor to break the shell.”

“Eighty-two percent are gathered.” Qilin stared at the Number One with a solemn look, “Let’s not wait for the remaining army. We should immediately open the space tunnel at each patrol station. Most likely, they know that the war will happen.”

“We aren’t waiting anymore?”

“Let’s not wait anymore!” Song Wendong shook his head gently, “Since the Emperor is the so-called perfection, he has the power to open up space. Having the war in our space will cause damage and loss which we cannot bear. We must defend against the enemy outside the door.”

Number One was silent for two seconds. If countless devil beasts really entered the Federation, it will most probably be a nightmare. Even if the devil beasts army is killed, every corner of the Federation will be in chaos.

“You want to enter Pandora?” Number One said with a somewhat self-deprecating tone, “You can do that now…”

The moment the words stopped, a huge dimension crack opened in front of Qin Fen and the others. At the same time, huge dimension cracks were also opened in different places in the Federation.

The troops in different places became silent. No matter if they were in their mobile armor, the most advanced Fighter, or a roaring and huge cosmic battleship, countless soldiers were silent as they carried various advanced weapons and started to walk into the unknown dimensional crack.

Those who were less powerful than the martial dao masters did not need to worry about the suppression of power by the Pandora dimension. It only suppressed the power of pros above the martial dao master.

Qilin did not wear a super nano battle suit this time. Qin Fen was not surprised by this. Lin Liqiang once said that as long as any biochemical beast entered the most perfect fusion, their ability would be much stronger than any super nano battle suit.

Vermillion Bird wore a tight nano battle suit. Her curvy figure was matched with her cool and heroic posture. Any man would be enchanted to see it.

Qin Zhan also did not wear a super nano battle suit, showing that this super-genius was possessed with unparalleled talent. Not only was his martial strength unusually powerful, even the integration of his biochemical beast had reached its limit.

Azure Dragon was covered with the most advanced super nano battle suit. The Black Tortoise who seemed to be awake patted the dust off his ass and walked toward the dimensional crack. He did not have a super nano battle suit. At this moment, he announced to the world who the elite member among divine beasts martial artists was.

Qilin looked at Qin Fen through the projection and said, “Go in and disregard anything else. You form an arrow straight into the center of the battlefield. If you arrive first, destroy the egg immediately! If we haven’t arrived yet, join hands to defend and wait. We will give up everything together to kill the Queen Bee!”

Qin Fen nodded. The Emperor and Queen Bee were the core of the entire devil beasts. If the operation of beheading the enemy captain was successful, the entire devil beasts would immediately collapse. Even if the Emperor did not break out from the shell, the blow to the entire devil beasts legion would be extremely huge. At that time, the Queen Bee’s mind would also be in chaos. In addition, the postpartum weakness would create an unusually high winning chance for the Federation.

“Take care.”

For the first time, Qilin clenched both his fists. He shook his sleeves and walked into the dimensional crack without looking back.

Another projection appeared in front of Qin Fen, and Song Jia’s face appeared, “You haven’t told me the truth even at this time…”

“I’m very displeased!”

Qin Fen, Song Jia, Xue Tian, Lin Liqiang… A group of people in the room, upon hearing Song Jia’s tone, uttered this phrase she always said.

Song Jia’s face turned red. She glared at the crowd beside Qin Fen. Her gaze quickly became tender, “Grandpa Hou told me. You all have to be careful. If Qin Fen is harmed even a hair, I won’t spare you when you come back. ”

“And you.” Song Jia looked at Qin Fen, “Be careful. I’ll wait for you with our child.”

In the cold room, Hades stared at Song Jia …

Song Jia’s eyes moved to Hades, hesitating a little and said softly, “Take care.”

“I will.” Hades smiled with a bloody mist in his eyes. “I haven’t killed Qin Fen yet, how could I die?”

Insect warrior had no tears. Hades turned and stepped into the dimensional crack.

There was a vast devil beasts space with endless greenery. The moment they just stepped in, they saw the endless army of devil beasts, feeling the murderous intent filled with sky.

Humans had always been the most aggressive, territorial, and aggressive creatures in the known universe! But it was still incomparable to the devil beasts.

What humans need was to rely on resources for technological evolution. Devil beasts went in the direction of completely pure biological evolution. If they wanted rapid evolution, the easiest way was to eat all human beings and destroy human civilization. They would instantly be the most apex-level being in the world.

