The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 836: Aftermath

Chapter 836: Aftermath

In an unknown place…

A man with black hair was sitting on a chair with a serious look on his face while watching several projections. There was a pink-haired man standing behind him and watching the same thing.

A few seconds had passed before the man on the chair opened his mouth and said, “Just like I’ve said before… Fate has been shattered and only gods could sense it. That girl shouldn’t have died at this time since her fate lies in the future but… It was shattered just like one of our variables that died.”

“Those who are destined to reach godhood could die at this moment. Fate and destiny are gone so it’s all up to them if they could reach it. Imperium’s fate wouldn’t be able to help them anymore.” The pink-haired man added.

“Yeah, luckily, our three variables survived the calamity of No God Emperor. They did well… I don’t need to worry about them anymore.” The man on the chair was satisfied with the outcome of this event. He then turned his head to the other projection and said, “As for our variables in Giza Continent…”

“Our variables there are scattered some of them are fighting demons while the others are exploring the forbidden lands.” The pink-haired man answered.

“At the very least, nothing is still happening to them. It should be this way, they should focus on gaining battle experience and turn it to improve their prowess.” The man on the chair said.

“They just needed to watch out for the opponents above their league.” The pink-haired man said.

The man on the chair turned his attention back to the previous projections. “The most dangerous place right now is undoubtedly Ruin Desolate Land.”

“It’s totally chaotic out there to the point that the major powers of the continent are moving.” The pink-haired man said with a grave look on his face.

“The Great Barrier will disappear soon and it would be bad if their major powers were weakened… The other continents wouldn’t let this opportunity pass by especially, those from the three Bringers of Calamity.” The man on the chair said gloomily.

Several days had passed since the battle in the central region. Most of the major forces of Hall Plains had collapsed and new ones emerged controlling the whole land with mighty force.

It was a swift move. Astros unified all the regions of Hall Plains under Souta’s name. Their forces were feared in the whole land and no one objected to the rule of the Astros.

Souta became a legend in this land. He became the Lord of Hall Plains and people dubbed him as the Blood Lightning Monster.

The name Blood Lightning Monster traveled throughout the other lands.

A monster among monsters.

The strongest fourth-stage monster in their entire world. The one that stopped the plan of No God Emperor was him.

Countless people speculated that once he reached a higher level, he would become an unstoppable force. He would become one of the most fearsome monsters in history just like those in the legends.

The population of this land treated him with fear and reverence. They all submitted to his might to rule this region and lead it to another era.

Ekatoe City reached an unprecedented stage. It became prosperous to the point that some people called this as the capital of the Hall Plains.

As for the Dragon Council…

They lost two members; Ninth Head and Governor Ray. Governor Ray died in the battle against No God Emperor after he sacrificed his life to save Souta and Ibis.

People mourned for the death of the two heads. Still, this didn’t make the Dragon Council grow weaker. They became a region-wide organization that spanned the whole Hall Plains. Some of the other forces of the region wanted to join and replace the two dead heads.

In Astros…

Souta hasn’t woken up yet ever since the battle against No God Emperor. That fight pushed him to the limits be it physically or mentally. He shouldn’t have used Archetype since there were still flaws with it but he had no choice but to do it.

The whole Astros haven’t celebrated their win since they took a lot of casualties in the war. They have to respect the people that sacrificed their lives first.

It was ordered by Souta before he collapsed.

Right now, aside from the ordinary members of Astros, the only people that were guarding this city was Kessa. Kessa was weak right now and even the weakest fifth stage would be able to defeat her in her current state.

She had been sealed twice and that took a huge toll on her body. She hasn’t even recovered yet when the Hall of Power used the energy from Blood Sacrifice to seal her.

She was in her weakest state.

Well, the warriors from Athen’s Champion have been visiting Souta frequently so Kessa wasn’t alone in case something happened.

The news about Souta being in a coma hasn’t reached the public’s ears. A few people knew his current condition.

Alice, Franklin, Eztein, Torkez, Doranjan, and Isabella have left the Astros to complete Souta’s command. He asked them before he passed out and that made the entire Astros almost vulnerable.

Luckily, Elder Hanmi and Eilish were still here. Amanda had returned and she heard the news about Elder Guan’s death. She was heartbroken and stayed in her room for an entire day.

After that, she went out to follow the rest. She wanted to increase her strength as soon as possible as she realized that she was too weak right now. If something like this happened again, a lot of people would die once again.

Amanda couldn’t accept that. She wanted to grow stronger and become the greatest leader of her clan. She would make sure that Elder Guan would be proud of her in the afterlife.

While this was happening, a lot of major forces realized that Olympus had extended its hands on the land that wasn’t theirs. It brought a lot of opposition since a group of Olympus’ warriors have taken the Hall Plains.

Even the Large Countries near this piece of land were shaken. They eyed the land as they were afraid that Olympus would overextend their hands once again. They were ready to fight and turn it into a war.

Although there were objections to their actions, there were still forces that didn’t care about it since their actions led to the conclusion where No God Emperor’s plan failed. Still, since Olympus had started it. The other forces would try to extend their hands too in the shadows.

It would lead to various conflicts between them but they didn’t care since they could point their fingers at Olympus for starting it.

Actually, Olympus wanted their warriors to stay low profile and hide the fact that they belong to them but the situation of No God Emperor forced them into the limelight. They have no choice but to move and fight for their survival.

So the overall situation in God’s Continent only became worse. The major forces were watching each other’s movements. The tension was high and an all-out war could break out at any moment.

A week had passed in the blink of an eye…

Souta was still in a coma. The warriors from Athen’s Champion have been visiting him every day but their numbers have diminished. The higher-ups have warned them as it could be seen as a military march if a bunch of Shackled Realm warriors arrived here at the same time.

Kessa was resting and others haven’t returned yet. The only difference this time was that Yuko had woken up from her coma. She hasn’t recovered to her peak yet but her recovery rate has increased after she woke up.

Gragas had finished his job. He was now outside of the building looking at the people with a cup of tea in his hand.

“This world is the same as my homeworld. Full of conflicts and different agendas. The only difference is that people here are stronger and there are various high-level materials that I could use in forging.”

He said with a sigh before he took a sip of his tea. The Imperium wasn’t as great as the one describes in the book. It was the same as the other world in his opinion.

As long as there were living beings, conflicts would continue to appear. Everyone had different attitudes and personalities so some of them would contradict each other and it would be the start of the conflict. At first, it was small then it would grow larger and larger.

No matter what world it is, it is still the same.

“I wonder what will happen next… Will it be me or not?”

Gragas laughed to himself. He stood up and patted the dust on his clothes.

“I need to work now. That girl couldn’t work, leaving all the work for me. I’m such a pitiful old guy.”

He went back to the mansion. He was the one who was handling Astros affairs in Souta and Alice’s stead. They left all the affairs in this city to his hand. Luckily, he could ask Edward, the Head of the Shimpan Family, to help him or else it would break his mind.

Some of the witches were helping him but they weren’t as proficient as that guy.

“Tsk! Those guys… They should let me rest after they return.”

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