The Farmer’s Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket

Chapter 408 - Chapter 408: A Ride

Chapter 408: A Ride

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Jiang Yongkang looked up and realized that there were three women in the carriage. He immediately felt embarrassed. “You’re all here. Forget it.”

Shen Sitian asked, “Uncle Jiang, are you going to town?”

Jiang Yongkang nodded and smiled gently. “I haven’t been back for a long time. I’m going back to see my grandson with some dried mushrooms for them. I dried them myself.” He patted the bag on his body.

“Then come up. We’re going to town too.” They had gotten his help last time. Could it be that they were unwilling to even give him a ride?

“This… isn’t a good idea.”

Tong Shuitao didn’t like his hesitation and said, “What’s the matter? You can just sit outside with my grandfather.”

Madam Yang also nodded.

Jiang Yongkang thanked him and got into the carriage.

Father Tong chuckled. “Hold on tight.”

The carriage set off again. However, the three people in the carriage who were originally chatting happily could not say anything because there was an unfamiliar man outside.


Jiang Yongkang was also very quiet. Occasionally, he would talk to Father Tong in a low voice.

The carriage arrived in town not long after. Jiang Yongkang bade them farewell and left with his bag.

Father Tong had been to this town a few times and knew where there was a cloth shop. He immediately rode the carriage to the largest cloth shop.

Tong Shuitao accompanied Madam Yang and Shen Sitian in. Father Tong found a place to park the carriage and waited for them.

After an unknown period of time, he finally saw the three of them coming out from afar.

However, compared to their expressions when they entered, the three of them had very ugly expressions.

His granddaughter clenched her fists and looked like she was about to hit someone.

Father Tong hurriedly went forward. Before he could ask, he heard Tong Shuitao’s indignant voice. “She’s too much of a bully. Seeing that we’re strangers, she kept lowering the price. Five copper coins per piece. We even used our own embroidery thread and fabric. How shameless of her.”

Father Tong quickly asked, “What happened?”

Tong Shuitao said, “The lady boss of that cloth shop is a good-for-nothing. At first, when she saw that we were dressed well, she thought that we were going to buy things. In the end, when we asked her if she wanted embroidered handkerchiefs, her expression changed on the spot. When she saw Miss Shen’s handkerchief, she kept despising it and only gave us five copper coins. It was as if she was dismissing a beggar.”

Father Tong couldn’t help but frown. Although he didn’t know much about this, he heard from his wife and Aunt Ke that Miss Shen’s embroidery work was something that few people could compare to. Anyone who knew a little about the market would pay at least twenty copper coins for a handkerchief.

“I know another cloth shop. Why don’t we go there and take a look?”

Shen Sitian nodded. “Yes, let’s take a look at more shops. We can compare them.”

The three of them walked in the direction of the carriage. Father Tong could not help but say, “Actually, the town can’t compare to the county city. Why don’t you go to the county city and ask?”

Shen Sitian held her forehead. “At that time, I thought that since the town was close, I could just walk over myself. I didn’t want to trouble Father Tong to bring me over. Who knew that when Yundong heard that I was coming over, she would ask you to drive me?” She didn’t expect Madam Yang to follow too.

“How is this troublesome? I have to send the two young masters to school every day. It’s by the way.”

Shen Sitian shook her head. “Yunshu and Yuanzhi went early. You went in as soon as the city gate opened. You came back immediately after sending them off. I heard that most of the cloth shops in the county weren’t open at that time.. How could I make you wait?”

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