In the devil beasts’ eyes, human beings were like the chickens, ducks, and fish in human eyes, which was almost a completely irreconcilable conflict.

Army! Human’s huge army that was similar in magnitude! Eighty-five percent of the entire Federation’s army, carrying the most advanced weapons, driving the most advanced mobile armor, driving the fiercest fighter and battleship, like a group of locusts, breached the devil beasts world from different directions.

The battle began as soon as the two sides discovered the existence of the other. The firepower in the air first poured into the devil beasts’ camp. In just a few seconds, it attracted countless aerial devil beasts. Fighters and battleships no longer had the energy to bother with the situation on the ground.

Hundreds of huge devil beasts, like liquid creatures, severely hit the humans’ battleships. Those liquids quickly covered the entire surface of the battleship. These liquids quickly moved and penetrated into the interior of the battleship. The battleship was surrounded in the blink of an eye.

These liquids squirmed on the battleship for a few seconds and began to generate muscle tissue. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a biological battleship composed of flesh.

The battleship that helped the human side before, after having the muscle tissue attached, began to make a U-turn and fire at the humans’ battleships.

Devour! At this moment, humans discovered that the devil beasts actually had such ability, which could turn them directly into a biological battleship. Also, they were faster than humans in replenishing their energy. A huge beam of light began to shine everywhere. The human light beam cannon struck them, splashing blood, but they could not shoot them down instantly.

On the ground, the heavy self-propelled artillery of humans kept roaring. A lot of artillery fire landed in the devil beasts’ camp, blasting the bodies of countless devil beasts.

At the same time, the devil beasts’ eccentric bodies also sprayed a strong acid solution, forming something similar to a cannonball, smashed into the human army. The strong corrosive and great poison instantly harvested the lives of countless soldiers.

The mobile armors also encountered troubles similar to the battleships. Those weird liquid creatures were devouring and assimilating cosmic battleship, turning them into similar biochemical combat weapons, which caused great trouble to the entire mobile armor unit.

The aerial forces fought fiercely with the troops on the ground, creating the largest war in human history! This was the key battle that determined the rise and fall of their race, no one could back down! Human beings relied on carefully prepared scientific and technological weapons for many years. At this moment, they had gained a relative advantage on the battlefield; the army advanced bit by bit with difficulty.

Devil beasts had time faster than human time, but their history was slightly shorter. The bio-evolution was still in the basic grade stage. In the face of the elaborate lethal weapons made by human beings, it was still suppressed to a certain degree.

The two sides were like meat grinders. They did not take a warrior’s life seriously. There would be a life lost every second.

The soldiers were very clear that this time in the war, they did not have time to build fortifications. All they could do was advance forward! Suppress these monsters and buy more time to behead the captain!

The moment when homes were threatened and when loved ones were facing death appeared! Serving for their family, what else could be more heroic and more manly?

Hades glanced at the battle on the battlefield, taking the lead in silence to fly to the coordinate position given by the Number One. The huge creature battleship found Hades. It hurriedly fired the main gun. Hades lifted his arm with one hand and held the surging beam. He flew to the center of the battlefield at high speed due to the impact. However, he did not directly kill the battleship.

At this moment, breaking the eggshell was the key!

Qin Fen’s group followed Hades from behind. Those devil beasts who hurriedly flew up to stop Qin Fen lost the opportunity to discover Qin Fen and the others under the suppression of the artillery. Even though the devil beasts knew that someone was conducting an aerial breakthrough, the devil beats were not fast enough to stop Qin Fen.

At the next moment, amazing auras broke out in different positions on the battlefield. The divine beats martial artists had joined the battlefield! Qilin’s black hole-level strength had burst into unprecedented strength with the perfect cooperation of biochemical beast.

There was yet another heroic aura surpassing Qilin’s supremacy. Qin Fen knew that it was his brother Qin Zhan!

Hades’s insect warrior transformation went to the extreme. Just his speed alone was never inferior to any one of the divine beasts. The nine Devil Kings did not expect that the approaching speed would be so fast. Three Devil Kings joined forces to stop them. Hades used Qin Fen’s favorite Dragon Guard and flickered past the three Devil Kings with blows destroying the eggshell.


The eggshell was broken! However, it was not shattered from the outside to inside, but instead from the inside to the outside. There was a hand that had only three fingers but was extremely stout. It seemed liked a pillar supporting sky as it held Hades’ fists that seemingly could kill anything.

“Is this what the mother calls a powerful human?”

