The Farmer’s Eldest Daughter Has a Spatial Pocket

Chapter 350 - Chapter 350: Follow-up of Gu Village

Chapter 350: Follow-up of Gu Village

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Sitting in the carriage, Bian Yuanzhi looked very happy.

He would be able to see Ah Shu and the others soon. Although he had yet to find his parents, his cousin was right. As long as he lived well, he would definitely be able to see them.

Mdm Shen was also sitting in the carriage. As she watched this place that had given her a painful experience get further and further away, her mood was unprecedentedly calm.

Unfortunately, Gu village was not peaceful at all.

After Madam Wang found out that she had disappeared, she started to shout everywhere that she had eloped with someone and wanted to find her and drown her in the pond.

It was a pity that Gu Gang was no longer the village chief. At most, he was only the patriarch of the Gu family in name. However, it was likely that he would not even be the patriarch soon.

As the new chief of Gu village, he did not react to Madam Wang’s words at all. He even heard from the family living next door to Old Gu’s family that Madam Wang had tortured Madam Shen until she ran away, so he reprimanded Madam Wang fiercely.

Only then did Madam Wang realize that her family really had no status in the village anymore. They were the kind that anyone could step on.

She hated it to death, but who could she blame?

In the end, no matter how she thought about it, it was all because of Gu Gang, who had to take a concubine despite being so old.

Therefore, when she was taking care of Gu Gang, she became extremely impatient. Not only did she curse, but she also often starved him and kept him cold. Not long after, he became so thin that he was only skin and bones. He did not have any energy left.

His son and daughter-in-law didn’t care about him at all. They didn’t even have enough time to look for Gu Wanbao, let alone care about such a useless person.

However, Gu Gang’s vitality was still very tenacious. He could not die, so he could only suffer.

The Gu family, which was not far away from them, was not doing well either. The brothers had lost their arms or leg. Now, he could not do any work and had to lie in bed every day to be served.

To the two of them, what was the difference between them and trash?

In the beginning, the two of them would still scold each other. Later on, when they ran out of strength, they would lie on the bed in a daze. Their willpower was especially low.

Occasionally, when their temper flared up, they would scold their children. After scolding their children, they would scold their wives. After scolding their wives, they would start scolding their parents.

Not only had their families been tortured, but they had also destroyed many things.

The Old Gu family, who had spent almost all their money to treat their injuries, was now extremely poor.

The children of Old Gu’s family’s two branches, who had been slacking off whenever they could, had no choice but to work now. The younger ones had to go to pick pig grass and firewood. Every day, they would come back and look at their swollen fingers with teary eyes.

It was only then that they realized what kind of life Gu Yundong and her siblings had led in the past. There was regret and hatred.

Why didn’t Gu Yundong and her siblings come back? If they were here, they would be the ones doing the work.

Jia Meizi was so tired that she couldn’t even straighten her back every day. In the past, she was the laziest and most greedy sister-in-law, but now, she couldn’t sleep or eat her fill every day.

In the day, she had to wash clothes, cook, and go to the fields. In the middle of the night, she had to take care of Gu Dahe. Sometimes, when Gu Dahe’s temper flared up, he would hit her.

He blamed her for selling the third branch’s child and implicating him, causing him to become a cripple.

Jia Meizi didn’t dare to retort. She had gone back to her maternal family, but what did they say?

“Meizi, your reputation is ruined now. Everyone in our village knows that you wanted to harm your sister-in-law and even cut off your third uncle’s leg.

Now, it has already implicated your niece’s marriage. If you’re divorced, our Jia family will treat it as if we don’t have a daughter like you..”

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