The Farmer’s Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket

Chapter 462 - Chapter 462: Abnormal Eldest Young Master

Chapter 462: Abnormal Eldest Young Master

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At first, there were some rustling sounds, but soon, the middle-aged man’s voice sounded. “I heard that Second Young Master has taken a concubine?”

“What? Uncle Wei even cares about this?”

“Second Young Master, you’ve misunderstood. Uncle Wei is just worried that the prefecture magistrate will be unhappy.”

“So what if he’s unhappy? Do you think he’ll stand up for his daughter and cause trouble for our Xin family?” Xin Zhiyuan’s mocking voice sounded. “My father-in-law is most concerned about fame and profit. Although the Xin family is his in-law, the interests of the two families are already closely linked. What he values is the Xin family. What’s a daughter?”

Uncle Wei sighed. “In the end, it’s not good to go too far. After all, we’ve slapped his face. He values the interests of the Xin family, but the Second Young Master isn’t the only master of the Xin family. Although Eldest Young Master’s body is weak, he…”

“Would the prefecture magistrate like him? He’s a man with a strange heart. He listened to my mother’s nonsense and brought those boys and girls back, hoping to make himself better. Look at how many evil deeds he’s done. His hands are stained with so much blood. He’s much more disgusting than me. The prefecture magistrate must hate him. Otherwise, why would he marry his daughter to me?”

Gu Yundong suddenly stood up and almost knocked over the stool behind her.

She gripped the recording pen in her hand tightly. What did Xin Zhiyuan just say? Boys and girls? Stained with blood?

This Eldest Young Master and that madam were actually not good people.

These people from the Xin family were simply a nest of dirty rats. They stank all over, and the disgusting feeling emanating from their bones made Gu Yundong especially uncomfortable.

She took a deep, slow breath and had a sip of water before she continued to play-

Uncle Wei’s anxious voice came from inside. “Second Young Master, be careful with your words. You can’t spread these words around. Otherwise, not only will your brother’s reputation be ruined, but the entire Xin family will also be criticized. At that time, the one who will suffer the greatest loss will still be Second Young Master.”

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anything, okay?” Xin Zhiyuan seemed to be very impatient with Uncle Wei’s teaching.

However, the two of them seemed to have a good relationship. Uncle Wei should be a servant of the Xin family. Gu Yundong had also seen with her own eyes how respectful he was to Xin Zhiyuan. However, when they spoke now, there was a hint of intimacy and familiarity between the two of them.

Xin Zhiyuan at least treated him as half an elder.

Gu Yundong memorized Uncle Wei before continuing to listen.

It was still Xin Zhiyuan who spoke. “That trivial matter in our family is not worth talking about. Did you have any good news when you came back this time?”

Uncle Wei sighed. “Everyone in the capital has already arranged for it. Those people took the money but didn’t do anything. They know that the late emperor has died. Our Xin family isn’t as popular as before, so all of them are shirking it.”

“So you didn’t get the sugar deal?”

“White sugar is a business of the imperial court. The emperor can give it to whoever he wants. If the late emperor was still around, the white sugar business of Wanqing Prefecture would definitely belong to the Xin family. However, the current emperor values the Duan family more. The Duan family’s momentum has not decreased in the past two years. If our Xin family did not have a good relationship with the prefecture magistrate, we would probably be trampled under the feet of the Duan family. However, the officials of the Xin family who were on good terms with the capital in the past are not related to the white sugar business. Moreover, the production of white sugar is limited. Every prefectural city won’t obtain much.”

Xin Zhiyuan seemed to have stood up. “Then should we give up on the sugar business?”

“Not really. Actually, I also heard another piece of news this time.”


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