The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 9 - Kobold again

Chapter 9 - Kobold again

[Congratulations on completing the Boss fight mission!]

[You've received 400 exp!]

[You've received 1 attribute point!]

[You've received 1 skill point!]

Souta lied down after he heard the system prompts. Fighting the boss and ghouls at the same time took almost all of his stamina. Plus, he also drained his mana pool. He only had 1 mana reserved in his mana pool.

Well, he also gains a lot this time. Unfortunately, the ghouls weren't wearing any sort of armor so he couldn't pick any decent items from their body.

"Well played Souta..." He said to himself as he looked at his stats.

Name: Souta Ieshi

Race: Goblin

Level: 8(2,725/3,500)

Class: «none»

Health: 29/44

Stamina: 3/22

Mana: 1/38

Strength: 27(17+10)[+]

Agility: 23[+]

Dexterity: 10[+]

Intelligence: 19(9+10)[+]

Vitality: 22(12+10)[+]

Free attribute point(s): 8

Skill(s): [Dash], [Stab], [Sword Mastery], [Mana Manipulation]

Spell(s): [Fireball]

Equipment skill(s): [Harvester of the Soul. Soul collected: 18/200]

Skill point(s): 6

He used the souls he collected to increase his agility attribute. Right now, all of his stats were balance except the dexterity. Dexterity and agility were somehow connected as he wouldn't be able to control his speed properly without raising his dexterity.

[Harvester of the Soul]. This skill was a cheat. It's one of the reasons that he got stronger in the past.

The souls that he needs to use the effect of the skill got higher. Currently, 200 souls were what he needed. To get this amount, he needs to at least conquer one or two dungeons. There were many opportunities to obtain souls in this world. There's no shortage of war in this world. Just by standing in the middle of a battlefield, he could get thousands of souls in just a few seconds.

A small war was participated by two countries. And the battlefield of this war was enough for him to increase his stats by a few times. Hundreds of thousands of people participated in a war of this scale.

Back then, the players gave him a nickname 'Wanderer of War'. It was because he always appeared on different battlefields around the world plundering the souls of the dead people. It was especially in the Great War where all countries join the battle. There were at least billions of souls there. He walked throughout the whole continents. Nothing could stop him at that time.

Souta put those memories in the back of his head. He then looked at his stats once again. Just a little bit exp and he's going to level up once again. He's slowly reaching the level cap before evolution and his stats weren't enough for the requirements. It seems that he needs to use his free attribute points to raise his stats.

Souta closed his eyes and pondered what he should do next. After getting out in this sanctuary, he will try to determine what version he's currently. There's a probability that the future he knows was different. There's a reason for that and that's because of the existence of players. Every day millions of players were doing an ordinary quest and some of them were doing hidden quest or main quest. Sometimes, it could determine the future of a kingdom.

There was once a war between two countries and five of the top 10 guilds join one side. The outcome was inevitable. The side that the player joined won the war.

While thinking this, Souta fell asleep because of tiredness.


Souta woke up after sleeping for almost eight hours.


He yawned and stretched his body before he got up. He, the legendary player of Battle World Online, start his day in another world.

"I want to wash my body..." He looked at himself full of dirt.

He exited the dungeon and sneakily went to the river to wash.

On his way, he met the corpses of both kobolds and goblins. He sat down and checked the body of the goblin.

"It seems that they were killed recently..." Souta muttered as he stood up. The souls were still here so they didn't die that long. The souls will leave the body after 3 hours so he could guess what happened here.

It only means that the kobolds and goblins engaged in a battle based on their wounds and the surrounding. The battle was not small at all. At least it involves half of the force of a whole dungeon. He could see it because there were fifteen dead bodies here not including the kobolds. If he added it, then there's a total of twenty-six dead bodies here.

"I want to relax for a while but it seems that I don't have the time," Souta said in a low voice as he turned his head to looked at his left side. This was the direction of the dungeons where goblin and kobold lives.

He collected the souls of the kobolds and goblins before he left.




