The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 628: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Appearance of the Red Matter Association

Chapter 628: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Appearance of the Red Matter Association

“Since we’ve confirmed they are from Red Matter Association, it’s time to start the plan,” Leilus said as he glanced at the bodies of two S-ranks. “Eliminate all the members of the Red Matter Association.”

As soon as he said those words, an enormous amount of mana burst out of his body. He charged toward the three initial stage SS-rank experts with a heavy amount of killing intent.


One of the SS-rank experts crashed into the wall. Leilus quickly turned his body around while pulling out the sword on his waist.


The remaining two SS-rank experts couldn’t react as Leilus beheaded one of them before their eyes.

The difference in terms of strength was huge. They couldn’t simply overcome it with just their numbers alone.

“Hope you haven’t forgotten about us!”

Drami and Marcus appeared behind the two SS-ranks. They didn’t even give their enemies a chance to escape as they swiftly launched their attack hitting the vital parts of their enemies.

Bang! Bang!

In just a few seconds, they took down the two SS-rank members of the Red Matter Association.

The crowd was stupefied. They couldn’t even believe their eyes. Three One Shackle Realm experts fall before their eyes just like that. One Shackle Realm was already the top expert within their kingdom yet three of them died easily without having a chance to fight back.

With their power level, they couldn’t even deduce that the Blue Cross had a huge advantage. After all, Leilus was a man at Two Shackles Realm. He was several times stronger than One Shackle Realm so his aura alone could pressure the three One Shackle Realm experts of the Red Matter Association.

“Good job, Marcus!” Drami raised her hand with a smile on her face.

“It’s nothing. It’s thanks to leader’s pressure that we could easily take down these people.” Marcus replied.

“What’s the meaning of this, Sekmet?!” A loud voice sounded.

Drami and Marcus turned their heads. They saw that Sekmet’s parents have arrived and saw three dead bodies.

“Mother, Father, I’ll explain everything later so don’t get involved. It’s too dangerous.” Sekmet said.

“How can we not get involved if this happened inside our mansion?” Sekmet’s father asked seriously.

“I’ll do something about it,” Sekmet said.


Souta clapped his hand and he used a little bit of his energy to boost the sound so that everyone could hear it.

Everyone turned their heads and looked in his direction.

“Okay, everyone. The show is over so please don’t leave this mansion no matter what. You can come out after we finished our job.” Souta said with a huge smile on his face.

Alexander, who was watching the scene, opened his mouth, “Job? What are you planning to do?”

He knew that these people were dangerous. Their strength exceeded the entire might of the Fone Kingdom. They didn’t even have Two Shackles Realm yet the group before him had one or maybe two.

Souta turned to Alexander before he answered. “Don’t worry, it’s for the goodness of this kingdom. We will cleanse it to eliminate all the people hiding in the dark.” 

Alexander didn’t say any more. Even the two initial stage SS-ranks behind him were on guard. They didn’t know what will happen next so they had to prepare.

“If any of you had a connection with Red Matter Association you should say it right now? I don’t think I will show mercy if I found out about this later.”

Souta said in a cold tone as he swept his eyes at the nobles. He then raised his foot and stomped the head of one of the S-rank beside him.

The skull of the S-rank exploded. Blood splattered and brain liquid scattered on the ground. The [Serpent Dominance] even lowered the defense of S-rank so Souta could easily kill someone below his power level without effort.

After that, he proceeded to kill the other person. Since they were from Red Matter Association, they had to die. He was just completing his mission.


Some of the nobles puked as they couldn’t handle the horrendous scene. It’s too much for them.


Souta noticed something. He looked at the ground and his gaze pierced through it.

“Brace for impact!”

He shouted as several webs shot out from his fingers. He tightly grabbed the webs and waved both of his hands.


The crowd was forced back as the webs pushed them away not caring if they were injured or not.

Alexander noticed something was wrong so he looked down and activated his [Mind’s Eyes].