The eggshell was cracked. The rumored Emperor had broken out from its shell!

The Emperor’s height was only one-meter seventy-five. The muscles on the whole body seemed to be covered with a turtle shell, but this turtle shell was real skin, full of elasticity, and also foreshadowed a powerful defense.

He had red eyes, a stout tail that dragged to the ground, and two demon-like sharp horns on his head that flashed a cold light.

There were only three fingers in both hands and feet, but they showed extremely high stability.

Emperor’s eyes looked at Hades with a hint of doubt, “You should be my kind.”

“I am human.”

“Humans? Our premium food?” Emperor threw Hades as it flung its hand, watching Qilin flying from a distance, holding his hand up in front of him, blocking in front the weak Queen Bee.

Two tyrannical forces burst into overwhelming battlefield battles. The endless airflow blew away all pros except the Devil Marshals and above. Song Wendong flew over three hundred meters and spewed a mouthful of blood as he looked at the calm emperor.

“I have seen you before. You attacked my mother previously.” The emperor’s expression that was always calm revealed an aura of power without being impatient. It looked at Qin Zhan in the distance, “You? Injured? What a pity, what a pity… ”

Within the two sighs, a Tyrannical Fist was launched! Qin Zhan yelled as his body and bones cried out together. The blood flow in his body was like the ocean waves. He took the Emperor’s punch and flew one hundred meters down.

One after another, the elite figures appeared in the center of the battlefield. Each of the divine beast martial artists stared at the emperor in the field.

“Hmm, where is your brother?”

A lazy voice with a hint of ridicule broke this heavy atmosphere. Xue Tian formed an aura filled with lonely ego at his feet which brought him to the sky.

The cracked eggshell on the ground shattered again; it was another emperor! They were twins!

Qilin’s complexion turned uglier than ever before. Number One’s calculation did not expect the so-called Emperor to turn out to be twins!

“Two of them, haha…” Xue Tian glanced at Qin Fen not far from him, “Let’s have a duel? Whoever kills an emperor first wins.”

Kill the emperor? Qin Fen was surprised. It felt like he was seeing Xue Tian’s strength for the first time, it could never be guessed.

“You didn’t expect that, right?” Xue Tian looked at two identical emperors, “Although I can’t see through the strength of Old Qin, my brain can roughly guess that the Emperor’s strength is equal to us. Isn’t it better than having a duel?”

Qilin looked at Qin Fen with surprised eyes*. As strong as the Emperor? How can that be? When did he achieve it?*

Qin Fen gazed at Qilin’s twitching lips, “After the Great Ensemble, when I challenged hundreds of people alone, I felt a breakthrough. On the way to Saturn, I entered seclusion with Xue Tian. Entering the scene of a battlefield that I had never seen before also shocked me. Never mind the lives that are meeting its end in this large-scale massacre…”

The two look-alike emperors gazed at Qin Fen and Xue Tian. For the first time, they were no longer as relaxed as before, standing with a little dignity in their expressions.

Huge dimensional cracks appeared in the sky. Before everyone could understand what happened, the two emperors raised their hands at the same time, and countless devil beasts and the Queen Bee who gave birth to them disappeared into the space in a flash. The huge dimension crack also closed instantly, disappearing without a trace.

This is…? Qilin was stupefied, then instantly heard the answer from Number One.

“The latest dimensional crack is quite strange. It is not connected to the Federation, but a new spatial coordinate. For now, I can’t find out its exact coordinates and how to open it.”

The Emperor who appeared most recently said, “Human, I have sent my mother away. In your words, I have no worries that hold me back. Bring it on!”

“Can I fight two of you at the same time?”

A simple question by Qin Fen shocked everyone present. Xue Tian and Qin Zhan who never had their expression changed no matter the situation also expressed extreme shock at this moment.

Emperor, how strong were they? Only those who had actually fought against them would know! Whether it was Qilin who had improved his strength through the battle with master or Qin Zhan who had restored most of his skills, it was clear that the emperor’s several moves just now were light-hearted and casual. He had not exerted all his strength at all.

Two such powerful monsters appeared at once! Qin Fen wanted to brawl against two of them?

“Old Qin…” Yang Lie smiled a little stiffly, “Please give us some hope, alright? I still want to find a chance to challenge you. If you run so fast, how can I chase you?”

Caesar put his arms on Brooks’ shoulders, “Old Qin, you just don’t like one-on-one battles. Do you have to fight a group of them?”

