The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 833: Chaos In Hall Plains: [First Form]

Chapter 833: Chaos In Hall Plains: [First Form]

“It’s you and me again. Everybody has fallen.”

No God Emperor said in a low voice. His body was full of wounds but he still stood strong.

He was always like this. He stood against everyone even though the odds were against him. He never took a step back and faced every challenge with confidence in his heart.

“You will not be able to defeat me… I will change this world.”

He failed in the past so he couldn’t let that happen once again.

“Change this world? I don’t care about any of that, I just want to beat you so badly.” Souta said as he slowly raised his sword and pointed it at his opponent.

‘Souta, be careful. Even though our enemy is close to his limit, he could still use a powerful attack.’ Saya warned.

‘I know…’ Souta nodded. Red lightning flashed around him, boosting his abilities to a higher level.

Once more time!

Souta gritted his teeth and forced his body to use all of his might. [Element Drive], [Blood Armor], and [Monster Orb Release] were squeezed out to the last bit of his strength.


The burst of power shook the area around him. The molten rocks were instantly enveloped by darkness and light. The droplet of blood floated in the area giving off an ominous vibe.

“Let me borrow this, Grain Leader.”

Souta said softly as he picked up Ibis’ sword. The next moment, the two swords in his hand emitted a dark and white light. The effect of his class was instantly activated after he wields two weapons.

The properties of the two swords had increased tremendously. Everything was upgraded to a higher level.


Blood flowed out of his palm and covered the two swords.

“This is the Lifeless Blood Lightning…!”

Souta gathered a huge amount of red lightning on the blade of his sword. The concentration of energy distorted the space around the two swords which made people unable to discern what was happening.

Only people with great ability could understand what was happening in Souta’s swords.

No God Emperor narrowed his eyes while looking at Souta. The energy he felt was something he didn’t expect before.

“Y-You… You have an Archetype?!”

He smiled and shook his head. This was outside of his expectations. He never expect that a monster would instead practice an Archetype for humans and demis.

“Very well…”

No God Emperor laughed lightly. He tightly clenched both of his fists.

Both of them could feel the end of this battle was close. The winner of this battle would be decided in the next few seconds.

The two stared at each other for a few seconds. Then, they disappeared from their position, rushing at each other with overwhelming speed.


[Archetype: Heaven’s Downfall]!!

[Second Step: Brilliant Light of the End]!!

No God Emperor’s fist was covered in golden light. The light illuminated the whole world as it rushed toward Souta with great momentum.


Souta roared as he thrust his sword forward. The red lightning crackled and viciously collided with the golden light.


The collision of their attacks caused an extreme shockwave that blew everything around them. The space cracks and their energy waves flow through it.

In the next second, Souta was pushed away. He looked down and saw the golden light heading at him.


He moved his hand and adjusted his body in midair. His shoulder was blown away, making his other hand limp. The golden light continued to advance before it exploded in a far distance causing massive destruction.


Souta could feel his body getting numb and even his eyes felt blurry. It was getting closer toward the end.

His back fell to the ground. He stared at the crimson-colored sky blankly.

Huff… Huff…

No God Emperor supported himself before he glanced at his opponent. His target got away in that instance and managed to save his life.

“You… can’t… defeat me…”

No God Emperor said with great effort. His entire body was aching as he felt that he was about to collapse in just a few minutes.


He widened his eyes as he slowly turned his head. No God Emperor could feel it. The Mountain of Demise was slowly resonating with this vessel, recognizing this as him. When the mountain opened up to seal this vessel, he would take that slight gap to escape.


Everything in Hall Plains stared at the reflection in the fragmented space. They could see that Souta was overpowered by No God Emperor in their exchange of blows.

“N… No… way…!”

No God Emperor won the battle so everyone in this land would become a sacrifice for freeing his real body. The Mountain of Demise trembled violently and everyone’s expression turned pale.

A lot of people felt despair at the development of the events.

Not even God could help them at this moment. They realized that gods were restrained too. If one god arrived here, those gods from the shadows would watch their movement waiting for the right chance to eliminate them.

Their conjecture was true since that was what Aleteya was planning to do. To eliminate all the gods that were guarding the crimson net to weaken the major forces of this continent.

Gods could hardly move without permission from their chief gods. The three Bringers of Calamity were watching their move waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

“Alice… Souta, is he…?” Isabella muttered with a concerned look.

Alice shook her head. They could only see it in fragmented space so she didn’t have any idea what was truly happening there.

If they were going to fall, then they were going to fall together.

“But… Souta hasn’t given up…” Alice smiled as she stared at the droplets of blood floating in the air.


Everything feels like it was about to end… Except for Souta himself.

But this was everything that he envisioned.

Souta could see it. He could finally see the outcome of him winning this battle.

“This is it… !”

He smiled as he tightly clenched both of his swords.

‘Do it, Souta!!’ Saya said loudly.

“Argh!” Souta stood up with all of his might.

With Saya supporting him, he couldn’t fall easily. She was always by his side no matter what.

Saya would fight for him if he couldn’t fight. Just like now, Souta could barely move his body so Saya possessed him and helped him control his body. She was using energy and gravity to move his broken limbs. The two of them were one.

That’s why he would never yield.

“I would never surrender no matter what!!”

Souta smiled as he pointed his sword once again at No God Emperor.

No God Emperor was a little bit surprised when he saw Souta stand up once again.

“You are full of surprises… You shouldn’t be able to move your body in your current state but I didn’t expect that you’re able to move your limbs through energy control and gravity control.”

No God Emperor smiled and felt that this battle was the greatest. He felt like he was fighting the version of himself back in the past. It was thrilling and pure excitement.

“I consider myself proud that I’m able to fight you! I acknowledged you, monster! I am Altainus, they called me No God Emperor! Can I owe the pleasure of hearing your name?”

Despite Souta possessing a power level that could never rival his real body, No God Emperor acknowledged this certain monster for his great courage and will to stand against him.

“I’m Souta Ieshi, the one who will defeat you!” Souta replied.

“Very well, Souta Ieshi! Come!” No God Emperor raised both of his fists once again.

The next clash would be the final clash of their battle. The two of them could sense it and for Souta, this was what he was waiting for.


No God Emperor and Souta dashed at each other with their meager strength left.


The one that showed greater speed this time was none other than Souta. His speed surprised No God Emperor.

“Y-You!” No God Emperor widened his eyes as he paused for a moment.

Souta had already arrived in front of him, swinging both of the swords in his hands.

[Archetype: Great Blood of the End]!!

[First Form: Lifeless Tribulation of the Blood Lightning]!!

All the blood that went into this sub-world through the cracks in the space turned into red-colored lightning, it gathered around the two swords and turned into a flash of red light that burst in one direction.


The previous clash was just a bait to expend No God Emperor’s remaining energy. At that time, No God Emperor used the First Step of his Archetype but Souta just bluffed him to use Archetype. In fact, Souta didn’t even use any form of his technique. He converged all the blood lightning so that No God Emperor would think that he was staking everything on offense.

Honestly, it was a risky move since No God Emperor could take him out there. He was lucky that he avoided a lethal strike with Saya’s help in controlling his body.


No God Emperor flew in midair as a huge sword wound on his chest sprayed blood in every direction.

He still had that smile on his face. “I guess… I should give you this win… Continue to grow stronger and you will see what I saw at the top.”

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