The kobolds and goblins were fighting. It was a large scale battle involving twenty monsters. It looks like the battle already starts half an hour ago because of the corpse scattered on the ground.

Souta was looking down on the battle on top of the tree. He could predict the outcome of this battle. The kobolds were pushing the goblins.

He waved his hand and collected the souls of the dead. He easily collected more than fifty souls this time. He guessed that it's time to increase his exp. He couldn't just watch everything while collecting souls leisurely. He also needs the exp to level up.

He opened his stats and looked over. His health, stamina, and mana were full. He would use a little bit of his stamina to kill all the kobolds this time.

He didn't hesitate anymore as he directly jumped in the air towards the battle. He brandished his sword and stab it on one of the kobolds.

The kobolds and goblins were startled at his sudden appearance.

[You've received 46 exp for defeating a Kobold!]

Souta smirked and threw himself towards the kobolds. He didn't give them the time to regain their composure as he sliced one of the kobolds in half.


The leading kobold roared angrily and shouted on its comrades. The rest of the kobolds came back to their senses.

Souta slashed his sword on the leading kobold. The leading kobold held its spear tightly and blocked the sword aiming at its neck.

The two exchanged blows causing sparks to flew around them.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Souta took a step back as he was quite surprised at the spear skill of the kobold in front of him.

'At least level 2 mastery, huh?' He thought. The kobold in front of him had a higher mastery of weapon than him. He once again clashed against the leading kobold.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Souta waved his sword faster than before. He also out more strength. He would dominate the kobold in front of him with his high stats.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

In just a few seconds, the two exchanged dozens of blows.


Souta's sword was shattered and the leading kobold smiled at this. Souta opened his palm and the handle of the sword slipped off. The kobold felt something was wrong but it couldn't figure out what's wrong.

Souta slightly opened his mouth and said, "[Fire ball]" Flame burst out of his palm and exploded in the face of the kobold.


The kobold couldn't dodge it as their distance to each other was one foot. It was impossible to dodge with its stats.

Souta already knew that the sword was on the verge of the collapse before the battle. He could see the details of his equipment he register in his system as 'equip' so he could that the durability of the weapon he uses.

Souta clenched his fist tightly and threw a powerful punch on the stomach of the kobold.


He threw another punch on the face and hurriedly picked a sword on the ground.


The sword pierced the neck of the kobold. It quickly drained its life and drew its last breath before falling on the ground.

[You've received 118 exp for defeating a Kobold Warrior!]

'Eh!' Souta was surprised when he saw the words 'Kobold Warrior'. So this kobold wasn't ordinary kobold, that's why it could exchange blows with him for a long time.

The level 2 [Spear Mastery] was great. It could suppress his skills like that. If not for his scheme he wouldn't be able to kill it with just his level 1 [Sword Mastery].

Souta hurriedly shook his head. It's not the time to think about that. There's still kobolds left here and he needs to kill them first.


Souta killed the rest of the kobolds easily. He waved his hand and collected the souls of the dead. He then turned his head to the goblin in front of him.

The goblin was saying something he couldn't understand.

'What the hell? I don't understand what this guy's saying!' Souta thought while looking on the goblin that kept blabbering something he doesn't understand.

Should he kill them? No, they're important to reduce the numbers of the kobolds and the other inhabitants of the dungeon here.

The numbers of the living creature here were greater than it was in the game. The kobolds that died this time were greater than fifty. He recalled that he collected only thirty souls back in the first dungeon, the dungeon of skeletons.

If he was chased by huge numbers of monsters with his current state then he could only flee on the surface.

Souta frowned and looked at the goblin in front of him. He will let them fought the kobolds until the kobolds took heavy casualties. It was then that he will strike.

He guesses that it happened because he killed those ten kobolds yesterday.

Since he couldn't converse with them, Souta decided to leave now. There's no point in staying here.

He turned around and leave the place quickly with his skill [Dash].

He was going to check the situation of the other dungeons, especially the orcs. They were the ones with the most power here on the upper floor of the sanctuary.

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