He saw an enormous amount of energy several hundred meters below the surface. The energy was rushing towards the surface at high speed.

“Shit! Retreat!”

He jumped away and the two One Shackle Realm experts followed him.

Leilus and Paolo also moved away while Sekmet and Drami helped Sekmet’s parents to retreat.


“Fucking hell! They are crazy!”

Souta jumped and a sword flew in front of him. He quickly grabbed it before he tightened his other hand.


The blood of the five corpses quickly turned into sharp spikes.

In the next moment, the ground shook heavily followed by a huge explosion that made the entire Germana Household tremble.


Smoke and dust filled the entire hall.

Leilus stepped forward and blow the smoke using his energy.

What was revealed before his eyes was a massive pit. It had a diameter of seven meters and its depth was unknown.

Souta narrowed his eyes seeing this scene. He looked up and found that the ceiling also had a massive hole.

He glanced at Leilus and said, “I think that Grain Leader will announce the mission soon. This is just a greeting from the Red Matter Association. The real battle will start soon.”

“It’s quite troublesome.” Leilus sighed as he glanced at the group of nobles who had a stupefied look.

“Yeah, I don’t think that this kingdom could hold a battle of several Shackled Realm experts at the same time. Looking at the guards of this Third Prince, I think that they had more Shackled Realm experts in this country.” Drami said with a serious look.

Her aura was different from her normal playful look. The situation this time was serious so she had to get serious too.

“Let’s see…”

Souta tucked a string of web and the Third Prince was thrown in front of him.

“Third Prince, do you know that the name of the people that are helping you is the Red Matter Association?”

“N-No… I-I don’t know anything…” The Third Prince said while trembling. He was scared as these three people were unbelievably strong. His powerful guards couldn’t even fight back.

“Hmm… You are lying.”

Souta took a small marble from his pockets. He threw it into the air before several equipments materialized around his body.

“I don’t have a time so tell me more about the Red Matter Association. I don’t think that your status as a prince of this kingdom will save you if you lied to me again.”

He said plainly while fixing the equipment on his body. It’s useless to lie in front of him as he had the ability to see through a lie.

“Paolo, I’ll leave this guy to you. I’m sure that he knows something about Red Matted Association.” Souta said.

“Okay, leave it to me.”

Paolo nodded as he stepped forward and grabbed the Third Prince.

“N-No… D-Don’t kill me… I’ll tell you the truth…”

Souta stood up and looked in the direction of the royal palace.

“It’s starting.”


The ground shook heavily and a sound of an explosion echoed in the entire area. The sound was coming from the royal palace.

It seems that the battle had started.

“We’ll be busy too,” Leilus said solemnly.

“Yep, it’s nothing strange since we cause a commotion here by killing five of their members.” Souta smiled.

Both of them sensed several unknown Shackled Realm experts heading in their direction.

Using the [Crimson Perception], he detected more than twenty people rushing at the Germana Household. They didn’t even bother to hide their aura as the atmosphere in the entire area slowly changed because of it. 

“They really invested in this kingdom… I wonder if they are hiding something.” Leilus muttered.

“I don’t know. We’ll know it later.” Souta shrugged his shoulder.

Although he asked Paolo to interrogate the Third Prince, he doubted that the Third Prince knew about the Red Matter Association’s plan. He was just a puppet that they could control.

“Let’s start,” Leilus said before he turned to Drami. “Drami, I’ll leave this place to you. Sekmet and Paolo will assist you.”

“I understand.” Drami nodded.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Leilus and Souta disappeared. They were going to block and eliminate the members of the Red Matter Association.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Leilus and Souta just disappeared a few seconds ago and the battle already started shaking the whole Germana Household.

“Now, we only had to deal with the ordinary members.”

Drami said while fixing her gauntlets. The two only blocked strong opponents leaving the weaker ones to her.

It’s her job to finish this.

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