Qin Fen shrugged and looked at Xue Tian. The strength of this old friend seemed to be on par with the strength of the Emperor, but he didn’t know how his hidden strength made it impossible to detect. It was difficult to determine life and death in battle. One should have sufficient confidence in their friends, but they should still be a bit careful when they really encounter something.

Life is fair to everyone. Everyone only gets to live once! It’s over once you die! Not everyone can get Seven Stars of Immortal Thunder.

“Ever since entering this space, I’ve wanted to know how strong I am. I might be able to put my strength to the test today.”

The power began to surge in Qin Fen’s body quickly, as if there was no end to it. The vast power oscillated the entire battlefield. No one knew when the war between humans and the devil beasts stopped. All beings looked up in the sky at Qin Fen who was like carved jade.

Just the violent aura of power that was capable of crushing everything was enough to make countless devil beasts tremble, some even kneeling on the ground.

The expressions of the two emperors ranged from their initial calm to caution, to shock! The Queen Bee had conceived the most perfect Emperor after many years. They should have despised all beings in the world. They did not expect that just after breaking the shell, they would encounter two human elites whose strength could suppress the Devil Kings. The human pair might even threaten the Queen Bee. In the blink of an eye, a human elite who would not lose in a one-on-one battle with them appeared, and now…

The vast and violent force made the two Emperors really feel the pressure, which was the pressure possible death. Without uttering any more words, the two emperors looked at each other and rushed directly to Qin Fen at the same time, without giving him the opportunity to develop his full strength. They launched their fist at the same time. The space was completely torn apart by the two extreme powers, as if all the air in the entire battlefield was sucked in.

“I just want to feel a little bit of power release.” Qin Fen smiled and looked at the fists punching towards him as he smiled, “It’s not that I can’t reach the peak in an instant.”

His power reached its peak in an instant. The two strongest fists in the world hit Qin Fen’s fist without any fuss as a chill murderous intent burst out.

This scene was like a freeze-frame in that instant. Whether the being was a pro or a weakling, they could clearly see the picture of this battle.

In the next moment, cracking sounds emerged from bones in the arms of the two great emperors, and then their bodies began to crack. In the blink of an eye, the emperors who Qilin worried about for countless days flew out violently with blood gushing.

Qin Fen looked at the fallen emperor and shook his head gently, “Unexpectedly, this battle turned out to be like this. My strength today is thanks to both of them. Without this mighty battle involving countless of lives, I wouldn’t have reached this extent. ”

“Young man, I have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Zong Juelu’s voice sounded slowly in Qin Fen’s mind.

“Yeah.” Qin Fen smiled faintly at the emperors who exploded continuously, “I have kept you waiting.”

Qilin looked at the emperors who were dead with a faint relaxed smile on his face and waved gently to the human legion. The morale and combat power of the devil beasts legion who had their emperor killed fell to rock bottom. Time was the only problem for humans now in order to win.

“I could have never imagined that.” Xue Tian put his arms across his chest. “Qin Fen really became the number one in the world.”

Yang Lie looked at the blue sky and frowned slightly, “I don’t know where the Queen Bee was sent by the Emperor. She is still alive, and it is more terrible than the Emperor.”

Brooks patted Yang Lie’s shoulder and chuckled, “What are you afraid of? We still have Number One. It should be found in a few days. We just need to launch our attack again, then we will be able to achieve absolute peace.”

Caesar looked at Hades not far away, “It seems difficult to kill Qin Fen.”

Hades looked at Qin Fen in the sky and snorted, his body turned into a rainbow and disappeared on the battlefield. Only the cold words echoed in Caesar’s ears, “He is just ahead of me right now. It does not mean me I can’t kill him later. ”

On the battlefield, Shang Guan Chuan Qi looked up at Qin Fen, whispering faintly to himself, “Qin Fen… Qin Fen…”

“You didn’t waste my arrangement that day. You are worthy of being my brother. It seems that I really should go and find Wang Ting…”

Qin Fen stood up in front of Qilin and performed the salute as a junior to senior again and asked, “I wonder, can I marry Song Jia now?”

Qilin smiled and waved his hand, “You can do whatever you want. It’s useless now for me to say no.”

Qin Fen turned around and shouted to Du Peng and the others, “Brothers, do the finishing work quickly. I can’t let Song Jia hold my child alone in our marriage, right?”

Xue Tian called Xing Wuyi’s phone with a smile, “Dude, we will go back soon. Old Qin said he needs to get married. You look into the arrangements and help out. Qin Fen will go back and get married right away. You can look into the arrangements of manpower.”

Shang Guan Sheng Yu looked at Qilin in front of him, “We’ll do the finishing touches. It is not good if the grandfather does not attend when Song Jia gets married.”

Qin Fen gently clenched his fist at Shang Guan Sheng Yu, and then shouted to Xue Tian and the others happily, “Brothers, let’s leave first.”

“Old Qin, can I be your best man?”

“Yang Lie, aren’t you shameless? You already have Qin Lie, and you want to be the best man. I, Brooks is obviously the best choice for the best man.”

“Pei! Am I, Caesar, considered dead to you? You want to be the best man? Do you have a girlfriend? I have a girlfriend. If I become the best man, how suitable is my girlfriend to be a bridesmaid? You won’t have to bother multiple people at once.”

“I already have a wife. Moreover, Miss Fiery’s belly is also big. Your girlfriend is holding her belly. She is not good-looking if she stands in front of the pregnant Song Jia, let me and Miss Fiery…”

“I think it’s more appropriate for me, Du Peng…”

“F*ck, we are all martial artists. What are we arguing about verbally? Whoever wins the battle is the best man!”

“Xue Tian, we can see that you are shameless! Relying on your temporary stronger strength to play this hand with us…”

Over Pandora, the young martial artists quarreled and bickered, disappearing at the end of the horizon.

In a noisy city, the door of a house in a residential area full of hundreds of buildings was knocked open. A seven or eight-year-old child ran in from outside, shouting with a happy smile on his face, “Mom, Dad. I can start to feel a little fluctuation in the power of the new human being Dragon Type.”

“Really? Qin Tian?” Song Jia squatted and looked at her beloved son, “You can feel it so soon.”

“Yeah,” The boy who was like a porcelain doll replied with a grin, “However, it’s a bit slower than Xue Sa. Moreover, Solomon Phoenix is faster than me, but I believe I will catch up with them.”

Not far from the living room, Solomon looked contentedly at Qin Fen on the other sofa, “See? What I didn’t accomplish, my son helped me.”

“What’s the hurry? By the time my son is eight, he must be greater than any of you.” Caesar shrugged with a disdain.

“My son must be better than yours.” Du Peng also smiled.

No one would have imagined that half of the world’s divine beast martial artists hid in the living room of a small ordinary house.

Miss Fiery walked into the living room with dishes and set them on the table, watching the group of people who never conceded defeat, pretending to be angry, “I know that you live an easy life with everything provided! My sisters and I are serving you every day! No way! Today you have to serve the sisters! Come on! Go to the kitchen and cook!”

The group of divine beast martial artists in the living room looked at each other and smiled bitterly. They shook their heads and sighed together as they walked towards the kitchen. When Miss Fiery showed her might, even the divine beast martial artists had headaches.

“What are you talking about? It’s so fragrant! It’s not too early for Buddha to come here!” Lin Liqiang walked into the room, smiled, reached for his food, and filled his mouth with sighs of admiration.

“You! Go to the kitchen and help too!”

“Sister Fiery, I work to the bone every day for the great new mankind evolution. You still want me to work when I return?”

“If you don’t work, you have nothing to eat! Are you going to do it?”

“Work, work, work… Old Qin, I’m here to help you. Old Enz, aren’t you going to work?”

“I don’t want to go.” The old god Enzo Rota was sitting on the sofa, watching TV while having his meal, without any intention of getting up.

“Enzo Rota is better than any of you, so he doesn’t have to go.” Miss Fiery’s words once again caused unfair complaints from the divine beast martial artists in the kitchen.

Enzo Rota, who rarely smiled, showed a happy smile to the divine beast martial artists who were busy in the kitchen.

There was another knock on the door. This time, it was Qin Zhan walking into the room.

Miss Fiery looked at the crowd, then the not-so-large living room, and sighed.

Sitting in front of Enzo Rota, Qin Zhan smiled and nodded. Then, he looked at the kitchen and said, “Qin Fen, Young Hades seems to be out of customs. He might try and challenge you again in a few days.”

“Oh, got it, brother…”

In the kitchen, there was a sound of knives colliding with chopping boards as the vegetables were chopped. There were also noises of spatula colliding with an iron wok. No one would have thought that a group of divine beast level martial artists would be busy in this small kitchen.

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